How The Right Girl Behaves In Society - The Rules Of Etiquette

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How The Right Girl Behaves In Society - The Rules Of Etiquette
How The Right Girl Behaves In Society - The Rules Of Etiquette

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Society has always established rules of conduct that must be followed. Some of them were registered, some were unofficial. Over time, these rules changed, as did society. The notions of good breeding and femininity have also changed slightly. How does the right girl behave in the 21st century?

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  • 1 Main qualities
  • 2 How the right girl behaves in different situations
  • 3 Ethics of communication
  • 4 What do men think?

Main qualities

First, you need to figure out exactly what qualities characterize a well-bred girl:

  • Culture. You need to know and adhere to the norms of behavior in society.
  • Modesty. This does not mean that you only need to look at the floor and speak in a whisper. A pleasant smile is much better than loud laughter and vulgar behavior.
  • Moral. The inner core, consisting of moral qualities and ethics.
  • Simplicity. Do not boast of any merit, it annoys everyone.
  • Emotionality. Oddly enough, it should correlate well with humility. The manifestation of sincere emotions always helps to win over other people.
  • Delicacy. You should be tactful with other people and not embarrass them.

All these qualities adorn the girl and distinguish her from others. Many do not think about how to behave in society, however, it is very important.

How the right girl behaves in different situations2

To make it easier to understand the intricacies of female etiquette, you can make out some situations.

On a date

The right girl is not late for a date. Even for five minutes, even because of traffic jams. This is not even a woman's etiquette, but generally accepted. If the exact time of any meeting has been agreed, it must be observed.

When receiving compliments, a girl should modestly thank her gentleman, and not load him with stories about how long she styled her hair and how much the peeling cream stings.

It's generally better to try to talk less about yourself. Men are not so talkative, and to get to know them better - sometimes it is worth keeping quiet. Or, as a last resort, ask questions about your partner. But you should ask them carefully. It's ugly on the first date to ask about money or why his sister was left alone with three children. It is necessary to respect the personal life of a person and not to get into his soul. At least at the beginning.

the behavior of the right girl
the behavior of the right girl

On a date, do not dress too vulgarly, because a decent girl is decorated with modesty.

In the restaurant

The first thing that a decent girl will do when entering a restaurant is to let a man pass in front of her. This is provided for by the rules of etiquette. At the table, the girl will not sit cross-legged, lean on a chair and put her elbows on the table. You need to sit up straight and cross your legs to the side, as is customary for members of the royal family.

By the way, a man should place an order. In general, he usually takes care of all contacts with the restaurant staff. The girl just needs to express her wishes for the choice of dishes.

As for accessories, etiquette even provided for where to put your purse. If it's a small clutch, you can put it on a table or an empty chair next to it. If the bag is large, it is best to carefully place it under the table.

At work

Business etiquette is just as important as work takes up most of your life. In order not to lose the good attitude of colleagues and business partners, it is worth observing the basic norms. The rule of punctuality is also important here. It is just as important as business writing skills. A decent, well-mannered girl will not use familiarity, familiarity and parasite words in a business letter.

the behavior of the right girl
the behavior of the right girl

It is worth remembering that you have to work at work. This means that it is not permissible to eat lunch at your desk, chat on the phone or distract colleagues from work. It is also important to maintain order on the desktop, this is not only the norm of etiquette, but also a sign of high productivity.

By the way, telephone conversations also require ethics. Having called, you must introduce yourself and explain the purpose of the call. If the problem takes time to solve, it is worth checking if the interlocutor has free time.

In society

The correct girl observes the rules of communication in society. To the greeting “Good afternoon”, she will never answer with a short “Good”, and when leaving the room, she will always hold the door if someone is following her.

The rules of etiquette allow her to be indoors in a lady's hat and gloves, but she will certainly take off her mittens and hat.

In society, she does not use foul language, does not speak loudly, does not discuss or gossip.

When meeting parents

In such a situation, the main thing is to remain yourself, to behave culturally. Do not nervously fiddle with the ring or scarf, and also - pull the conversation over to yourself. If, upon meeting, she is offered wine, she will stretch the glass for the whole evening.

how the right girl behaves
how the right girl behaves

A well-mannered girl will not come to visit empty-handed, but will definitely take something for tea. And the dishes served to the table will certainly praise. Leaving the guests, she will offer a return visit by inviting them to her place.

Ethics of communication3

A well-mannered girl observes the rules of speech etiquette, which helps her to present herself in society correctly. To be able to speak is not an easy job, but to make it easier, a set of rules was created.

  1. When a girl, accompanied by a man, meets a friend, she will greet first.
  2. If a man greeted someone whom his companion does not know, she will also show respect and greet a friend.
  3. If a celebration is planned in a restaurant, entering it, she will first greet everyone, and then with the neighbors at the table.
  4. It is always worth greeting by seniority - first the juniors with the elders. Also, men are the first to greet women.

In order not to get confused in all these subtleties, for a start, you can navigate by the list of basic rules:

  • Always be neat and look good
  • It is not allowed to wear more than 13 jewelry at once
  • Conversations in society about money, religion, politics and health are not pretty
the behavior of the right girl
the behavior of the right girl
  • Do not come to visit without a preliminary call
  • Don't put your bag on your lap or on your chair in the back
  • Do not discuss those who are not in the company
  • Address "you" to those who are 10 years older
  • Before entering a closed room or office - you need to knock

What do men think? 4

The concept of the "right girl" is no less interesting to consider from the point of view of a man. For a man, the right girl is the one who is socially interesting.

  • She should be self-sufficient, and not dependent on a man.
  • Able to take responsibility for decisions and actions taken.
  • She loves herself for who she is and allows herself to be loved by a man.
  • He does not compete with his man for the right to be the first in everything and always.
  • It does not harm others, because a woman's function is restoration, not destruction.
  • It does not press, terrorizing by attitudes "it is necessary", "it should be", "you must", "it is your duty."
  • Respects the desires of his man, allows him to develop in the direction that he has chosen.
  • Supports failure, because it happens to everyone.
  • She never discusses or condemns her man in front of others.
how the right girl behaves
how the right girl behaves

Of course, everyone determines for himself how the right girl behaves. Everyone has their own moral standards. However, etiquette is the universal key to being the best version of yourself every day.

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