What Is A Modern Woman Like? Psychological Portrait And Image Of Progressive Women

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What Is A Modern Woman Like? Psychological Portrait And Image Of Progressive Women
What Is A Modern Woman Like? Psychological Portrait And Image Of Progressive Women

Video: What Is A Modern Woman Like? Psychological Portrait And Image Of Progressive Women

Video: What Is A Modern Woman Like? Psychological Portrait And Image Of Progressive Women
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Modern woman
Modern woman

A modern woman is a collective image of the entire female essence. The female essence, accumulated over millennia, fits into this concept. Each time period has its own image of a modern woman. What should it be like in the 21st century?

The content of the article

  • 1 The image of a modern woman
  • 2 We all come from childhood
  • 3 New technologies
  • 4 Style and fashion
  • 5 Virtual world
  • 6 Erudition
  • 7 Health
  • 8 Eternal youth
  • 9 Hobbies
  • 10 Career
  • 11 Relationships
  • 12 How not to lose your essence

The image of a modern woman

Surely, everyone who read the title of the article immediately thought of a completely standard portrait. Madame in a business suit, a folder with documents in her hands with a classic manicure, strict make-up, a hairdo with a hair to a hair. But this is a stereotype imposed by society. We'll have to break templates.

A modern woman is not at all some kind of iron lady with the phrase "You are the weak link", she is a man who keeps up with the times. And he does it so masterly that even at the age of 60 he can easily control a smartphone and drive a car. For many, the model is triggered that after 50 years a woman is already a grandmother with a bunch of grandchildren in one hand, and a garden cart in the other. What kind of digital technologies are there? God forbid to master the TV remote control! What an idiotic template!

Now a modern woman is able to give odds to many young people. She is successful, her business qualities are at her best, she is wise, takes care of herself no worse than her daughter or granddaughter and knows what is the difference between mesotherapy and botox. But how to keep up with the time?

We all come from childhood2

It is necessary to educate a woman in a girl from an early age, while lying across the bench. Raising another "princess and a pea" is to doom a child to complete failure in the modern world. Children are growing faster than the world is changing. Therefore, pink ponies and unicorns are possible, but strictly dosed.

As soon as the little girl begins to get tangled under her feet and, like a raccoon-gargle, drag everything into the bucket during cleaning, she needs to give her a rag in her hands and start teaching her to clean. In general, a modern girl and woman should have time to do everything: the days of plows and shovels are over, and all the necessary equipment is in service. But the habit of doing everything on time and with your own hands must be developed from childhood.

The baby learns to look after herself with the help of her mother. You don't need to bathe your daughter until she is 10 years old. The first grader can already serve herself. You just need to explain in time that going to school with a dirty head is a terrible bad manners. The emergence of a healthy cleanliness complex should be welcomed. In the future, the girl will not have any problems with getting ready for work, because hygiene will be included in her daily routine.

The ability to feed yourself should be developed at the age of 4 - 5 years. It is enough to teach your child how to get yogurt out of the refrigerator on their own and make yourself cereals with milk without any help. More complex tasks, such as making dumplings and making scrambled eggs, can be left for elementary school.

Modern beautiful woman
Modern beautiful woman

Responsibility. It's more complicated here. But teaching a child to be responsible for their mistakes and mistakes is very important.

Education and skills acquisition. It is necessary to give the child all-round development. In addition to the ability to use a telephone, you need to teach how to change a light bulb, and at an older age, show the repair of an outlet. After all, the hour is uneven, and men will not be around. Why sit without light now?

The adolescent period should be full of knowledge about relationships with the opposite sex. Nothing can be hidden. It is necessary to talk without cuts, but with censorship. Growing up, such a girl becomes a strong and self-sufficient person who does an excellent job with all the tasks.

But what about those who did not receive all this knowledge and grew up when there was no Internet at all, and the first computer was seen at school in a computer science lesson?

New technologies3

A modern woman doesn't faint from all kinds of gadgets. On the contrary, she displays a healthy curiosity and learns to work with unfamiliar technique. Especially if these devices are able to make her life easier. She clearly knows the principles of operation of many devices and does not try to escape from a working microwave, so as not to pick up lethal radiation. And smartphones do not have a destructive effect on the brain. All these horror stories are the lot of people who poorly taught physics at school. And, yes, she already rode a hoverboard.

girl and gadgets
girl and gadgets

Style and fashion4

A modern woman is absolutely not about the drum what society dictates to her. She looks the way she likes. Wants a super-structured body - goes to the gym, wants fuchsia hair - goes to the salon. And the screams that this is ugly or unfeminine does not hurt her in any way. She is an individual, which means she looks the way she likes. But at the same time, a woman clearly knows the boundaries when you can come with all the colors of the rainbow on your nails and in tattered jeans, and when you need to wear a formal suit and shoes. She knows what makeup is appropriate and when. At the same time, she applies it herself. She constantly monitors her facial expressions and does not allow herself the "proboscis syndrome" in the photo. She looks simple and natural.

Virtual world5

A modern woman can easily maneuver on the Internet. She is an active member of the network. Even sitting on maternity leave, a woman can start her blog and convey to the world not only her thoughts, but also share some experience. If business is also mixed with this, it's generally great. The modern woman is not afraid of any undertakings. The Internet helps her to realize herself as a person and does not turn into a hen.


Erudition is an excellent indicator of the modernity of female nature. Again, the Internet is an ideal assistant in this. He doesn't exist to endlessly slap recipes and slobbering statuses on his page or watch endless TV shows. This is the lot of absolutely out-of-date kluks. The World Wide Web allows you to gain new knowledge and skills without leaving your home. A woman learns to build her speech correctly and competently. The more knowledge a lady has in her head, the more modern she is.

good erudition
good erudition


Every modern woman knows for sure that it is easier to prevent than to cure. She does not go to the doctor when her arms and legs are already taken away. She does everything on time: dentist, gynecologist, fluorography, and with age, mammography. Everything is clear and under control. It used to be that the woman plowed to the last, as if she were an immortal pony. Now, without waiting for the first calls, she goes to the doctor. After all, a healthy body stays hardy and beautiful longer, and therefore able to work.

Eternal youth8

There is no longer the concept of “age appropriate”. Before reaching Balzac age, women wore blouses with ruffles and a frill dress. Now even in a pensioner modernity is easily guessed. For she is wearing torn jeans and sneakers, and not a skirt to the floor. Although … It depends on which skirt …

If necessary, a woman goes for a second education and is not afraid of young classmates. Why be afraid of them? On the contrary, they will prompt you for something new. And to communicate with them on an equal footing is only pleasure. In a young company, age is forgotten.

Plus, a modern woman knows exactly what achievements in medicine and cosmetology will allow her to look 40 even at 70. And she finds time to take care of her appearance. Sports are also held in high esteem. An overweight woman is a direct indicator of absolute temporary backwardness. Although anything can happen in life, and if the figure is no longer the same and cannot be trained in any way, then a modern woman knows how to skillfully operate a wardrobe in order to favorably emphasize her advantages and hide her shortcomings.

sports girl
sports girl


Who said that a woman's lot is cross-stitching and crocheting? And if she loves computer shooters or is hanging out with enthusiasm in the garage, collecting a cool chopper? Is it that it is impossible because it is not feminine? What difference does it make to all of them? You need to do what brings pleasure, without any regard for the public. There are many hobbies, and for every taste, if only there was enough strength to lift the engine from the motorcycle itself. But for this you can apply knowledge from the school physics course. For the rest, you can do socks. They will come in handy anyway.


Today a woman has completely different priorities. And if earlier the lot of women was exclusively housekeeping, now the female sex is gradually filling all production niches. A woman successfully makes a career in her workplace, often overtaking men in business qualities and labor productivity. The woman also penetrates into politics. Her natural intuition and caution allows her to do business successfully.


A modern woman easily rotates in any society: be it the marginalized or the aristocracy - it doesn't matter. She will be able to find an approach to any representative of various social strata. This happens due to the fact that the constant increase in the level of intelligence allows you to be not only a good psychologist, but also an interesting conversationalist. This inner freedom serves as a magnet that attracts everyone to it. And she is not afraid to seem weak, defenseless. After all, she is still a woman. She tends to relax sometimes.

interesting companion
interesting companion

In relation to herself, a modern woman is absolutely self-sufficient. She is confident, demanding, knows what she wants and when she can get it. She does not give herself a descent by constantly improving herself. She does not expect that everything will be brought to her on a silver platter, except for coffee in bed from her beloved husband. She does everything herself, relying only on herself.

How not to lose your essence12

And what really happens to a woman if she constantly participates in the race of our time. Probably, at some point she forgets that she is not a machine, that she is a person. With their weaknesses, their sorrows. A living person. All these principles and indicators described above are not imposed by society? How strongly they see the propaganda of feminism and masculinity. Gradually, something very important is leaving under the frenzied cries of modern Valkyries for their rights.

So my husband looks longingly into the refrigerator, in which there have been no pies for a long time, and in a saucepan there is soup from a box. So the children are used to doing their homework on their own with tips from the Internet. So parents see their daughter only on Skype, she taught, and then on the go. The house is gradually getting cold. Cozy but cold. Has a woman gradually lost herself in pursuit of modernity and the desire to be ahead of the rest of the planet? Is there really no way out of this vicious circle?

There is always a way out! You just need to stop, look around and realize that the concept of a modern woman does not exist in principle. The world is changing, but the female essence is not. The woman is a bereginia. This is the rear for the husband, this is the support for the children, these are the two wings of protecting their family. After all, a woman's destiny is not at all a politician or a commanding position. The ability to drive a car does not make a woman modern yet.


The main thing that a woman who wants to be “modern” must understand is to preserve her identity. She doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. She must remain herself. Be a model of delicacy and wisdom, patience and love. Caring for loved ones, love for relatives - this is what should be in the first place in a woman. A modern woman will always correspond to her time, because she has one task: to keep the hearth.

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