Why Girls Don't Want To: Meet, Communicate, Build Relationships

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Why Girls Don't Want To: Meet, Communicate, Build Relationships
Why Girls Don't Want To: Meet, Communicate, Build Relationships

Video: Why Girls Don't Want To: Meet, Communicate, Build Relationships

Video: Why Girls Don't Want To: Meet, Communicate, Build Relationships
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girls don't want to meet
girls don't want to meet

Dating and new experiences are great, unfortunately, many people avoid it, thinking that they already have a formed social circle that they do not intend to change. Good or bad is difficult to say, because there are people who have difficulty with communication, the so-called introverts.

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  • 1 A chance meeting
  • 2 Complexes and rejection of yourself loved
  • 3 It was not like this before
  • 4 What about stereotypes
  • 5 The world of social networks
  • 6 There would be a desire

Often, seeing a beauty on the street, there is a desire to talk and get to know her, but not everyone will decide on this, and if they do, they will most likely be rejected. Why girls do not want to get acquainted and what drives their logic - will be revealed further.

A chance meeting

A familiar situation - a street, a guy, a girl, both are unfamiliar, but he likes it. What to do in such a situation? Panic, sweaty palms, trembling knees are what a guy experiences when he sees a beautiful girl on the street that he likes. Let's say the guy pulled himself together, accepted his fear and decided to approach the girl - he said "Hello" and hears nothing in response. This is a serious blow to self-esteem, coupled with a fear of public condemnation, the guy gets upset and begins to think what is wrong with him. And everything can be all right with him, this is just an arrogant young lady, or she is simply afraid to meet on the street, you never know a maniac will get caught, or the girl does not want a relationship as such.

Complexes and not accepting oneself beloved2

Women's troubles will always make themselves felt, not to say that it directly complicates life so much, but makes it more diverse, that's for sure. Sometimes a woman herself or someone inspires her that she is ugly and in general no one will ever covet her. This is a deeply psychological matter, because one cannot constantly dwell on it. All this leads to difficulties with acquaintance, thoughts that this guy is too good for me. The problem is that until you love yourself, no one will love. You need to accept yourself, that's for sure. The main thing is without fanaticism.

It never happened before3

Some girls are intimidated by acquaintance in unfamiliar places, that is, they, as a rule, take their environment at work, school, and at home for granted. And the thought that it is possible to meet someone outside these places baffles them. The bottom line, again, is the outlook and what women want from life in general, whether they need these acquaintances, if there are already enough candidates at work.

What about stereotypes4

Where without a well-established public opinion, many believe that on the street from men only marginal persons can approach girls, that is, rapists, thieves, all kinds of mentally ill people, and so on. As if the probability of such an outcome is, indeed. But what prevents to stand up to talk, in 5 minutes you can fully assess a person, at least superficially.

Why girls don't want to build relationships
Why girls don't want to build relationships

If you like the man, then you can agree to a date, somewhere in a crowded place. That is, fear deprives the girl of the opportunity to have a possibly good and promising relationship. Therefore, one might think, how significant are social stereotypes?

The world of social networks5

Okay, if everything is more or less clear with physical acquaintance, then how are things with social networks and acquaintance in them? And things are the same, the fair sex again takes the position of expectation and evaluation. Again, men take the first step and rush into the embrasure. Social networks are actively being introduced into everyday life. It is understandable - the convenience and comfort of communication seduces many. How to draw female attention to yourself? Probably a good way would be to "like" a photo of a girl you like. In addition, you can write a comment in order to reflect the seriousness of your intentions. Girls on social networks regard all this as attention from men and they like it.

After analyzing and studying the man's page on social networks, a girl may decide that this man is not suitable for her and should not be wasted time on him. And then he may have a crooked nose, where he is up to such beauty.

During a dialogue with a girl, she may be bored, and she does not want to continue communication anymore. Few people like bores.

You can also conduct an experiment: create a fake page and have an official one in advance, chat with a girl from the official page for some time, and then write to her with a fake, but the fake should be some kind of major, like a photo against the background of expensive cars and other dust.

Why girls don't want to meet
Why girls don't want to meet

The results will definitely surprise you, you can read a lot of such experiments on the net. Most often, when a successful and wealthy man wrote to a girl, she was more accommodating, helpful and always behaved nicely, like an angel. When with an ordinary man, communication was sluggish and without much emotion. Here is, as it were, an indicator showing the commercialism of many persons. Many, but not all!

There would be a desire6

Why don't girls want to get acquainted? The question is quite extensive, the reasons for this lie, ranging from certain requirements for a man and ending with fear. It is always worth giving a man a chance if he liked it. You can smile, wink - as if to show the green light. It's not that difficult. We talked, liked it - great, didn't like it - it's okay, no one will force anyone to communicate. Girls themselves are modest and are unlikely to take the first step, so the initiative lies with the man, so girls should respect men for this difficult step, since it is rather difficult to accept their fear and go through it.

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