Why Do Men Need Nipples? Consider Several Theories

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Why Do Men Need Nipples? Consider Several Theories
Why Do Men Need Nipples? Consider Several Theories

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Women's breasts are not only the subject of increased attention of the stronger sex, but also the opportunity to feed your baby with milk. It's not for nothing that we are all mammals. Therefore, why the nipple of the female breast (as well as the breasts of all female animals) is clear. But why does a man need a nipple?

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  • 1 How is a boy's nipple formed?
  • 2 "Erogenous" unpleasant zone and religious theory.
  • 3 Physiologists say that everything is connected in one code
  • 4 We do not yet know what the Lord has prepared for us

How is a boy's nipple formed? I

Despite the fact that each embryo already possesses the set of chromosomes that will make of it a girl fetus or a boy fetus, its first weeks pass in "asexual and average" development. That is, all embryos have the same systems. And only at the end - what radically distinguishes us, the external genitals.

The nipples are formed just during the general laying of organs and systems, therefore they are present in both women and men. By the way, many scientists believe that in general the mammary glands are altered sweat glands that have been transformed in all mammals.

Therefore, the nipples in males are like the emblem of their belonging to the mentioned mammals. Although, in fairness, it is worth noting that the male sperm whales have lost this emblem. In a word, people have already clearly understood how these same nipples are formed in men, but still do not understand why. And therefore, a number of theories are being put forward.

The "erogenous" nasty zone and religious theory.2

Not all men enjoy nipple manipulation, although this area is still very sensitive. That is, it is easier to deliver pain to the nipples than pleasant sensations. So it turns out that the representatives of the stronger sex got such a not quite male erogenous zone, but a very sensitive zone.

A number of medieval preachers believed that men, like women, should not forget about original sin. In a word, the sin of Eve is worth remembering for the sons of Adam. And each time having a sensitivity in the area of ​​the nipples, remember that all people are sinful by nature.

Here is such a religious message to the next generations of boys - you, of course, are not as sinful as girls, but look, you are not far away (although it does not function, but there is a breast). So be mindful of what you do. This is probably why those who like to eat and drink beer (the sin of gluttony) begin to grow their breasts, just like young ladies.

Physiologists say that everything is connected in one code3

We return to the definition of us as a physiological species. Despite the fact that zoophiles may prefer sex with animals to relationships with people, none of the women have yet given birth to either a cat or a horse. Because different species are genetically incompatible. How does a person differ from other animals in appearance?

Why do men need nipples
Why do men need nipples

Yes, in many ways. So physiologists say that the initial "asexual" early development forms us as a biological species. And in these very chromosomes so much information is recorded that it is impossible to "cross out" the nipples of boys. Otherwise, it might turn out that men, along with their nipples, would lose something else from the general list of necessary elements, one "extra" hand, for example.

Therefore, according to the idea, a woman, seeing a man with juices, understands that in front of her is a representative of the same species as her. Only it is not clear how the young lady will examine his nipples under her clothes. Physiologists are not silent about this account, but perhaps they are somewhat right. Especially if a man crawls on all fours after alcohol and grunts, even though you can try to identify a person in him by his nipples.

We don't know yet what the Lord has prepared for us4

While preparing this article, I came across an unusual confession of one man. His pregnant wife had an accident and was injured. But, the pregnancy was well preserved and it was decided to carry out the caesarean section on time. True, it was impossible to attach the baby to mother's breast.

why do we need male nipples
why do we need male nipples

And, to reduce psychological stress, the child was attached to the father's chest. He quickly found the nipple (even though it was empty), sucked it a couple of times and fell asleep peacefully, causing dad to cry and the desire to tell the story to the world. As it turned out, the practice of attaching babies born with a cesarean section to the father's chest is not so news!

The warmth and smell of a loved one has a very beneficial effect on the psychological state of the crumbs. And the male nipple turns out to be a kind of "familiar addition" for relaxation, because children do not need food in the first hours.

Apparently, such data staged a real boom in research on the potential of the male breast. Now they are even testing a drug that causes … male lactation. Moreover, there were even more nutrients in milk from a strong male body (that is, a breast) than in a female one.

This development has caused quite a stir among homosexual couples looking to adopt babies. And also from the supporters of the American movement "For the Rights of the Fathers" who are fighting with "preconceived" foundations about the prerogative of mothers in the case of custody of children in divorce.

If it turns out that this drug does not cause strong side effects, then pills for male lactation may appear in pharmacies very soon.

why nipples in men
why nipples in men

And who knows, whether in another ten years men will be interested in why they need nipples, taking out maternity leave and buying special underwear for nursing daddies. And male sperm whales deprived of nipples envy them and cry with "crocodile" (or "sperm whale") tears. Although, do these giants have tears? This is perhaps the topic of a completely different article.

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