What Does A Languid Look Mean - A Trick To Attract Male Attention

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What Does A Languid Look Mean - A Trick To Attract Male Attention
What Does A Languid Look Mean - A Trick To Attract Male Attention
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Languid look
Languid look

The languid gaze is one of the safe weapons in both the female and male arsenal, the strongest of the secrets of seduction. However, he is not a demonstration of his own merits or a way to make a compliment. Psychologists say that real communication goes far beyond words, on a verbal level. That is why, barely noticeable nuances of behavior can be determined by the expression of the eyes, gestures and facial expressions of the interlocutor.

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  • 1 The meaning of the definition of "languid look"
  • 2 What expresses a tired look
  • 3 Personal quality languor
  • 4 The Pre-Orgasm Look
  • 5 Secrets of the gaze with drag
  • 6 Make a languid look with sexy makeup
  • 7 An integral part of flirting
  • 8 Sex traps
  • 9 Male languid look
  • 10 Main signs of sexual interest

So, an intelligent woman almost immediately notices the moment when one of her friends begins to "beat" after her husband. Likewise, a man, analyzing a woman's gaze directed in his direction, can pretend that she sympathizes with him.

With the help of a special, somewhat mysterious look, you can attract the attention of a member of the opposite sex. It is this function that is the prerogative of the languid gaze. Almost 50% of successful dating and the continuation of romantic relationships owe their beginning to him. So what is this unique languid look and how can you learn to own it?

The meaning of the definition "languid look" i

According to Ozhegov's dictionary, it is customary to call a languid gaze directed at the interlocutor and filled with languid gaze. And here, as everyone already knows, it is under languor that subconsciously means the point of highest pleasure, a feeling of sweet torment - longing and unfulfilled desires.

Synonyms for the phrase "languid look" are:

a languid look the secret weapon of women
a languid look the secret weapon of women
  • Experiencing incomprehensible sadness;
  • Gently tired;
  • Relaxed;
  • Filled with languor.

What expresses a tired look2

A languid look directed at the interlocutor serves as a guarantee of the upcoming voluptuous bliss soon. He just throws sparks around himself, expressing a huge irresistible desire. In half-veiled, aimed at the interlocutor (the interlocutor - do not forget that representatives of the strong half of humanity are able to skillfully use the languid look), an incredible amount of charisma and sexual energy has been collected. Eyes with slightly dilated pupils from an overabundance of emotions, directed directly into the eyes of the interlocutor, can work wonders.

In many cases, in order to achieve such an incredible effect, the eyes need to be somewhat "moisturized". For this, the following tricks are used, which are shared by experienced tempters and temptresses:

  • Think about the possibility of upcoming sex;
  • Awaken a sense of passion in yourself.
languid female gaze secret weapon
languid female gaze secret weapon

By the way, despite all its tenderness and romance, a languid look is the prerogative of extremely strong and self-confident people. Psychologists have even prepared a set of working guidelines for how best to instill self-confidence. There is nothing difficult here, it is enough just to constantly say (of course to yourself) the following affirmations:

  • I am very sexy (sexy);
  • I have an unusually beautiful chest (face, skin, butt, torso);
  • All members of the opposite sex want me.

It is worth noting that simple "muttering" is not enough here. All these phrases must be believed sincerely, with all your heart. Otherwise, you will not achieve either the languid look or the effect expected from it.

Personal quality languor3

It has long been quite rightly believed that not a single languid male look can leave a woman indifferent. Eyes associated with a feeling of tired tenderness can penetrate the heart in a split second and leave an indelible mark there.

about a languid female look
about a languid female look

So what is the reason for such an incredible action, seemingly ordinary look? Everything here is impossibly simple. He expresses in himself not a daring impulse of animal passion, but a voluptuous feeling that promises long minutes of all-consuming bliss. Who would deny that this is what all women and more men dream about.

Depending on certain components of a person's character, languor in the gaze can accompany him throughout his entire conscious life, and can manifest itself only in certain cases.

Pre-Orgasm Look4

Many associate a languid look with a specific one - pre-orgasmic. The same effect can be achieved using the following technique, which consists of several stages:

  • Pretend that you simply do not notice your interlocutor.
  • Purposefully do not look not only in his eyes, but in his direction in general.
  • At an unexpected moment, look into the eyes of your counterpart;
  • Look directly in the eyes with a languid gaze, without looking up, for 10 seconds.
what does a languid female look mean
what does a languid female look mean

This technique is capable of turning the gaze into a fighting weapon. A smile is just as important. Some, the most daring female representatives can, in addition to a languid look, slightly open their lips and bite their lower lip.

Almost all charismatic people have a languid look. This personal quality accompanies them throughout their lives. And with one hundred percent certainty it can be argued that the influence of a languid look on conquest, or, more precisely, the seduction of an opponent cannot be overestimated, he simply cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Secrets of the gaze with drag5

In order to more colorfully imagine all the advantages that a woman's languid look conceals, it is necessary to recall the beauties from Arab countries.

Considering that their entire body was completely hidden under a shapeless veil, and it was completely forbidden to talk to unfamiliar men, it becomes clear that the power of their gaze remained their main, and sometimes their only weapon. And here, believe me, the beauties of the East knew how to drive men crazy, evoking an irresistible and all-consuming passion in them with their eyes.

what is a languid look
what is a languid look

This directly becomes a confirmation of the incredible power of the female gaze. For a long time, the expression "languid gaze" has become a constant epithet in fictional works of love. He is also described by experienced men sitting at the evening fire, describing their romantic adventures.

Not a single love story or romantic theatrical performance is complete without this expression. Such a strong importance and loving drama is inherent in this gaze that it is simply impossible not to notice it.

Making a languid look with sexy makeup6

All women who want to reinforce their attack on the opposite sex should definitely familiarize themselves with all the main aspects of sexy makeup, in fact, it is a separate art form. As a matter of fact, such a "war paint", available exclusively to women, ensures that conquering men's hearts does not take much of their time.

As for the sexy eye makeup, there is no limit to either the flight of imagination or perfection. Depending on her own mood, a woman can embody in a sexy make-up that emphasizes her languid look and tempting naturalness, and the semblance of a veil of erotic haze that has covered her eyes.

what is a languid look from a woman
what is a languid look from a woman

The most important thing here is not to be afraid of change and boldly go towards experiments, embodying even your most daring and daring desires into reality.

An integral part of flirting7

Most of our contemporaries, absolutely agreeing with the views of previous generations, are confident that a languid look is an integral part of flirting. Without it, something will obviously not be enough.

The expression that the eyes are the mirror of the soul is rooted in the distant past. It is believed that the eyes are not capable of deceiving and always lay out honest, sincere feelings and emotions.

That is why many people use the game with their eyes to achieve their own goals. Many coquettes begin to "shoot" their eyes in order to attract attention. This playful game is able to attract the attention of a partner and practically "fall in love" with a partner.

With the help of a languid gaze, you can not only lure a partner to yourself, but also finally seduce and charm him. Such eyes become integral companions of love games. Thanks to them, any object passes into the absolute power of the one who shot his eyes and set his traps.

Sex traps8

Possession of a charming languid look is the prerogative of not only catalog options for sexy models.

what is a languid female look
what is a languid female look

Almost any person can do it, the main thing is to want it. Often, the sexual energy and charisma of a languid look becomes much more important for males than a figure, face, hairstyle and other purely external, physical attractive features. In very many cases, you can achieve much more with a glance than you can achieve with a thousand words.

However, in order for the gaze to become effective, you must first of all maintain your inner state at the proper level. In any case, you should have self-confidence, passion and longing. All this you need to learn to express with the eyes.

You can bring the action of an ideal look to perfection by training in front of a mirror. This can be achieved through self-control and introspection. This way you can learn to control your facial expression with certain feelings and emotions.

Male languid look9

It is customary to use the visual manifestation of a feeling of longing to express restless passion and suffering from undivided passion. Tired tenderness embodied in a man's gaze leaves a mark on any, not even the most vulnerable, female soul, penetrating right into the heart itself. The fullness of desires, expressed in the look, becomes the ultimate dream.

what is a girl's languid look
what is a girl's languid look

In most cases, your own emotions are able to affect the people around you and be transmitted to them. Just as the smile of one person infects another, so the languid look of your counterpart can cause a feeling of reciprocal desire.

Negative emotions are no exception, if there is an angry expression on the face of the interlocutor, the reaction to it will definitely be a wary readiness to defend themselves. Even such a detail as the length of the look indicates the relationship. Not everyone, however, knows that the reason for this is the size of the opponent's pupils at the time of communication.

The main signs of sexual interest10

In addition to a languid look, some more details are considered signs of sexual interest that unequivocally indicate his presence:

  • Dilation of the pupils;
  • Glance frequency;

Pupil dilation is considered one hundred percent sign of arousal. It is they who, at the subconscious level, are perceived by the partner as clear evidence of sympathy. In addition, a person whose pupils are dilated is perceived as a benevolent, positive-minded person towards the whole world.

languid look
languid look

A directly intimate look is applicable as establishing contact with a potential intimate partner. At the same time, the male sexual look is clearly expressed and women immediately perceive it.

As for the concept of "gaze frequency", it has been scientifically proven that partners in love look into each other's eyes at least two-thirds of the total communication time. If the time for this visual contact is less, it immediately becomes clear that there is no clear interest in the partner.

So, summing up, we can safely say that the value of a languid look cannot be overestimated. It is he who is able to wake up all the intimate strings of the interlocutor, show your partner your interest and interest him in you. Of course, it is much easier for women to enhance the effect of an intimate look. The secrets of sexy makeup will help the fair sex. As for men, dominant male charisma helps them in managing the female psyche.

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