How Beautiful Is It To Refuse A Man A Meeting So As Not To Hurt His Feelings?

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How Beautiful Is It To Refuse A Man A Meeting So As Not To Hurt His Feelings?
How Beautiful Is It To Refuse A Man A Meeting So As Not To Hurt His Feelings?

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girl in the bathroom
girl in the bathroom

How to refuse a man a meeting, because males, despite all their strength and endurance, are vulnerable and sensitive creatures. It is easy to offend to the depths of the soul, to hurt pride, but only a wise woman can correctly and tactfully convey her thoughts to a man. In this case, her opponent will remain a companion and friend for life.

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  • 1 When and how to refuse: general rules
  • 2 Rules and tactics of refusal
  • 3 Options for failure in different situations

When and how to refuse: general rules

The ability to show refusal to a man in a meeting and not only in a polite manner is not given to everyone and is extremely rare. In relation to men and women, the topic of refusals is considered intimate and delicate, since the reasons for refusals are different. One way or another, everyone in this life has to go through this lesson. It is important to learn to say “no” tactfully and painlessly.

Psychologists advise to suppress undesirable acquaintances or relationships for a girl at the initial stage, otherwise, the clarification of relations with a young fan, inspired by hopes, will take place in a more heated atmosphere.

Refusal rules and tactics2

How to refuse a man to meet a woman is free to choose herself, however, in order to smooth out sharp corners as much as possible, it is recommended to follow a few simple but effective rules:

Politeness and tact. Even if the emotions of the girl are brought to the limit, it is necessary to calm down, eliminate the harshness and increase in the tone of the conversation, not go on to insults and derogatory phrases, as well as to enumerate the man's shortcomings. Despite a strong male ego, most men are ready to accept rejection and change their behavior towards a girl. However, there are individuals in whom passion can be replaced by aggression. To avoid embarrassing situations and not to harm herself, the girl should not hesitate to clarify the relationship - the sooner all the dots are put on the "and", the more chances in resolving the situation peacefully without screaming and scandals

How to refuse a man to meet
How to refuse a man to meet
  • Decisiveness A girl's decision about the appropriateness of a relationship should be made decisively and without delay. You should not give false hopes to gentlemen out of pity and fear of offending him. Flirtatiousness, understatement and allegory in the explanation are not acceptable, you should maintain a physical distance during the conversation. Delaying the moment to explain the hopelessness of a new relationship only exacerbates the situation.
  • Honesty. If a woman is offered a date, and she intends to refuse, then this must be done in the most understandable and specific phrases, without hurting the opponent's pride. There is no need to hide the reasons, saying: "Not today", "Later", "I should think."

Failure options in different situations3

Refusal to meet with a man is accompanied by certain reasons, which vary depending on the situation:

Attractive women often meet the desire of passers-by on the street to get to know each other and accompany at least to the corner of the house. If the girl is not pleasant to the conversation, and she does not plan to make new acquaintances, then in communicating with a stranger, you can do with a short informative excuse, referring to haste, busyness, meeting with her husband. The same tactic is acceptable in relation to an unfamiliar boyfriend - refusal to date or walk together, can be explained by any neutral reason, and it is not necessary to devote him to details

refuse a man to meet
refuse a man to meet

A girl with a sympathetic man has a long and close companionship, he is aware of the changes in the girl's life. Alas, it is not relevant to refer to a meeting with “your boyfriend”. It would be appropriate to explain the refusal by being busy, unwilling to change friendly gatherings with a man for something more

The girl has a serious relationship or hobby, while she does not plan an affair on the side. It is better to say about this state of affairs directly and firmly. Such an answer will not offend a man, because the girl does not refer specifically to his shortcomings in the refusal. Any man who is in his right mind and is so well aware of his shortcomings and knows them thoroughly

A man's proposal to start dating is not just a walk under the moonlight in the park or a friendly trip to the cinema without continuing the relationship. Proposals of this kind are quite serious, thoughtful and balanced. It is possible that the young man, before deciding on such a bold step, assessed his chances of success and, to some extent, tried to predict the course of events after his proposal. A frivolous excuse or just the word "no" is not appropriate in this situation. You should definitely explain yourself in private in a calm atmosphere.

How to refuse a man to meet
How to refuse a man to meet

From the very first words, a girl should make it clear to a man that she deeply respects him and is grateful to him for his preference. Refusal to a man in anything, and in a meeting as well, should be pronounced clearly without coquetry and slyness, explaining that he is so, and this is not the girl's desire to "fill her own worth" at his expense.

A girl should show maximum restraint in her emotions, show respect for a man for such a serious proposal, practically hands and hearts, be soft, sincere, but at the same time keep her distance. Having adequately accepted the girl's arguments, a man can become her friend for many years. Psychologists advise to promise a man friendly relations on condition of his adequate attitude to refusal, but if his behavior is characterized by inadequacy or importunity, then it is recommended to refuse communication with such a gentleman once and for all.

A woman can choose how to refuse a man a meeting, but guided by the simple advice of psychologists, it is possible and necessary to do this as competently and gently as possible.

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