What Does The Perfect Italian Woman Look And Dress Like?

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What Does The Perfect Italian Woman Look And Dress Like?
What Does The Perfect Italian Woman Look And Dress Like?

Video: What Does The Perfect Italian Woman Look And Dress Like?

Video: What Does The Perfect Italian Woman Look And Dress Like?
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The most beautiful Italian women
The most beautiful Italian women

Italy is a picturesque warm country located on the Apennine Peninsula, which is put to the whole world for its delicious pizza, which is prepared by the most beautiful Italians. Girls are not only good-looking, but also famous for their explosive temperament. Italians are very emotional, if they want to cry - they cry, they want to laugh - that means they will burst into laughter.

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  • 1 Distinctive features of Italians
  • 2 Fashionistas
  • 3 Age? No, haven't heard
  • 4 Luxurious "mane"
  • 5 Accessories
  • 6 Most Popular Italian Female Names
  • 7 Italian women famous all over the world
  • 8 Sophia Loren
  • 9 Monica Bellucci

These are girls with a holiday in their hearts, they are fiery and obstinate, which makes them attractive and desirable. Men are ready to move mountains for the sake of such women, so the Italians have a lot to learn.

Distinctive features of Italians

In ancient times, tribes of Gauls, Greeks, Illyrians, Latins and many other small, little-known tribes lived on the territory of modern Italy. It was these tribes that laid those features in the appearance, the structure of a beautiful female face and figure, which so distinguish Italians from other women.


One of the distinguishing traits of Italian women is that they are practically all creepy fashionistas, or rather, even hoarders. These girls simply cannot live without shopping, which is probably why all the most fashionable shows, collections and parties are held in this country.

Probably, it was here that the sales were invented, which all women in the world love so much and all men hate. This country has a special attitude to fashion and things, so there are whole neighborhoods and even small villages where there is not a single residential building, but there are only shops and cafes. This is a real paradise for fashionistas, which are Italian women.

Italian women love to dress up, which is probably why they try to put on as many clothes as possible as soon as the opportunity presents itself. They can put on a top, a T-shirt on top, and some other jacket or a jacket on top, over which they often get a scarf twisted. But in everyday life, they dress discreetly and prefer comfortable classics.

italian women
italian women

Special attention should be paid to shoes, every true Italian woman has a whole shoe boutique in her closet. They have shoes for all occasions, but at the same time they always choose them very carefully and with taste. Therefore, their shoes are always an integral part and an effective addition to the image. But most of all they love open sandals with high heels, because they know how to profitably emphasize the beauty of their legs.

And this is the main difference between Italians and girls in France, who love style, but also convenience!

Age? No, have not heard3

Italian women have one more feature, they age more slowly, or rather, they look much younger than their age, without putting practically any effort into it. Therefore, you can never say exactly how old an Italian woman is, she can look 25, and have all 40 in her passport.

Years take their toll only when a woman is over 50-55 years old, only then they begin to intensively care for the skin in order to rejuvenate it. The secret of their youth has not yet been revealed, someone believes that the climate is to blame for everything, and someone is inclined to believe that this love of life does not allow them to grow old and lose their attractiveness ahead of time.

beautiful italian
beautiful italian

Luxurious "mane" 4

Ever noticed their hair? This is the dream of any hairdresser, and obviously not for a haircut, but for some chic styling. The most beautiful Italians have luxurious long, shiny hair that makes other women envy white. And again, the girls do not make almost any effort to take care of them, nature does everything for them.


The main feature in any image of any Italian woman is sunglasses. In Italy, the weather is such that it is difficult to do without them, so every fashionista has in her arsenal more than one pair of sunglasses, which she skillfully combines with her looks.

Italian women, as well as French women, have a weakness for various scarves. And besides, Italy is surrounded by seas, so there is not a single Italian woman who does not have a pareo in her wardrobe, and often it is far from alone lying on the shelves of the closet waiting in the wings.

Almost all Italians are crazy about sports, they devote a lot of time to exercising in the gym or jogging, which is probably why they are all so slim and fit. The maritime climate in combination with sports gives excellent health, maybe this is their secret of longevity and rejuvenation.

Most Popular Italian Female Names6

In Italy, as in any other country, there are popular names, which children are most often called, and at all times they are different. A distinctive feature is that lately, native Italian names have not been as popular as English or Greek ones.

The English name Beatrice is very popular among girls in Italy, it not only sounds very beautiful, but also prophesies a happy life for its owner. It is believed that a girl with this name will have a strong and strong-willed character, which will give her the opportunity to achieve a lot in life. In addition, the girl will have a rare talent - to see the world different from what it is.

beauty in italian
beauty in italian

As a child, Beatrice will most likely be selfish, but persistent and decisive, with age these qualities will come to a fair balance. In her older years, Beatrice will easily make friends and feel very comfortable and easy in every company, people appreciate it. Thanks to her perseverance and perseverance, Beatrice will achieve a lot in her career.

Karla is another name that has recently been gaining popularity and this is not surprising, because it is believed that a girl with this name will be very charming and vulnerable, but at the same time stubborn and purposeful. Karla will not be deprived of intelligence.

A girl with this name will be very benevolent and friendly, so she will have many loyal and devoted friends. She will also have a special close bond with her parents, who will become her best friends.

Karla most likely realizes all her ambitions in the creative profession, and will achieve some success. Also, the girl knows how to empathize and hear her interlocutor, so she will make a good psychologist. But Karla will not immediately be able to reveal her femininity and learn how to use it, so at first she will have only friendship with men, but this will not last long.

The ancient Greek name Helena or Elina prophesies for a girl, as a rule, a lonely lifestyle. She always knows what is best, how it should be, and she is not always ready to reckon with other people's opinions, therefore she is independent and independent. Because of this nature, Elena is very difficult to find friends. But by her nature she is very benevolent, so in a narrow circle of friends she will be able to reveal herself as the soul of the company.

But the problem is that the girl is more comfortable alone. But she is very drawn to her parents and she always needs their support and approval. When Elena grows up, she will turn out to be a serious and purposeful lady who will independently achieve high victories in her career. A girl with this name will start a family very late and at home will most often also be in the role of a boss, not every man will accept this.

The beautiful name Angelica is of Greek origin and is translated as angelic. Little Angelica is a home child, she really likes to help her parents and tinker with her younger brothers and sisters, if any.

She develops versatile, loves sports, handicrafts and always dancing, a jack of all trades. Therefore, she develops a sporty, decisive and persistent character. The girl always defends justice. As soon as Angelica grows up, the angel inside her will want to play pranks, so conflicts with her parents are most often inevitable, she strives for independence, although she is not always ready for it.

Angelica's teenage period is stormy, the soul asks for a holiday, while society sets the frame. Angelica in life will be able to realize herself 100%, both in her career and in her personal life, since she knows her worth and loves some freedom.

A girl named Ariana will have many contradictions in her character, and combine incongruous. In childhood, the girl will be fidgety, it will be very difficult to keep track of her and her parents will have to be patient. But at the same time, she is always ready to help and treats elders with respect. As for her studies, she will try to avoid her in every way, and successfully, which will affect her academic performance.

But this is all in childhood, at an older age, the girl will take up her mind and will intensively develop in various areas. She will perform her work responsibly, but she will not strive for promotion, especially when she finds something that she likes. With friends, she is always friendly and sociable, but she keeps her problems to herself, although she is always ready to help others.

World Famous Italian Women 7

The most beautiful Italians, about whom Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci should be mentioned, are world famous actresses and photo models, many films with their participation have become real masterpieces of cinema.

Sophia Loren8

Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren

(Villani Shicolone) was born on September 20, 1934 in Rome into an ordinary family. Since childhood, the girl had a non-standard and memorable appearance, she was very thin and tall. Sophie began her career by winning a local beauty contest. At the age of 16, the girl took part in the Miss Italy contest and won the Miss Elegance nomination. One of the beauty contests brought her together with Carlo Ponti - the future producer and husband in one person.

Despite the difference at the age of 22 and the presence of a family with Carlo Ponti, this couple nevertheless found each other first through a secret wedding, then a divorce from Carlo's first wife and another already open wedding. Sophie was initially promoted by her producer and husband as the new sex bomb. She calmly starred in explicit scenes completely naked.

Sophie began to build her career under the pseudonym Lazzaro, which she later changed to Lauren. The first film with Sophia Loren, which was seen by almost the whole world, was "Attila - the scourge of God", it was released in 1955. Thanks to her childhood in a simple poor family, Sophie easily played simple girls on the screen, they turned out to be lively, childishly naive and from this even more attractive.

This was noted by critics and spectators alike. Her talent was fully revealed by director Jean Paul Belmondo, it was he who found the coveted key that could open the door behind which all the acting talent of Sophia Loren was hidden.

Thanks to her acting in his films and her skills, she won the Best Actress award. Throughout her acting career, she has collected many well-deserved awards and prizes. For a long time she starred in Hollywood and continues her acting career to this day.

Monica Bellucci9

Monica Bellucci
Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci was born on September 30, 1964 in Citta di Castello in an ordinary farmer's family. Since childhood, she was very hardworking and tried to help her parents in everything. But in between working on the farm, the girl dreamed of a beautiful life as a model in a big city.

But at school, she became interested in advocacy, thanks to her teacher, who had a lot of experience in this and shared it with her students. But, unfortunately, there were financial obstacles on the way to dreams, Monica's parents could not afford to pay for their daughter's education.

After leaving school, the young girl firmly decides to follow her dreams and moves to Milan. True, the girl was planning to go to law, but for this she needed to earn money. Monica works as a waitress in a cafe, but this does not bring a lot of money, and then she turns to her first dream of becoming a model, especially since she is very pretty.

Through acquaintances, she enters a modeling agency and immediately starts work. She does not stop at work as a model and tries herself in films. Fame and further advancement in film career brought her shooting in the film "Dracula".

Throughout her career as an actress, she has appeared in more than 20 films and received several prestigious film awards. Her roles have always been very highly appreciated not only by critics, but also by the audience. Until now, Monica is one of the most famous and beautiful actresses in Italy. And the same hot and passionate girls in Spain, you will find out from our next article.

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