Why Don't Guys Meet? The Main Reasons For The Weak Popularity

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Why Don't Guys Meet? The Main Reasons For The Weak Popularity
Why Don't Guys Meet? The Main Reasons For The Weak Popularity

Video: Why Don't Guys Meet? The Main Reasons For The Weak Popularity

Video: Why Don't Guys Meet? The Main Reasons For The Weak Popularity
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shy guy
shy guy

A very serious cause of frustration for many women is the unwillingness of men to show their love and care for them. In this case, the girl begins to lose confidence in herself, ceases to monitor her appearance, because of which life can seriously slide into the bottom of public life. What if men don't show any attention? Why don't guys meet? The article will tell you about all the reasons for this attitude of men.

The content of the article

  • 1 Several reasons
  • 2 Social status
  • 3 "I can handle it myself"
  • 4 Appearance
  • 5 What do men rely on when choosing a girl?
  • 6 Maybe the reason is in the men themselves?
  • 7 What to do to achieve success with men?

Several reasons

First of all, well, you need to get upset and take to heart such an attitude from the strong half of humanity. The case can be hidden in a large number of reasons, which are easy to fix if you make a number of specific efforts.

First, let's see if you really are the problem? Where exactly are men not interested in your social status, appearance and lifestyle? Maybe at work you are surrounded by men who have long passed the age of flirting with young girls? Or are you only surrounded by married guys? Perhaps your employees are so passionate about scientific activities that they see nothing beyond calculations and microscopes.

Of course, everything can be attributed to the negligence and impotence of men, but you need to understand that there are such women, from the sight of which even toothless ones lose their jaw. And this is exactly the result you need to go if you want to surround yourself with attention from the guys. Some ladies will take this opinion reprehensibly, but what is wrong if guys go out of their way to make your life more comfortable and pleasant?

That's right, nothing! In this case, we need to proceed and consider the whole range of restrictions that do not allow men to approach you.

Social status2

Perhaps the main reason why your peers from work don't talk to you is your big ring on your ring finger and your family photo on your desk.

It is the fear of being in a situation where you are beaten by a colleague's husband is a common occurrence among guys. This is what limits them from communicating with you and from all kinds of quarrels.

If this item is not about you, let's move on.

The main reasons for the weak popularity
The main reasons for the weak popularity

"I can handle it myself" 3

It is possible that one of your colleagues previously tried to adjust his attitude towards you. But due to stubbornness and unwillingness to find yourself in an absurd situation, you refused him small trifles in the form - to fix something, to help in something. If you remove the restrictions on outside help, you can see how many useful things you can get from the people around you.

Of course, you shouldn't hold them accountable for your work tasks. It is worth remembering that these are your problems, but occasionally you can allow yourself flirty liberties in the form of help from the guys.

Appearance 4

First of all, you need to understand that discrimination on certain grounds dominates in any society. Naturally, if you are a woman with no special leadership qualities, your opinion will be listened to much less. This also includes an opinion about a person's appearance. If you look unsightly, the attention that should have been given to you will be given to a person with a more pleasant and beautiful appearance.

reasons for weak popularity
reasons for weak popularity

But you need to understand that part of our appearance goes to us due to the fact that nature evenly distributes our advantages and features. Someone may have hefty strength, but be an absolute layman in cooking and doing household chores. That is why people choose their companions in life, who will compensate for their shortcomings. This is the main reason why men prefer to choose the long-legged and busty beauty as their companion.

What do men rely on when choosing a girl? five

In addition, men have a certain range of needs that they impose on their women. Let's highlight them for ease of understanding of the further text:

The need to satisfy natural needs. No matter how we try to appear above our carnal desire, we will never overcome the love of sex. Thanks to a developed reproductive instinct, all people need a partner who will meet his sexual needs

What turns men off
What turns men off
  • The need to receive care and warmth. The fact is that men quite often project their ladies onto their mothers. A mother for a man is the most holy person who will listen at the most difficult moment, give advice and help him come back to a state of childish serenity. If it is difficult for a woman to provide moral support to her spouse, the marriage will break up instantly.
  • The need to present yourself in the best possible light. Due to the fact that a person is a social being, he needs to constantly improve in order to constantly rise on the steps of the social hierarchy. And it is in this case that a woman acquires the status of a thing. The more beautiful and luxurious the purchased object, the higher the man is in the eyes of the rest of the “pride males”.

It is due to the fact that men necessarily obey these three aspects of choosing a companion that they are very serious about choosing a particular person for this role. Of course, you can see many marriages falling apart. There are a lot of reasons for such situations. But it is precisely for the choice of the future wife and mother of his children that a man instinctively relies on these factors.

Why do men avoid me
Why do men avoid me

Of course, few people pay attention to what they think about these specific categories, but the decision and choice takes place at a subconscious level. If one of the lines is not followed in a relationship, the man will experience serious discomfort. This becomes the reason for the trip to the left.

Maybe the reason is in the men themselves? 6

Women can wonder for an insanely long time why guys don't get to know each other, but we must not forget that in the last thirty years the trend of educating young people has been strictly observed. Guys are very often brought up in conditions of motherhood, when they cannot turn to their fathers for help. It is this reason that makes them soft and fragile in front of the realities of the modern world.

The fact is that the guys brought up in such a family will never be the first to go to a meeting. For them, a woman is a breadwinner who will always be the first to ask questions, be interested in health, look after and indulge in all matters.

Why don't guys meet
Why don't guys meet

If you had to face a team where there are many such guys, you will not wait for increased attention from their side. Of course, you yourself can attract their attention and try to huddle them in every possible way. But, this will not lead to any positive result. It is better to drop the idea of such communication and direct your energies to self-improvement.

What to do to achieve success with men? 7

The answer to the question is quite simple. It is necessary to engage in self-improvement. Let's say by doing fitness every day, you will not only become attractive, but also contribute to improving your health. If you supplement this with trips to the cinema, museums and theaters, you will not only enrich your store of knowledge, but also discover the wonderful world of art.

It is through such simple and interesting efforts to improve your life that you will look completely differently at the men around you. And it is among this heap of different boys, mowing under female ideals, that there is a man worthy to conquer your heart.

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