Is Your Boyfriend Texting Other Girls? Psychologist's Advice On What To Do

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Is Your Boyfriend Texting Other Girls? Psychologist's Advice On What To Do
Is Your Boyfriend Texting Other Girls? Psychologist's Advice On What To Do

Video: Is Your Boyfriend Texting Other Girls? Psychologist's Advice On What To Do

Video: Is Your Boyfriend Texting Other Girls? Psychologist's Advice On What To Do
Video: Emotional Affairs And Texting | What To Do When Your Partner Is Texting Someone Else 2023, March
sad girl
sad girl

Love is love, but everyone dares to flirt on a social network. Both women and men find this activity interesting and attractive. Especially the representatives of the stronger sex love to have fun with such things. While the spouse rumbles with spoons and plates in the kitchen, he comes home from work and sits comfortably on the sofa and answers the phone.

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  • 1 Wow, what a!
  • 2 Attention to the screen
  • 3 He understands everything, as if hugging
  • 4 Do not lie to your neighbor
  • 5 You deserve more
  • 6 My dear

And at the other end of the "line", he is expected to be "young, interesting" with new photos, unimportant events and curious questions. The guy has a good time, texting with a stranger (or an old friend), without feeling any reproach of conscience.

Does innocent flirting on the Internet really matter if your life with your partner is smooth and comfortable? With this reasoning, most couples fall apart. Innocent flirting has pitfalls that, at first glance, seem imperceptible, but eventually reach global proportions.

Wow, what! I

The guy "languishing with boredom" wandered through the pages of friends and suddenly came across the profile of a former classmate. Wow, as a child she was an ugly duckling, and years later blossomed like a Princess - Swan. Instead of liquid braids, the beauty's shoulders are wrapped in snow-white curls, and the nondescript eyes, at the hand of an experienced makeup artist, shone with new colors.

The man recalls that during her school years the girl was in love with him and interest in the young lady is growing. He writes a greeting, she answers, and innocent correspondence begins to gain momentum. At night before going to bed, embracing the other half, the guy recalls with interest her new look, plans to update the avatar so that the interlocutor would show mutual interest and awaken old feelings.

Attention to the screen2

Every time he returns from work, the first thing a man does is rush to the computer. He speaks fluently to his beloved, absent-mindedly answers questions. His attention is riveted to the monitor: what did she answer? what did you write? … The partner notices unexpected changes in the sweetheart, asks questions, squints at his correspondence, and this behavior begins to irritate the man.

Unobtrusive communication is gradually being pushed into personal life and occupies a dominant place in it. The guy spends his weekdays, waiting for an answer from the interlocutor, her reaction to his phrases or photographs.

flirting on the phone
flirting on the phone

He understands everything, as if hugging 3

Virtual conversation takes sharp turns. The guy is passionate about dialogue with a friend from the network, more than with a woman living side by side. He is passionate about conversation day and night. Most of the time he corresponds with her, but he does not find even half an hour a day to talk with his chosen one. A man notices that with a virtual madam there are more topics for communication than with a soul mate.

He "gasps" and "groans" in the social network, finds understanding and sympathy, while the "insensitive" flatmate, washes, feeds and strokes on the head of the "beloved". In relation to partners, cracks appear, which gradually grow to global sizes.

Don't lie to your neighbor4

"Who are you texting with, dear?" … "Uh-uh, with a second cousin from Kazan, dear …" - replies the man, feeling his nose "grows in size, like Pinocchio. I never had relatives in Kazan, my cousin was known as an old single childless bachelor, but the presence of some kind of sister saves the situation from a brewing conflict. The guy starts lying, hiding the purpose of his online presence.

Virtual flirting
Virtual flirting

You deserve more5

Friendly relations, full of mutual understanding and sympathy, have the ability to develop like a romance of a couple in love. Virtual interlocutors are interested in each other's personal lives, look through photographs of husbands and wives, and experience some germs of jealousy. “You, you know, your Fyodor, is not as good as you, you wrote about him”… “This blonde on the left is your Natalia? You said she was beautiful! …"

The desire to play a major role in the life of a virtual interlocutor takes over, generating unpleasant dialogues and emotions. Being in a state of complete secrecy, the guy complains about his girlfriend's shortcomings, and the girlfriend “on the other side of the monitor” expresses resentment about her friend.

My dear 6

Women's deceit knows no bounds if flushed feelings are mixed into their affairs. Problems can start suddenly or gradually. A woman from the network begins to slander the woman as a “comrade in the network”, point out her shortcomings. The second step is dangerous for a man's life.

flirting on the net
flirting on the net

She will like his photos, write tender comments under the photos, awakening conflicts in a couple who previously had love and calmness. This behavior has a direct and firm meaning: to be together. After all, they communicate so well, understand each other, “love”, why does he need this grymza with glued eyelashes? The young lady embarks on an unequal battle without consulting a man.

The young man's partner suddenly regains its sight. That is why the beloved has become distant lately. He's got a virtual romance! This is followed by the showdown and the final. At best, a man repents of his deed, removes the lady from his friends, says goodbye, blocks and stays with his chosen one, at worst - one of the partners breaks off relations, not wanting to “hear nothing”.

And that's why many people prefer dating for virtual sex (and not always with a continuation for a relationship), we read in our article further on the link.

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