Agent Provocateur: Description And History Of The Company. Sexy Underwear

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Agent Provocateur: Description And History Of The Company. Sexy Underwear
Agent Provocateur: Description And History Of The Company. Sexy Underwear

Video: Agent Provocateur: Description And History Of The Company. Sexy Underwear

Video: Agent Provocateur: Description And History Of The Company. Sexy Underwear
Video: Agent Provocateur | The Unseen History Of Underwear - CNN Interview with Sarah Shotton 2023, March
Agent provocateur
Agent provocateur

In the old days, the fair sex seduced men with narrow corsets, a deep neckline, artificial flies and lace pantaloons. With the advent of the 20th century and the sexual revolution, the lingerie industry has taken a big step forward. Instead of combinations and linen shirts, the shelves of women's dressers were replenished with openwork panties and revealing bras.

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  • 1 Deafening novelties in the world of lingerie
  • 2 The resounding success of the first collection
  • 3 Seductive lingerie around the world
  • 4 The main ideas of lingerie
  • 5 Show feminine beauty in the best possible light
  • 6 The hostess is a temptress of men's hearts
  • 7 The Bride Who Crazy
  • 8 Show, charm, conquer
  • 9 Following the Sado-Mazo subculture
  • 10 Scandalous commercial

Sexy "things" have become an addition to the charming appearance of women and loved equally by both women and men. Agent Provocateur has played a huge role in the production of erotic lingerie. It is to her that girls and women of different ages are grateful for seductive details of clothing that drive the stronger sex crazy.

Deafening novelties in the world of lingerie

It is not known how long women of the twentieth century would consider their hair and a smile as their main weapon, if the world did not know what “Agent Provocateur” or Agent Provocateur is.

Agent Provocateur is a world-famous brand for the production of lingerie and dizzying perfume. It is to this company that girls and women of different ages are grateful for the collection of "women's trinkets" and means to charm men.

The popular company was formed thanks to a married couple consisting of Sirena Reese and Joseph Corr, who is the son of the talented designer Vivienne Westwood and ex - manager of the Sex Pistols.

At the beginning of the 90s, a married couple was very tired of the conservatism and boredom prevailing in clothing. Sirena and Joseph got the idea to create a new line of lingerie, which will not hide, but decorate and reveal the charms of the female body. The married couple decided to act according to their taste, and to implement the model without starting from the preferences of modern society.

The main motto for creating models was the thought: underwear should excite male imagination, excite, excite and seduce men, just at one glance at it. This slogan has turned the world ideas about what should be a real underwear for women.

Deafening success of the first collection2

Agent Provocateur ignores bashfulness and modesty. The very first collection exuded desires and dreams of seductive things come true. Contrary to prejudices, the designers - the spouses released the first line of women's "tricks", stunning the audience with the most unusual and seductive models.

Delicate and frank details of the wardrobe seemed to voice the secret wishes of the clients and soon the society appreciated the new items.

Agent provocateur
Agent provocateur

The first Agent Provocateur lingerie store opens in Soho. Mannequins in seductive poses, dressed up with a seductive "miracle" consisting of lace, satin, silk, bows and laces, rushed from the glass showcases of the establishment to the walkway.

Past the store, passing onlookers opened their mouths wide and stopped rooted to the spot. Few of the passers-by passed by. Everyone wanted to go to the "light", to admire a new "wonder" or to acquire some kind of masterpiece.

Enthusiastic visitors to the store enjoyed the very atmosphere outside the boutique. Pretty saleswomen, dressed in short pink dresses, smiled at them affectionately and boldly. This uniform was invented by the creative mother of Joseph.

90 years were slowly introducing freedom of sexual morals into the minds and behavior of residents, but such an institution and seductive lingerie was considered not only scandalous, but also vulgar enough for that time.

Conservative England has never encountered this before. This caused even more excitement, crowds of customers flooded to purchase the goods, and the first collection was sold throughout the country in a short time.

Seductive lingerie around the world3

For Agent Provocateur, this triumph gave impetus to the expansion of business and boundaries. Brilliant ideas and creative fantasies, embodied in reality, were supposed to conquer other cities and countries. Without thinking twice, the spouses - the designers got down to business. Similar shops began to spread all over the world:

Agent Provocateur lingerie
Agent Provocateur lingerie
  • In US cities;
  • The Middle East;
  • Europe;
  • In the Caribbean;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Russia.

Each boutique was decorated with mannequins, lined up in frank stands and dressed in elegant masterpieces of silk and satin. Customers from all over the world were greeted by dolls - saleswomen dressed in sexy pink uniforms. This feature is still present in company stores.

The main ideas of lingerie4

The collections of the acclaimed brand reveal all the beauty of the female body. They show the strength, charm and seduction of a woman. Luxurious materials, interesting finishes, bold and graceful designs of the models continue to amaze and attract customers over the years.

Each line of Agent Provocateur underwear satisfies the secret desires of the fairer sex and their men. Lingerie conceals eroticism, mystery, the expression of deep desire. Delicate parts of the wardrobe are created from the finest fabrics that are pleasant to the touch of the body and beautiful to the eyes. The lingerie set necessarily fulfills the main tasks set by the talented couple:

  • sexuality;
  • elegance;
  • embodiment of fantasy;
  • femininity.

The charming garments are trimmed with French lace and trimmed with bows and ribbons. Many men went crazy, imagining how they were trying to untie seductive knots with their lips. Making enchanting sets is aimed at conquering both male and female hearts. Not one representative of the weaker sex will not remain indifferent when looking at this wondrous creation.

lingerie agent provocateur
lingerie agent provocateur

Lingerie by Agent Provocateur is every woman's dream. After all, in him she feels extraordinary, divine, seductive and sexy.

Show women's beauty in the best light5

Miracle - the novelties of Agent Provocateur refuse from inserts and additional materials that change the shape of the female body. The brand will never use push-ups or parolon, visually enlarging a girl's chest.

The brand is categorically against such "disservice", believing that it will introduce complexes into a woman when she removes the masking details and naked in front of a man in a "different guise". The company stands for naturalness, naturalness. The firm emphasizes, rather than hides, or changes, the charms of the female body.

The company has developed a line of lingerie that is suitable for every occasion: a romantic evening or everyday at home. The couple stands for the seductive appearance of a woman for 24 hours a day.

It doesn't matter what the hostess will be doing: washing dishes, floors, cooking dinner or doing laundry, she should always look like a seductress. For these purposes, the brand has produced women's dressing gowns and peignoirs of an erotic slant. In such clothes, every young lady feels like Cleopatra, regardless of what she does.

Hostess - temptress of men's hearts6

Wealthy clients from all over the world seek seductive and elegant lingerie. The release of a new collection is always accompanied by the discovery of a wave of temptation and eternal femininity. Wearing branded lingerie makes women feel femme fatale and beautiful lady all day long.

Underwear Agent Provocateur turns an ordinary woman into an ideal beauty, a devil temptress, at whose feet most of the male half of humanity is ready to fall.

agent provocateur shop
agent provocateur shop

The Bride That Crazy7

The creators of mind-blowing masterpieces are convinced that underwear should be not only comfortable and practical. It is obliged to lure, attract, endowing the hostess with sensitivity, charm and inexhaustible attractiveness.

Expanding production, the spouses - designers attracted talented and courageous people to create the "wardrobe miracle". The company's chief executive, Sarah Shotton, in collaboration with film star Penelope Cruz, presented the L'Agent By Agent Provocateur lingerie line to the public. The novelties radiate freshness, youth, elegance and vitality. Each model is thought out to the smallest detail: decoration, embroidery, framing.

Among the masterpieces of the popular brand is an excellent set for the bride called "IYLA ivory". Extravagant underwear will smite the groom who will not have time for a night's sleep. Under the wedding dress of the newly-made wife will be hidden an excellent bra made of thin lace and thong panties with a seductive belt.

Show, charm, conquer8

Thanks to the popular brand, women and girls dress up their bodies in erotic and extraordinary things. From under the creative hands of the creators, the following "creations" were released:

agent provocateur for brides
agent provocateur for brides
  • transparent bras;
  • openwork belts;
  • erotic thong panties with bows in the buttocks area;
  • panties with lace inserts and side satin ribbons.

All the company's creations are aimed at expressing feminine charm, softness and attractiveness. The new lingerie model has awakened women to openness with a sexual partner. The women caught the main idea: to seduce a man, it is enough to put on a satin miracle: panties, bra, stockings and a belt. This set does not leave indifferent more than one representative of the stronger sex.

Following the Sado-Mazo subculture 9

Agent Provocateur doesn't like to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Having once shocked the inhabitants of the country, the company tries to keep customers in good shape, promoting courage, shock, excitement and awe. Most of the sets are made from flashy red fabrics and mysterious black fabrics. These colors, as a rule, transform women, making them bold, sexy, relaxed.

The company's products always rush forward and surprise the audience with a variety of models. There are many delicate and graceful models in it, giving girls innocence and seductive purity. Along with that, a line of daring leather sets and challenging "clothing details" is produced.

agent provocateur red underwear
agent provocateur red underwear

For connoisseurs of "peppercorns" Agent Provocateur creates a separate collection of goods, which includes:

  • nipple stickers;
  • fur handcuffs;
  • skillfully trimmed leather whips;
  • a variety of vibrators.

The creators of the brand preach the boldness of sexuality and do not want to deviate from their goals. BDSM lovers greeted the new collection with delight. "Mistresses", dressed in leather panties with clothespins on their breasts, gladly fasten partners with playful handcuffs and revel in "sweet punishment".

Agent Provocateur, as usual, proves that she can read the thoughts and hidden fantasies of potential and regular customers.

Scandalous commercial10

Agent Provocateur is used to shocking the public with all kinds of "attacks". Having released a line of goods in the style of "sado-maso", they boldly broadcast such an advertisement: a man, like two drops of water similar to George W. Bush, in erotic lingerie indulges in carnal pleasures in the company of erotic girls.

The room in which the orgy is taking place is arranged like the hall of the White House. A small video plot created a massive stir in the advertising business.

agent provocateur lingerie
agent provocateur lingerie

In 2007, business and marriage partners Joseph and Sirena came to a decision to dissolve the family union. They parted calmly, amicably, without sorting out the relationship. Joseph showed a truly gentlemanly act by giving his ex-wife the management of a sensational company.

Left alone, Mr. Korre enthusiastically set about creating a unique men's collection. Now his main goal will be to create a men's wardrobe that can excite and drive crazy women.

Sirena continues the "family" business, encouraging the fair sex to femininity, luxury, liberation and sexuality. And every year the company proves that it is an adamant leader among competing firms.

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