What Is Transvestism And How Does It Manifest Itself? Reasons For Transvestism

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What Is Transvestism And How Does It Manifest Itself? Reasons For Transvestism
What Is Transvestism And How Does It Manifest Itself? Reasons For Transvestism
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Boys dress up as girls, girls as boys, and in childhood, such actions are caused by curiosity and play. In adult life, there are guys who are happy to put on a woman's dress, wigs, shoes. This action brings him great pleasure. In sexual terminology, a man dressing up in ladies' clothes is classified as transvestism.

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In feature films, there are often characters who disguise themselves as the opposite sex, for example: "Tootsie", "There are only girls in jazz", "Hello, I'm your aunt", or "Hussar ballad".

A man in a wig and a woman's dress is funny and funny, a girl in a hussar's clothes looks cute. But only in the film. In life, people who dress up in "other people's things" from time to time are called transvestites.

Someone else's clothing

Transvestism isn't just dressing up. A person who wears clothes of the opposite sex, entices behavior and feminine manners, experiences strong sexual arousal.

Transvestites are most often people with heterosexuality, both women and men. Moreover, a girl in men's jeans and a shirt can look pretty and sexy, without causing sidelong glances. Of course, if he does not put on a formal men's suit with a tie and top hat. However, this outfit will look interesting on the lady. The stronger sex was less fortunate. A man in women's clothing looks funny and silly.

In most cases, transvestism includes heterosexual people. A man can have a family, be a caring loving husband and father, work hard at a factory for days, drink beer with friends on Fridays …

And on weekends, under cover of night, disappear from the house, banging his heels, in a short chintz dress, in stockings and lipstick. This little secret causes torment and remorse for those individuals for whom transvestism is a problem.

If such transgender people are and how they differ from transvestites, we will tell in our article.

Types of transvestism2

Transvestism happens: fetishism and transvestism of a double role.

man as woman
man as woman

Fetish transvestism is associated with the sexual pleasure that a person receives by dressing up in clothes of the opposite sex. Having dressed up in a dress, or a woman in a man's suit, a man gets excited, can fondle himself and masturbate. After the pleasure, there is no need for these clothes. She takes off and folds to the side. Until next time.

In the case of double-role transvestism, a guy or a girl, they wear the wardrobe of the opposite sex constantly, in everyday life and do not associate sexual connotations with it. Most often, such persons are transgender or future transsexuals.

When the dress turns on3

It should be understood that transvestism is not a mandatory manifestation of homosexual tendencies. Transvestism is also not a mental illness, although many who suffer from "compulsive dressing" may experience problems in their sex life and seek the help of a psychologist.

The sexual arousal that a transvestite gets from dressing in the wardrobe of the opposite sex can cause coldness if a man, while in bed with a girl, wears ordinary men's pajamas, rather than a lace peignoir.

about transvestism
about transvestism

Sexual pleasure is received by a transvestite man, dressed in a sundress, stockings and a wig, admiring his charming reflection in the mirror and selflessly masturbating at the “beauty from the mirror”.

We will tell you why transvestites in Thailand are so widespread and popular in our article.

Transsexuals: Sex Change4

The category of transvestites includes transsexuals and transgender people. Some of these representatives also dress up in clothes of a “foreign” gender, but at the same time experience slightly different emotions.

Some transvestites tend to be bisexual or passive homosexual. Some part decides to change sex. But it is quite rare for a transvestite to become a transsexual.

Transsexuals are individuals whose gender identity is opposite to their own sex. The soul of a man residing in a woman's body, or vice versa. From an early age, they experience difficulties in upbringing, as their whole being is drawn to the opposite sex. Girls react sharply to the manifestation of puberty, boys in every possible way reject the masculine principle in them.

In the end, such people come to a decision to change their sex. Bearded guys turn out to be somewhat strange, but satisfied young ladies, and women turn out to be pretty and business-like men. Now they feel comfortable and good in a "new body" with a new name and desired gender.

what is transvestism
what is transvestism

A man with a soul of beauty5

Transgender - refers to the "early stage of transsexualism." That is, a person feels “different”, but does not lie under the surgical knife. Transgender lives with the idea of ​​belonging to the opposite sex, hates and rejects their essence.

Transgender people are divided into several types:

  1. Bigender. The personality of a person has a dual disposition to sex: he is either a girl or a boy. He wants to wear pants, then a skirt. Either be called Masha, then turn to Nicholas.
  2. Agender. This person does not know at all what gender to classify himself as. The inner sense of personality is not comfortable without being a "woman", not a "man."
  3. Genderqueer is a person with a mixed gender. Their understanding of masculinity and femininity has nothing to do with common views.
  4. A transgender woman is a representative of the stronger sex, whose soul is drawn to knitting, cosmetics and the birth of children, that is, the female sex. He considers himself a weak, fragile woman, chained in the body of a rude, clumsy man.
  5. A transgender man is the weaker sex, who from an early age dreamed of having male genitals fluttering in his pants, and a flat male chest under his shirt. A man enchanted in the body of a girl. Like in a movie.
who are transvestite men
who are transvestite men

We have collected everything about transvestites in our next article.

Out of my body6

Transgender people have inclinations of the opposite sex. Girls - guys cut their hair short, wear men's clothes, get tattoos, ride a motorcycle and pump their muscles. They are gradually transformed into the image of who they dream to be from early childhood.

Men - women do not have characteristic masculine qualities. They adopt female manners, become more affectionate, melancholic, feminine. They give preference to women's clothing, women's professions and occupations.

In their sexual life, both those and others experience problems, as they have to combine the physical and psychological mood of their personality.

Transsexuals are transgender at heart. Each person who changed his gender, almost from birth, felt like a “different person”.


The girls experienced discomfort from wearing women's clothing, they were strongly attracted to boys' games, things, and activities. Usually these girls make friends with the guys, and girls are treated with apprehension and contempt.

Transgender boys grow up to be timid and feminine. They in every possible way refuse male occupations, prefer girls' games, secretly wear beads and dresses. Sometimes, a child behaves this way out of curiosity, trying on a "foreign gender", but when the behavior is obsessive, this indicates a transgender inclination of the person.

Transvestism is a way to mentally feel like a different person, in different clothes, “in a different body”. And who intersex are, we read in our article further on the link.

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