How To Take Your First Steps Towards A Girl And Not "fall On Your Face"

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How To Take Your First Steps Towards A Girl And Not "fall On Your Face"
How To Take Your First Steps Towards A Girl And Not "fall On Your Face"

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The world is so arranged that not everyone is destined to be inveterate ladies' men and to conquer any girl at first sight. Some young people are afraid to take the first step, and if they do, they fail in communicating with girls. Moreover, often, these young people are not so bad, they can be quite attractive in appearance, smart, pleasant to talk to, but certain barriers prevent them from opening up and taking the first steps to meet new love. In modern society, a stereotype has been adopted that a man should be the first to meet, and a girl should only accept or reject a new acquaintance. Therefore, in order not to "fall face down in the mud" in front of the lady he likes, every guy should know how to take the first steps towards a girl.

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  • 1 Preliminary preparation
  • 2 How to start the first conversation
  • 3 The beginning of the "defense"
  • 4 Next steps

Preliminary preparationi

Stage 1: Getting rid of complexes.

This is the most important stage, since most of the fears of the first acquaintance are due to complexes, for example, "I don't look good enough", "I have no money", "a lot of guys take care of her, but she will not pay attention to me" and etc. Every man should remember that girls love self-confident.

Stage 2: Getting better.

There are no ideal people, but everyone should strive for the best. If your problem is that you don't look good enough, start looking better: sign up for the gym, swap out your old sweatshirt for a neat new jacket. Only when you like yourself, only then girl will like you

Stage 3: Learn to speak beautifully.

As you know, all women love with their ears. Of course, you shouldn't promise her mountains of gold, but learning how to compliment and speak beautifully is a must. For starters, you can practice with your friends, sister or mom.

Stage 4: We program ourselves for success.

They straightened their shoulders, straightened their backs and programmed themselves for success. Thoughts are material, and you just have to gain faith in yourself and catch admiring female glances.

how to take the first steps to a girl
how to take the first steps to a girl

Stage 5: Don't be afraid to be rejected.

The loser is the one who didn't even start the game. Therefore, tune yourself to the fact that if communication still does not work out, then you have tried and made certain conclusions. And there are so many other girls in the world.

How to start the first conversation2

Social networks

In the world of social networks, there is a unique opportunity to start communication with a simple correspondence. This will help to better understand the girl, find out what she likes, and also tell about herself. It is much easier not to get lost through the monitor screen and to build your communication competently. But the main thing is not to be too intrusive or, on the contrary, too modest. Girls like it when a guy knows how to joke, tell an interesting story, and make nice compliments. But in the case of social networks, you need to remember that they are met here, too, by their clothes, so take a couple of decent photos, otherwise no matter how joker and intellectual you are, the girl most likely will not answer the first message

Real life

First you need to find the most convenient moment, for this, observe the girl's body language.

how can you take the first steps to a woman
how can you take the first steps to a woman

Then choose the appropriate question, you can start with something banal "How to get through?", "How to get there?", Ask for advice in the store, and so on. Then compliment and watch the reaction. The first sign that everything is going according to plan is the girl's smile. Do not confuse the girl with a gaze, but try to catch her gaze. And remember to be confident to show the lady your interest.

The beginning of the "defense" _171187

If the girl did not turn around and leave, then not all is lost. Depending on the situation, you need to do everything to keep the communication going. For example, if you are in a shopping center, then offer a cup of coffee. If you run into a queue at the cinema, then offer to sit next to you. If you met on the embankment, during an evening run, suggest running the rest of the distance together, and so on. During a conversation, you should not talk about your problems or something bad, since the first communication should leave lightness in your soul. Well, before you say goodbye, do not forget to clarify your phone number or social media page. networks.

Next steps3

Well, then, if everything went well, follow simple rules so as not to miss a new beloved:

how can you take the first steps to a girl
how can you take the first steps to a girl

watch your appearance

invite her to interesting dates

never be late for meetings

show your exquisite manners and gallantry

don't forget to joke and keep up conversations

prove that you are a real man

sometimes, you can be more persistent

don't forget to be generous and make pleasant surprises

give compliments

build communication on a positive wave

take the first steps to a woman
take the first steps to a woman

It must be remembered that ladies are never free forever. While someone, due to their indecision, does not know how to take the first steps towards a girl and comes up with many reasons to postpone an acquaintance, someone already buys flowers for her and leads her on a date.

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