Acquaintance, Flirting, Meetings: We Act Decisively And Ahead

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Acquaintance, Flirting, Meetings: We Act Decisively And Ahead
Acquaintance, Flirting, Meetings: We Act Decisively And Ahead

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Acquaintance, flirting, meeting
Acquaintance, flirting, meeting

Acquaintance, flirting, meeting is a chain that leads to a relationship, but only if you act correctly. Today we'll talk about how to seriously get to know a girl or a guy, how not to overdo it with flirting, but to attract attention, and how to behave at the first meetings so that they continue in the future.

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  • 1 How to meet a girl?
  • 2 How can a girl meet a guy?
  • 3 The acquaintance was successful - we turn to flirting
  • 4 How to behave on the first date?
  • 5 What if there was no second date?

How to meet a girl? I

If you saw a girl you liked on the street or in a cafe, you must definitely get to know her. But how to do it correctly, so as not to scare away, but to attract? In no case should you start with the phrase “Does your mother need a son-in-law?”, Because in this case any sane person will simply send you to distant distances. We suggest considering examples of dating in different situations.

  1. In the cafe. Here is a beautiful girl sitting at a table in the company of her friends, how to join them so as not to interfere? If finances permit, order a dessert for the group of girls. Precisely for everyone, because it will be inconvenient if only one gets the cake, and the rest will eat it only with their eyes. Next, ask if you would interfere if you join their table. Do not impose, if you are refused, then the girls are not free.
  2. If a girl is sitting at a table in a cafe alone, then ask if she is waiting for someone. If not, then ask permission to join her, since you are alone, and it will be a little more fun for you together.
  3. It's much easier to get acquainted on the street. Ask how to go, for example, to the library, and then start an unobtrusive dialogue. Ask if it is possible to see it again, ask for a phone number.

There is another dating option that works one hundred percent. Write a message on VK or another social network in the city community: “Girl so and so, today I saw you there (asked how to get to the library), you were dressed like that. I liked it very much, please respond, let's get acquainted. " If a lady does not have a boyfriend, then she will definitely respond!

How can a girl meet a guy? 2

Making an appointment, dating, flirting for girls is not much more difficult. But if you liked the guy, and he himself does not show the initiative to meet, you need to act on your own, otherwise he will "float away." How to act correctly so that the young man understands you correctly?

Dating and flirting
Dating and flirting

Give the guy an ambiguous look, smile, and look away in embarrassment when he smiles back. Most likely, he will approach you first if he liked you.

You can ask the guy to take a picture of you. Next, ask what his name is, start a conversation. Guys are flattered when a girl starts to take the initiative!

Any man is a lifeguard. Go to the object you like, say that you need help: the phone is buggy, but you need to call, you don't know the way, but you need to get there, and so on.

We succeeded in acquaintance - go to flirting_8212

Acquaintance, communication, flirting are three pillars of people's social needs. But you need to flirt very carefully so as not to seem too intrusive. There is one rule for both guys and girls: do not overdo it, but also do not seem like a "cracker".

Communication and flirting
Communication and flirting

The first step is to find a common topic of conversation, and then develop it. During a discussion of something, you need to show interest in his / her opinion, say that he / she is so clearly expressed, there is something to think about.

Compliments. Be sure to share what attracted you to him / her. For example, you could not help but notice such a smile, gait, hairstyle, and so on. It is imperative to say: "I was so embarrassed to approach, I thought that such a girl would not pay attention to me." For girls: "You know, I was very afraid to approach you and turn to you, in fact I am shy."

Looking at the interlocutor, you should smile, it will say that you like the person.

As if by accident, lightly touch your hand. Tactile communication is very important when flirting.

You need to show interest in everything that the interlocutor says, so you show that you really like the person. Ask to tell something about yourself, about work, keep the conversation going.

Flirting and relationships
Flirting and relationships

What is the right way to go to an appointment if you really liked the person? The main thing is to understand whether he liked you. If a new acquaintance / acquaintance easily makes contact, shows interest in the conversation, then you can act. If a person is consistently distracted by the phone, or simply runs his eyes around, this will mean that he is not interested in a new acquaintance.

In this case, just ask for the phone number, say that you will call somehow, were glad to meet you, and say goodbye. Believe me, this move works. A new acquaintance will feel a slight resentment (how could I / could not have liked me?), And will wait for the call.

If you notice that the interlocutor is interested, then directly offer to meet, go to the park, to the cinema, just take a walk. Exchange phone numbers, and be sure to call after parting, so in 10-15 minutes, supposedly to clarify the time of the meeting.

How to behave on a first date? 3

The long-awaited meeting is approaching, and you need to prepare thoroughly for it. The first thing to consider is the appearance, it must be neat. Girls should not dress provocatively for the first date: no super-mini, plunging neckline and stiletto heels. First, you can't seem easily accessible.

First date
First date

Secondly, the guy should be interested in the personality, not the body. Finally, you just don't know where you will go (high heels won't walk for a long time, and a miniskirt will get in the way of having fun in the amusement park). Wear jeans, low heels, or sneakers.

Don't be late for your date. For some reason, many girls think that the guy should wait, so they try to be late. But this is a delusion, it is simply indecent to be late.

There is an opinion that a man should pay for entertainment. But all this is in the distant past, and today equality rules. Yes, it will be right if a guy offers a girl to pay for her in a cafe, buys ice cream on a walk, so he will show his concern.

But it will also be correct if a girl offers to pay for herself, so she will show respect and independence. Men like those women who are independent and self-sufficient, and the constant costs for her can be stressful.

On a date, you shouldn't be distracted by phone calls. For example, a girlfriend / friend called, you need to pick up the phone, but say that at the moment there is no opportunity to talk for a long time, you are very busy. If you "hang" on the phone, you will show your disdain for a date, lack of interest in a new acquaintance.

Date two
Date two

Keep the conversation going, no matter what the topic is. The interlocutor must understand that you are a comprehensively developed person and have your own opinion.

What if there was no second date? 4

It happens that the meeting went well, but after it there was no hearing or spirit from the boy / girl. The phone is silent, there are no messages on the social network. Something went wrong? It is quite possible and you need to find out. Do not hesitate to call yourself, perhaps it is from you that the call is expected. Unobtrusively ask if everything is fine, if you can count on further communication and the nearest date.

Acquaintance, flirting, meeting - it's all quite simple and complicated at the same time. Just be yourself, don't mislead the person by playing at someone else, and everything will definitely go well!

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