Who Is Gender Fluid And What Are The Features: Is It A Choice Or A Disease?

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Who Is Gender Fluid And What Are The Features: Is It A Choice Or A Disease?
Who Is Gender Fluid And What Are The Features: Is It A Choice Or A Disease?

Video: Who Is Gender Fluid And What Are The Features: Is It A Choice Or A Disease?

Video: Who Is Gender Fluid And What Are The Features: Is It A Choice Or A Disease?
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In the modern world, everything secret has become apparent and even in intimate matters there are no more secrets. Who each person decides for himself to be: lesbian, transvestite, bisexual, transsexual or gender fluid. The basic concepts are familiar to many, but the last term still remains quite mysterious even in our so enlightened time. Let's try to figure out who gender fluid is and what are the features of its gender identity.

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  • 1 Sex and gender
  • 2 Genderfluid
  • 3 Formation of gender identity
  • 4 Is it a disease? Are there any medications?
  • 5 Public attitudes
  • 6 Does the child have the makings of a gender fluid?
  • 7 Abby-Adam: a boy and a girl in one bottle
  • 8 The first family of gender fluids

Sex and gender i

Today, the idea that each person is unique is actively promoted. Individuality and self-expression come first. A separate niche in this matter is occupied by sexual positioning or affiliation. Some people confuse the concepts of "sex" and "gender", classifying them as one synonymous series. However, each of them has its own meaning and completely different interpretation.

Gender indicates a biological identity with a certain set of chromosomes, as well as physical characteristics characteristic of either a man or a woman. Gender includes psychological and sociocultural data.

In other words, gender is the subjective feeling of being female or male, regardless of who a person was born with. Gender is highly variable and does not always coincide with gender.


The term literally stands for "sexual variability". Gender fluid is a person who cannot determine his gender and feels himself now a woman, now a man, or even a being without gender.

Self-determination can change from surrounding factors and occur both several times a day and several times throughout life. In this regard, genderfluid usually takes two names: one is masculine, the other is feminine.

Formation of gender identity3

Gender identity is often taken for granted or as a natural complement to gender. However, this is not quite true. Biologically, the organs that nature has endowed may not coincide with our subjective opinion. There are two prerequisites that influence the formation of gender identity:

  • biological features. Formation occurs during conception and during the period of intratubal development, and until the very moment of birth;
  • cultural influence. The environment that surrounds the child in early childhood lays the concept of the norm.

As you can see, there are two ways to develop gender identity. And if the first aspect does not depend in any way on our desires, then the second is a consequence of upbringing.

It's a disease? Are there any medications? 4

Genderfluids, like other gender disorders, are included in the section of the International Classification of Diseases, which is devoted to the study of mental disorders. This does not mean the presence of a specific disease or danger to others.

People with gender identity problems often experience problems and suffering from the mere realization that they are not like everyone else. This section tries to find the cause, as well as help gender fluids get rid of suffering and learn to live with similar characteristics.

gender self-determination
gender self-determination

In 2012, a theory appeared that violations in gender identification are associated with changes in the cerebral hemispheres. To force such a person to "play" only one role is to doom him to heavy torment.

Modern medicine can ease internal contradictions only with the help of antidepressants and psychotherapy. Gender fluid needs to learn to accept itself as it is. Only in this case will life become full. In especially severe cases, when a person cannot cope with his psyche, hormonal treatment is prescribed or sex reassignment surgery is recommended.

Public attitudes5

The term "genderfuid" became popular thanks to social networks, where there are groups of "similar interests" in which people with similar characteristics openly share their problems, experiences and successes. In FB, when choosing a gender, you can check the box next to the word "gender fluid". The 21st century and freedom of speech have done their job.

In America, gender identity is the norm, so in some progressive universities and institutions there is a gender division of toilets.

According to the statistics of the disease, girls are more susceptible. A striking and successful example of a gender fluid that has managed to cope with internal and external confrontations is the Australian singer Ruby Rose.

She herself spoke openly about her gender identity and the fact that everyone can decide who he is and who he wants to be. In addition, Rose has released a music video that calls for freeing from judgmental attitudes and stereotypes about gender identity.

singer genrderfluid
singer genrderfluid

Ruby Rose

The movement is gradually gaining momentum around the world. In South Korea, the Pinky Cheeks dance group is popular, which do not pay attention to gender characteristics. In their rooms, the guys dance brilliantly in heels, and the girls act as representatives of the stronger sex.

A very fashionable house - the Zara brand - has joined the action. In support of gender fluids, a series of clothes was released specifically for those people who cannot unequivocally classify themselves as men or women.

The line includes jeans, tops and T-shirts in the most neutral colors - gray, white, dark blue. Such clothes look equally good on both men and women, and the brand itself stated that such a series was the beginning of a gender-neutral development of clothing.

Does the child have the makings of a gender fluid? 6

In most countries, including the post-Soviet space, this concept is still a wonder. And the probability of meeting such a person on the street, openly showing this feature, tends to zero. And nevertheless, if something goes beyond the understanding of the majority, it is very often perceived with caution and even with aggression.

Particularly vigilant parents, whose knowledge is limited only to deciphering the term, are already sounding the alarm. If a boy under the age of 15 tries on a dress or other type of women's clothing, and a girl wears a short haircut and is fond of "boyish" sports, he does not say anything. At this age, teenagers are simply looking for themselves and ways of expressing themselves. For some, this is an opportunity to vent emotions and show their protest.

Do not run to the doctor or scold your child for such antics. You just need to become a more attentive and sympathetic parent: communicate with the child more often, hug and praise him.

Abby-Adam: a boy and a girl in one bottle7

In Pennsylvania there is a child who cannot determine his gender: sometimes he feels like a boy, and sometimes a girl. Abby Scott was born a girl, but already at the age of two she felt masculine in herself.

ambivalent behavior
ambivalent behavior

At first, this behavior shocked others. Mom Sarah Markusik was very worried about the mental health of the child, and then about the public opinion. The family lives in a small town in Monaco, so the news quickly spread. Surprisingly, the child was accepted.

Even at school, Abby is treated with understanding, but also with amazement, of course. But most importantly, the child does not succumb to ridicule and grows up in an absolutely psychologically healthy environment.

Since the baby is in a state of gender variability, she has two names. The first name was given by the parents at birth - Abby, because she is a girl. Second - Adam, his child chose for himself on the basis of his self-identification in the role of a boy.

Abby-Adam plays football and is very successful. She was taken to the local team, where she is considered one of the best players. On the field - this is Adam and no hints of femininity. Friends and friends say that "ambivalent" behavior does not affect their communication in any way. In addition, everyone around admires the amazing ability to play football.

This case suggests that in a psychologically comfortable environment, gender fluid can feel confident and calm. The child's condition is not a cause for concern, because close people continue to treat with love and warmth. This is always the key to the successful development of a person, personality, regardless of its characteristics.

The first family of gender fluids8

From the previous example, it can be seen that gender variability affected the child in an absolutely typical family and environment. But in the English city of Millsbrough, parents deliberately raise their baby with a gender fluid and gave him a name that does not tie him to sex in any way - the Star Cloud.

With the help of hormonal therapy, Cloud's physiological father is in the stage of transgender transition into a woman named Louise and the child perceives him as a mother. But the "current" father's name is Nikki and he is a pansexual who dresses like a man or a woman.

family of gender fluids
family of gender fluids

Pinky cheeks

By nature, Star Cloud is a boy. But the parents do not insist on this and do not talk about it: the child can choose who he is. The cloud wears long hair, sometimes dyes and chooses clothes to suit the mood: sometimes for boys, then for girls.

Such upbringing is associated with the childhood trauma of the parents. Louise admits that at the age of 8, she felt like a girl and suffered a lot because of her physical being to the male sex. She does not want such torment for her son, so he chooses what he likes.

Not all the environment perceives this special family. In addition, Star Cloud already has conflicts in kindergarten with other kids. Some girls do not allow him to play dolls with them, because they refer him to boys (who he actually is at the physiological level).

It is not known how the baby's fate will develop, but the parents wish him only goodness and harmony.

You can resent this issue and consider people with gender variability not completely healthy or condemn them. Medicine says that such features are associated with a gender disorder, but from a psychological point of view, these people do not pose any danger. On the contrary, it is very difficult for them to live in an aggressive environment.

genderfluid symbol
genderfluid symbol

Genderfluid initially suffers from its volatile nature, and when ridicule and misunderstanding from outside are added to this, life turns into a nightmare. Gender variability does not in any way affect character traits, talents, kindness and sincerity. I would like to cite as an example the story of Abby-Adam, who was accepted by the environment and allowed the child to grow up mentally healthy and happy.

And what gender do intersex people belong to and who in general are intersex people, we read further on the link in our next article.

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