How To Hook A Man: What Phrases And How You Can Do It

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How To Hook A Man: What Phrases And How You Can Do It
How To Hook A Man: What Phrases And How You Can Do It

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How to hook a man
How to hook a man

Every girl dreams of having the ability to interest a man from the first minutes of communication. And not surprising, because how wonderful it would be if everyone who you liked shared the same feelings. Some are fortunate enough to have natural charisma and attract the attention of everyone around them, but, unfortunately, such a gift is far from common. But do not be upset, since psychologists have derived a formula for seducing men, and it will help everyone, without exception. It is worth stocking up on confidence and reading all the tips on how to get a man interested.

The content of the article

  • 1 Attractive appearance
  • 2 The right wardrobe
  • 3 Perfect makeup
  • 4 Do not forget to praise
  • 5 Men's opinion
  • 6 Correlate a man with a personality type
  • 7 How to hook a man? Ask for help
  • 8 Several NOT, not permissible at the beginning of a relationship

Attractive appearancei

No matter how many men talk about how important a woman's inner world is, in reality the situation is a little different. How to hook a man? Undoubtedly, empty people can keep few people for a long time and inner peace plays a big role. But the situation is such that external data (especially on a woman's chest and legs) is what men pay attention to in the first place. This is how their psychology works.

Not a single man, having met a woman, will not begin to talk about her love for art or views on architecture. That is why a girl should always look attractive, because it is not known when she will meet the one. Of course, you don't have to get up four hours before going out to do complex makeup and hairstyles every day. It is enough to think over your appearance so that:

  • the clothes did not look ridiculous (for example, one size smaller, or hung in a sloppy bag);
  • makeup was appropriate for the destination (casual and not flashy for work and meeting with friends, but brighter for going to dinner or an event);
  • there was a neat hairstyle on his head;
  • and a benevolent smile on his face.

The right wardrobe2

This should be discussed separately. Any self-respecting girl should know about its importance. The wardrobe is a reflection of the soul (at least that's what fashion representatives think). How to hook a man, you should forget about baggy clothes, no matter how sad it sounds. Better to put aside comfy sweatshirts, sweatpants, shapeless T-shirts, and never combine in one outfit again! Men love what emphasizes the figure of the girl. Of course, this does not mean that you can forever forget about your comfortable favorite sweater, not at all.

One has only to choose the right components of the image. For example, if the jacket is loose enough, then it can be combined with skinny jeans or trousers with a high waist and heels. And for loose pants, a T-shirt or blouse with a fit will fit. Do not pay much attention to revealing and vulgar outfits.


They can be in your wardrobe, but shouldn't make up the bulk of it. A deep neckline and a short mini, no doubt, will attract the attention of a man, but such an image will provide an impression that is not so bright. If you plan to hook a man for a long time, then it is better to choose clothes wisely.

Alluring hair

Many members of the male half of the population go crazy over the sight of a girl with long and beautiful hair. Therefore, in order to make the right impression, it is worth thinking several times before deciding on a hairstyle for a boy or a square. Tidily styled hair will help attract the attention of a man.

Do not forget that long hair requires extra care. They are strongly influenced by weather, stress, and do not react well to staining. For an attractive hairstyle, you should use balms and masks, do not forget about a haircut and wash your hair regularly so that they do not have the appearance of icicles. Vitamins for hair, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, will also help.

Perfect makeup3

There are girls who can't even go out without putting on makeup. If you can recognize similar features in this image, then you should reconsider your plans for life or even consult a psychologist. Now is not the time when tons of facial cosmetics are in high demand. On the contrary, everything should look as natural as possible. This is not about a complete rejection of cosmetics. It was created to emphasize and embellish existing facial features, and not to change the appearance beyond recognition (makeup was invented for this task).

In order to hook a man and not scare him off in the morning by the sight of a completely unfamiliar woman nearby, you should not overdo it with makeup. In addition, multiple layers adversely affect the skin of the face. Without makeup, it will not look very fresh and not even healthy. And who needs such sacrifices?

How to hook a man
How to hook a man

Remember to praise 4

Many women think that men are like rocks - hard and unapproachable, but this is not so. They, on a par with women, are prone to manifestations of tenderness, affection and compliments. In order for a man to turn his attention, you should not neglect them. On the contrary, it is better to notice all the positive qualities, even the most insignificant and trivial ones, that are inherent in him. But you shouldn't go too far.

When choosing this tactic of seduction, one should not forget about the object itself and the goals. It doesn't need to sound like flattery, or it doesn't sound entirely believable. The main thing is that the compliment comes from the heart and pursues the goal of praising a man for his achievements. For example, it will be most pleasant for him to hear approving words about his car (if any) or about his appearance.

Men's Opinion 5

Men like to feel in charge in a relationship (and everywhere, in fact, too), so it is worth learning one rule that must be observed, at least until it is known for sure that it was possible to hook him.

Starting from the first meeting, you need to make it clear to the man how significant and important his opinion is. In other words, to make it clear that he is always and in everything right. Demonstration of devotion can vary. For example, in the process of dialogue, you can support his point of view. It will be more effective if, in addition to agreement, there will be an opportunity to confirm the opinion with some facts in support of his thought.


You can also entrust him with the choice of food or drinks if it comes to a date in a cafe or restaurant. Be sure to further evaluate and praise the choice made, whatever it may be. After contact has been established, it is worth identifying common topics for conversation in which the girl will not feel discomfort and will be able to hold them. Thus, you can rise one level higher in the eyes of a man.

Match a man with a personality type6

This is not difficult, because if you think about it, then all people can be tacitly correlated with three types of personality:

  • Visuals (people who prefer external data)
  • Kinesthetics (such individuals prefer tactile communication. They are easy to recognize, since during communication they will try to touch, stroke, correct something on the interlocutor, etc. As a rule, they try to quickly enter the personal space of the interlocutor)
  • Audials (the type of people who talk a lot)

Determining which of the types belongs to the one whom the woman wants to get is quite simple. One option is to ask for a description of the item. The first type will make a bias towards the color scheme of the subject, the second will talk about the shape and parameters, and the third may get confused. But do not worry about the latter, since this type of people easily lends itself to a pleasant timbre of voice. Everything that a woman says will be perceived by such a man willingly and joyfully.

Based on what type of man belongs to whom the woman wants to hook, and further communication should be built.


In order for the visual to pay attention, you will have to work hard on the appearance. Everything should be perfect if you plan to get a man's favor quickly enough. The way they love with their eyes, the girl should look so that except for her, she didn't want to look anywhere else.

To continue a relationship with a kinesthetic, you need to tune in to the fact that this person will try to establish tactile contact. Therefore, with such a man it will quickly come to hugs and kisses. And maybe something more serious. Such people not only love to touch, but also to receive affection. If a woman is not in the mood to give and receive such gifts, then it is better to immediately abandon the man. And if she herself belongs to this type - it's just a gift from above!

Audience, in principle, is the easiest approach to find, since this type of people like to be listened to. It is enough to nod in the right places if the topic is not entirely interesting, or to insert your opinion during the dialogue, if the topic is close. And that's all. The man will turn his attention.

How to hook a man? Ask for help7

Men always want to appear in the eyes of women as heroes or knights. They are flattered by the fact that women depend on them. Taking advantage of this, you can ask a man for a little help. For example, deal with an incomprehensible function on your phone or tablet.

Even if the exit is found instantly. Even if it's already obvious. Even if you don't need help. The main thing is to make it so that the request for help is not too difficult, as there will be a risk that the man will not cope with it. In this case, he will be very upset, because he does not want to appear helpless or stupid in the eyes of a woman.

How to hook a man
How to hook a man

Several NOT, not permissible at the beginning of a relationship8

If a man is deeply sunk into the soul, this does not mean that you need to attack him in all possible ways: write, call, come, and so on. They are all hunters by nature, so you shouldn't take this right away from them. Everything should look as if he is conquering a woman, and not vice versa. A woman who voluntarily goes into the hands of a man quickly becomes uninteresting.

You shouldn't force a man into a cage. Control is the lot of insecure women. No relationship in the world should imprison freedom, not even love. By conducting detailed interrogations and controlling every movement, you can cause negative emotions in a man.

You should forget about whining and comparing time for friends and yourself (or not express it in a negative way). Better to join the team, or adjust. A candidate who gets the approval of friends is much more likely than one that prohibits a man from contact with them.

You should never compare a man with previous partners. They are already in the past, but at the moment there is one with which the future can be. Why ruin it?

Thanks to the above points, you can forever forget about the question "how and how to hook a man", because they themselves want to communicate with such a woman. The main thing is not to make mistakes that can push him away.

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