What Is A Friend Zone And How To Avoid It: Proven Methods

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What Is A Friend Zone And How To Avoid It: Proven Methods
What Is A Friend Zone And How To Avoid It: Proven Methods

Video: What Is A Friend Zone And How To Avoid It: Proven Methods

Video: What Is A Friend Zone And How To Avoid It: Proven Methods
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What is a friend zone and how to avoid it
What is a friend zone and how to avoid it

Unrequited love for your friend arises all the time. In each case, the hostage of his feelings tries to get out of this difficult situation in different ways. The Americans gave a special name to such a love-zone, and now that the problem has acquired its name and form, one can figure out what a friend zone is and how to avoid it.

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  • 1 Defining a friend zone
  • 2 Types of friend zones
  • 3 Why can't one friend understand the other's feelings?
  • 4 Why can't a girl in a friend zone attract her beloved?
  • 5 How not to become a hostage of the friend zone?

A friend zone is a kind of friendship between a man and a woman, when one of the so-called friends experiences a feeling of falling in love, which the other does not even know about.

Defining a friend zone

In the friend zone, people can get stuck who, for some reason, are not able to change their friendship to love or at least just confess their feelings.

Very often, the inability to take action and unjustified expectations lead to intense experiences that reinforce the realization that a huge amount of time has been wasted.

Types of friend zones2

Certain. This is when a friend honestly admits that he does not feel any feelings for a girl and can offer nothing but friendship. The position is tough, but honest

  • Uncertain. When a friend holds her loving friend in limbo and marinates diligently. She likes to keep the guy on a short leash and use him for her own purposes. This behavior is very selfish, since it does not allow the person in love to get over the addiction and build other relationships. The position is cunning and selfish.
  • Hidden. This is how you can call the friend zone, in which there is a person in love, afraid both by the sight and by the look to betray their feelings. Therefore, the object of his adoration does not even know about the emotions that are raging in him. The position is dead end.

Why can't one friend understand the other's feelings? 3

To understand what scenario the friend zone can follow, consider a situation where a girl is unrequitedly in love with a guy.

how to avoid the friend zone
how to avoid the friend zone

A girl's intentions are like a "dark forest" for a guy. If a girl initially behaved like a sister or just a friend, then the guy most likely drew a certain line, separating this girl from potential girlfriends and crossing this line or simply reconsidering his attitude towards her - this simply does not occur to him

  • Fear of rejection. This is a very common reason for insecure girls. They are afraid that guys may take their feelings too lightly, so they are afraid to open up.
  • In addition, recognition can ruin an already established relationship, friends will no longer understand who they are to each other and, possibly, will avoid communication. The easiest way is to just be near, without straining your loved one with your feelings and hope that someday a switch will click in his head and he will fall in love.
  • Lack of sex appeal. This happens when the guy is not sexually attracted to his friend, therefore, automatically classifies her as his friends.
  • A girl can correct this situation by giving herself the image of a fatal beauty, since women have many means to increase their own attractiveness. Alternatively, you can try to fool one of the close friends of your loved one, perhaps this will give him a reason to look at her with different eyes.

Why can't a girl in a friend zone attract her beloved? 4

A girl is not particularly interesting if she is too serious or simple-minded.

What is a friend zone
What is a friend zone

If a guy is looking for a girl for an easy relationship, and not for marriage, then he will choose frivolous and liberated persons who will not burden him with their problems or morality. It is possible that a girl in love with a guy is so sweet and naive that he is simply ashamed of using her good attitude, so he simply ignores her.

She's just not his type. Each person has a certain image of the opposite sex, which he finds very interesting and sexy. Most often, a man tries to have a love relationship with his type, however, this does not mean at all that his opinion will not change over time.

Sexual attraction can be influenced not only by appearance or some other factors, but also by the inner world of a person, seduction skills and behavior. Thus, other girls may have a chance for a relationship with a loved one.

Her feelings are all too obvious. In this case, the guy loses the main thing that men value in love relationships - this is a love game, when the partner has to make significant efforts to win the girl he likes.

Moreover, the more she resists his courtship, the more he will be proud of his victory. And if she presents her feelings right on the saucer, then, at best, she can count on the role of an “alternate airfield”.

If a girl understands what a friend zone is and wants to avoid it, 10 ways to determine the type of relationship will help with this:

If a guy introduces everyone to his companion simply as a friend, then most likely he actually treats her like that

how to avoid the friend zone
how to avoid the friend zone
  • He tries once again not to go out together "to people". Most likely, he does this so that others do not perceive their relationship as love. The guy is not looking for a reason to meet with a girl, although he is always happy to communicate.
  • As friends, he can share his thoughts about other girls and even ask to help him in amorous affairs.
  • If a guy brings a group of friends to a meeting with a girl, then he is clearly not in the mood for closer communication.
  • If even in alcoholic intoxication, the guy does not perceive her as a sexual object, then his interest in her, as in a partner, is zero.
  • The chances of a girl are almost zero if the young man has never tried to hit her or show no signs of attention, if only to emphasize that she is a very attractive person.
  • Going to a meeting with an interesting girl, young people try to put themselves in order at least a little. If, going to a meeting, he does nothing of the kind, then she is just "his boyfriend" for him.
  • An extreme degree of indifference or just a good relationship is the opportunity to spend a night together, but at the same time there is not even the slightest hint of the possibility of an intimate relationship.
  • Does the guy allow himself to be next to her as a nurse and constantly complain about problems in his personal life? She is just a vest for him, at best a loyal friend, but no more.
What is a friend zone
What is a friend zone

Friendship exists only thanks to a girl in love, if only she is invested in a relationship. The girl fulfills small requests and big favors, monitors the state and behavior of her friend. He also perceives such an attitude as, of course, a self-evident behavior, although he does not forget from time to time to thank for the help

How not to become a hostage of the friend zone? 5

You can deceive yourself for years, believing that someday the beloved will see the light and understand that his old acquaintance is the best woman in the world. But you need to give yourself the most honest answer to the question "is this love?"

If a girl realizes that her feeling is as strong as it is unrequited, then she needs to understand how she herself drove herself into this "trap". Finding out the root cause in your behavior will help answer the question of how to get out of the friend zone!

  • Dreams of how her lover will inflame with passion for her is just a pitiful self-deception, if the guy had any sexual or romantic interest, he would have manifested itself long ago.
  • If this whole logical chain has already been passed and realized, then it's time to get out of this quagmire of self-destruction.
  • A girl who expects a response from a man loses the main thing for a woman - this is time and external attractiveness, as well as the opportunity to create other, better relationships.
  • The girl does not need to allow her behavior to turn into a persecution mania. Such behavior, in addition to emotional stress, can provoke mental disorders. It is very useful to take breaks from communication, so that the friend may have time to get bored, and the girl will have a chance to chat with other guys.
how to avoid the friend zone
how to avoid the friend zone
  • Don't be easily accessible. The more a girl has fans and the more inaccessible she will be, the more interest will arouse in men, including HIM. Plus, the more men invest in relationships, the more valuable they are to them.
  • Guys like mysterious girls, not simpletons who are ready to lay out all the information about themselves to the first person they meet. A little understatement and mystery has not hurt any lady yet.
  • You can check the feelings of your friend by disappearing for some time from his life. Will he miss you, will he soon forget about you and be happy to meet you? Having received answers to these questions, you can decide what to do next.
  • A girl should never show a friend how interested she is in him and in his life. If he realizes that all her interests are focused on him, then she will not only stop worrying him, but he will even begin to feel weary of such communication.
  • Being next to your beloved friend does not need to focus your attention on him and there is no need to catch his every word and, in general, behave like a fool in love. You need to learn to rest, relax and have fun in any situation, without looking back at your beloved.
  • Very often, people who are stuck in the friend zone idealize their lovers. Therefore, they try to gain their approval and become the best and irreplaceable for them. However, if you look at these idols with an open mind, then there is nothing special about them, the most ordinary little people with their own advantages and disadvantages.
What is a friend zone
What is a friend zone
  • You should not indulge a friend's whims, be his lifesaver and allow yourself to be used in every possible way. So you can not only fail to achieve sympathy, but even lose his respect.
  • If a girl still hopes to become her friend's lover, then in no case should she become his “bosom friend”. Because such "girlfriends" are like a friend without a penis, and normal guys do not enter into romantic relationships with other guys.
  • The girl must learn that it is necessary to say "no" to a friend as often as possible. Categorical refusals will show him that she has her own opinion and interests, which he cannot influence.
  • A girl in love does not need to give in to emotions and tell her friend how much she likes him and how she is crazy about him. Such statements can only be a response to his confessions. The too talkative girl will burn down the entire office and leave no way for herself to retreat.
  • If a girl is stuck in the pediment, then she seems to be no longer in the first league, but this is a clear hint that she could be better. If she is not stupid, then she will improve herself and pay attention and time to her personal life, instead of dragging around a man who does not appreciate her a penny.
  • Don't avoid socializing with other guys. Perhaps among them there is the one destined by fate, and non-reciprocal feelings are only a temporary clouding of reason. In addition, having fans will only add attractiveness to the girl in his eyes.
how to avoid the friend zone
how to avoid the friend zone

If this article helped to understand what a friend zone is and how to avoid it, then you shouldn't delay with such an unpromising relationship and waste time with a person who doesn't need it.

Although often a guy falls into the “only friend” category. What is a girls' friend zone and how not to get into friendly networks, we read in our article further on the link.

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