16 Basic Rules Of Correspondence On Dating Sites

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16 Basic Rules Of Correspondence On Dating Sites
16 Basic Rules Of Correspondence On Dating Sites

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correspondence on dating sites
correspondence on dating sites

The virtual world has long overwhelmed us all. Communication with loved ones, friends, relatives is increasingly happening thanks to instant messengers and social networks. It would be a mistake not to try your luck in search of a soul mate on the vastness of the world wide web. About how to correspond on dating sites and what prevents you from going to meet your love - we will analyze it right now!

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  • 1 Attitude towards dating sites
  • 2 Correspondence on dating sites: what do the first phrases hide? Looking for a secret subtext
  • 3 Insidious mistakes or what can ruin the correspondence on dating sites
  • 4 Mandatory or basic rules

Relationship to dating sitesi

Online dating continues to be a hot topic: some condemn them, while others build families thanks to them. There are as many opinions on this score as there are people on earth. The most common point of view is that only losers who fail in real life start correspondence on dating sites. This is not true.

For some reason, many do not think that both the correspondence in instant messengers and social networks even 10 years ago also caused a storm of indignation. But today you will not surprise anyone with such a phenomenon: this way of communication has firmly entered our life. The only difference is that most don't admit to looking for a relationship on dating sites. And even more. People have a panic that their friends or colleagues might see their profile there. In our progressive times, for some reason, such a simple and effective version of communication is considered unworthy and immoral. Why? Unclear.

Psychological research suggests that this is a highly socially-oriented way of dating. In addition, according to statistics, more than 40% of people are registered on such sites. That is, it turns out that almost every second person at least once, but was looking for his destiny on the Internet. Change your attitude or imagine that this is not a website, but a social network, perhaps then you will become psychologically more comfortable. Don't waste your time with fear, but start your search right now.

Chatting on dating sites: what do the first phrases hide? Looking for a secret subtext2

I would like to believe that you have decided to take fate into your own hands and went to a dating site. So, the first time after registration is perhaps one of the most important. The administrations of such sites give newcomers a kind of bonus - their profiles are displayed in the top, so they become the most popular and viewed. Agree that it would be foolish to miss such a chance!

So, after registration you will start receiving messages. Sometimes there are not many of them, and other times - the number just rolls over. In any case, there is simply not enough time to fully communicate with everyone. It is important to learn how to choose the right partners for communication and weed out unworthy candidates.

Such skills come with experience, but very often on the first lines you can already add a rough idea and understand which correspondence on dating sites is closer to you and to your liking:

the guy learns to write correctly for correspondence on dating sites
the guy learns to write correctly for correspondence on dating sites
  • template. It is quite simple to recognize this style of writing: the text uses the same type of expressions that have long been boring to everyone. Perhaps you got into a mass mailing or your interlocutor is simply devoid of imagination. If this does not bother you, then this is your "client". In any case, a greeting, even if it is a template, indicates that the person is looking for communication. Is it only interesting to you?;
  • monosyllabic questions and answers. If your opponent simply writes the word "yes" or "no" to any question, then this can hardly be called a full-fledged dialogue. Apparently the person on the other side of the screen is either not interested in communication or is very busy. If, nevertheless, the second option takes place, then the interlocutor will definitely inform about it or even ask for a phone number. Otherwise, don't knock on a closed door;
  • questions from your questionnaire. If you are asked questions that you have already answered in your questionnaire, then this is a reason to think: either the person is inattentive, or corresponds with a large number of people. The conclusion is up to you;
  • interview. Lovers of thorough interrogations also meet on dating sites. Only by answering one question, you immediately get the second, third and so on. The interlocutor has prepared very carefully and is serious. Further communication will depend on your love for this approach;
  • too many compliments. When a person who has known you for only half an hour begins to say that you are the most unusual and interesting person, then this is already a reason to think. Is it possible in a short time to be so deeply imbued with respect, or even love? Hardly. This behavior makes you wonder about the interlocutor's sincerity or mental health. Representatives of both the first and second options are clearly not worth attention.
errors in correspondence on dating sites
errors in correspondence on dating sites

The first phrases and manner of communication say a lot about a person. If something sickens you and gives you discomfort, then you should not mock yourself and overpower yourself: stop unpleasant communication. The new interlocutor will not keep you waiting.

Insidious mistakes or what can ruin correspondence on dating sites3

Dating sites are mainly inhabited by people who want to find love and communication. Yes, there are also those who are simply carried away by the process. But this is more about the exception. So, if you are looking for a serious relationship, and passionately want everything to work out, then pay attention to some mistakes:

  1. Banality. When communicating, be sure to include imagination and imagination. At first, drawing attention to yourself and starting a dialogue is extremely important and difficult. Remember that the competition is very high. If you are interested in a person, then try to show him this in an unusual way.
  2. Rush. Perhaps you are an interesting person, with the correct concepts of family, friendship and a dream in general, but only your interlocutor is not yet in the know. It will take him a while to get to know you properly. Take your time and be patient.
  3. Fear. Don't be afraid to write first, or even get your opponent's favor. Yes, you can't please everyone. But this is not required. Just remember that there are so many people who can write to guys and girls overnight, and it is very likely that your message gets lost. Try again in a couple of days - maybe it will bring good luck. Well, if not, then this is not your candidate.
  4. Don't complain. There is nothing sadder than a person who always complains. Forget about your problems and, moreover, do not shift them onto your interlocutor. You have just started dating and this is a great reason to be cheerful, friendly and have a great time, albeit still, for correspondence.
  5. Don't pretend. Don't forget who you really are. If you are looking for a fellow spirit, then do not try to appear as someone you are not. Sooner or later, the deception will still be revealed, and you will find yourself at a broken trough: wasted time and disappointed hopes.
fatal chat errors on dating sites
fatal chat errors on dating sites

By following just five simple rules, you greatly increase your chances of success with the opposite sex. It is a sin not to take advantage of this.

Mandatory or basic rules4

Thousands of people are registered on dating sites, but not everyone succeeds in establishing communication and gaining interest from the opposite sex. Let's analyze now what you just need to do to attract attention and maintain a keen interest!

  • correct photo. Appearance is the first hook that absolutely all girls and men fall into. Get a good quality shot where you are presented in the best possible angle. Do not use photos with friends, otherwise the applicant will simply not understand where you are. It is important that you are clearly visible in the photo. For men, it is better to post a presentable photo, possibly with a hint of wealth and success (nice car, expensive restaurant, resort). The main thing for girls is not to use incriminating pictures, unless you are a supporter of easy relationships;
  • memorable nickname. Try to distinguish yourself from most users here too. Let it be light and unobtrusive. You can also use your own name, but as practice shows, unusual nicknames attract much more attention;
  • positive attitude. Be cheerful and upbeat - that's contagious to say the least. Pay attention to your condition when writing to your interlocutor. If at the moment of the message you are smiling, then you are on the right track. This smile is sure to be transmitted even through monitors and thousands of kilometers. Have you come to seek your fortune? To begin with, learn to radiate it, and it will be attracted to you;
  • write what you think. Do not resort to abstruse phrases, but write after your thoughts: what you thought, then you wrote. This approach is the key to easy and sincere communication. And it looks very attractive;
  • observe spelling. Yes, sometimes everyone has mistakes or typos. But try to stick to the rules of the Russian language. An illiterate text is very, very repulsive. Girls react especially sharply to this. There is a joke among women about "spelling orgasm". But here's an interesting point, according to polls - this is not a joke at all. Girls are really receptive to correct spelling. A few gross mistakes in the text can cross out all communication;
rules of correspondence on dating sites
rules of correspondence on dating sites

sincerity. Of course, you cannot reveal all your cards to a stranger, but even more so to hide important points. Don't change your age. Plus or minus a couple of invented years will not affect the quality of communication, but the revealed deception will make the interlocutor think. If you are ready to play around even in such trivial situations, then what to expect from you next? Another main point. If you have children, tell this at the beginning of the relationship. Perhaps you shouldn't start with this, but you can't lie either. If such a conversation comes up, then answer directly, if not, then be the initiator and tell about everything yourself

Sincere and easy communication will help you find your person. Set your boundaries right away and do not bend under the interlocutor if something causes you rejection. Remember, correspondence on dating sites is always communication with a real person! Write about what excites you and evokes a lively response, then you will not attract an uninteresting person into your life, but will find a colleague, friend and even love.

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