How To Apologize To A Girl If She Messed Up A Lot?

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How To Apologize To A Girl If She Messed Up A Lot?
How To Apologize To A Girl If She Messed Up A Lot?

Video: How To Apologize To A Girl If She Messed Up A Lot?

Video: How To Apologize To A Girl If She Messed Up A Lot?
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ability to apologize
ability to apologize

All the guys think they don't mess too much. And I can't even imagine how to describe it. I screwed up. I began to remember my relationships and my shoals. Because all the disagreements in my relationship were not my fault. And referring to my experience, I can't even remember anything special. If you think from the point of view of girls, then I am guilty of all mortal sins. So…

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  • 1 Let's figure out what a relationship is
  • 2 Understanding what is to blame
  • 3 Write her a letter
  • 4 Flowers
  • 5 Trying to talk
  • 6 "Nothing helps, let's go on the attack!"
  • 7 And for the most romantic….

Let's figure out what a relationship is

As it turned out, the relationship between a man and a woman is a pretty complex chemical process. It is worth taking a step to the left, and you are already a scoundrel who must urgently change himself and the whole world, if only she did not go to her mother in Saratov. Sometimes you need to make tremendous efforts and spend a lot of time and energy to fix what you have created in just minutes. And often a bouquet of flowers, diamonds may not be enough, and even the magic word "sorry" may be powerless.

After all, in fact, in order to really apologize to a person, you need to pass the situation through yourself, understand what you did wrong, and only then you will see what the problem is. And you can make the right effort to rectify the situation. After all, the main task in a relationship is not to be right, but happy, so even in those cases when you are right, think about whether you are right, and does your rightness bring you happiness? Are you happy? If not, then something needs to be done. Just what you ask.

And so I offer several solutions for how to apologize to a girl. Be sure that there is no situation where it is impossible to get forgiveness from a girl.

Understanding what is to blame2

Understand what you are to blame and what you need to apologize for. If you cannot understand what the essence of the problem is, talk to your beloved, ask her, do not raise your tone, be careful in your words. Try to understand her, accept her resentment. Put yourself in her shoes.

how to apologize to a girl
how to apologize to a girl

Write her a letter3

Write your beloved letter. On beautiful paper, in ink. Write sincerely, from the depths of your soul. Write her compliments, how smart and beautiful she is, and that she is generally the best in the world. If you wrote a letter, then in no case re-read it! Such ideal, as it turned out from the first time, will no longer work, but you will begin to correct, ruin the very sparkle


The easiest way is with flowers. All girls love flowers. Even if he says he doesn't love. For flowers, you can take her favorite pizza or sushi. It will be perfect. You can also put a letter with a declaration of love in flowers. Did not help? Move on. Here you will need to turn on your fantasy, and know what she loves.

Trying to talk 5

Try to talk, maybe everything is not so bad, listen to her. Don't argue! It will only get worse. She needs an apology. Be honest in your words, do not lie in any way, girls a mile away feel a lie. Sincerity will help restore trust. But, be prepared for the fact that your soul mate does not want to listen to you. Will throw out all the anger and resentment again.

Give it time to cool down. Listen. Your task is not to back down. Find a way to be heard. Tell her how you love her, speak from the bottom of your heart, only the truth, how much you love her, even if you are not a romantic. Believe it. Add to your recognition, a story about the future, how you would like your life to develop further. How do you plan to live with her, travel.

how to apologize correctly
how to apologize correctly

If you see that she is already ready to forgive you, try to touch her, stroke her hair, hug her, kiss her. But, in any case, do not try now to persuade her to have sex. By doing this you can only spoil everything. Most likely, she is now very moved by your words, and she only needs your affection. Invite her to watch a movie together, choose some melodrama. Hug her. Who knows, maybe she herself will start hinting at sex.

"Nothing helps, let's go on the attack!" 6

If the conversation did not help, try further. Do something unusual for you, dance to her, sing, recite a verse. Oh yes, no matter how trite it sounds, but girls love it. Invite her to a homemade dinner, and not so that she would then have to wash the entire kitchen. (They don't like it, it turns out) That is, now, you have to step over yourself in order to prove that she is dear to you. How? Another good idea would be to make a video clip with a story about how you love her, ask your friends to tell on the video how you miss her, how you love and how hard your life is without her.

And for the most romantic ones….7

You can think of an option with an extremely unusual gift, but for this you need to try hard. You can guess when she is at home and launch several Chinese lanterns into the sky. You can write her name on the flashlights. Call her the moment you launch your flashlights. She will appreciate your efforts and romance.

how to apologize to forgive
how to apologize to forgive

That's it. And dear men, love your soulmates. Do not mess up!

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