How To Get Revenge On An Ex-girlfriend - Practical Advice For Men

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How To Get Revenge On An Ex-girlfriend - Practical Advice For Men
How To Get Revenge On An Ex-girlfriend - Practical Advice For Men
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How to get revenge on an ex-girlfriend
How to get revenge on an ex-girlfriend

People meet, people fall in love, get married … But it often happens that the relationship ends at the first stage. A person who has been abandoned experiences great resentment, anger and misunderstanding of why exactly this happened. As the saying goes, everything that is not done is for the best. But how to accept the fact that they decided to trade you for someone better, or even worse? Situations when a girl is the initiator of a breakup is very harmful to a man's pride and self-esteem.

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One can take such a blow, draw the appropriate conclusions and move on. Others withdraw into themselves, begin to conduct endless introspection and impose a bunch of complexes on themselves. Well, especially impulsive individuals cannot survive the fact that they were abandoned and begin to come up with a plan of revenge on their ex to show what a terrible mistake they made when deciding to break off the relationship. How to take revenge on an ex-girlfriend and do it so as to remain unnoticed and not fall under the suspicion of an ex-lover.

Easy ways of revengei

The very concept of revenge implies our desire to prove to the ex that she was wrong and lost the coolest and most worthy man. Therefore, all actions must be taken so that Madame bites her elbows and realizes her mistakes. Naturally, no one is going to return to her, but it's still worth teaching her a lesson.

Be friendly2

As strange as it may sound, the girl will be very surprised if, by chance meeting, you behave friendly. As a rule, women speak very badly of their ex, using words that are familiar to everyone, for example, “my ex-goat, a loser, a rogue,” and so on. And when they end the relationship first, they hope that you will suffer a lot and feel depressed.

Therefore, in case of a chance meeting, behave confidently and show your ex that without her you feel much better and you do not worry about it at all. The girl will definitely be hooked on this behavior, and she will puzzle over how you do not suffer at all and do not miss her.

Nice body3

After parting with a girl, a man has a lot of free time that can only be spent on himself. It's time to sign up for the gym and get in shape. If before that you wore a couple of kilograms of fat under a T-shirt, it's time to get rid of it and get hold of a toned body. Stop wasting energy on regretting and lamenting yourself forsaken. Forward to a perfect torso and great well-being. Now imagine how surprised and possibly your ex will bite your elbows when she sees you so athletic and pleased with yourself.

Financial success4

The best way to teach your ex-girlfriend a lesson is to show her that you are successful. Change jobs, master a new profession that will bring you a good income.

how can you take revenge on your ex-girlfriend
how can you take revenge on your ex-girlfriend

If things go very well, buy a car and be sure to make sure that the ex-lover finds out about it. Surely, you still have common acquaintances with whom you can meet and brag about your achievements.

In the circle of women5

You should not be isolated and spend all the time at work or at home. Get out to crowded places more often, especially where there are a lot of girls. If you have profiles on various social networks, post photos with the fair sex. Let your ex know that you are not grieving alone, but that you are successfully realizing your natural male potential.

Heavy artillery6

It's time to move from theoretical advice to practical advice. Perhaps for some they will not seem very good, but all means are good for revenge. Surely, you have several pictures of your ex-girlfriend on your phone, perhaps even in your underwear. If you are very angry and the reason for the breakup is treason, it's time to show the whole city who is who. Create a profile on a dating site with the real data of your ex, upload a few of her photos. In the correspondence, indicate the phone number - let the smartphone now suffer from annoying calls.

how to get revenge on an ex-girlfriend
how to get revenge on an ex-girlfriend

If you really want to avenge treason, then follow the link!

You can also place an ad on any portal with intimate dating. You can come up with absolutely any text for it, the main thing is that it fully reflects your state. The more offended you - the harder your revenge should be. Be sure to leave her real phone number. So your ex will just go crazy from calls from perverts and other sexually anxious men.

But the sweetest revenge will be that you live a fun and carefree life. You just need to be successful and show that you are happy. Perhaps you will find your soul mate very soon. And there will be no time left to come up with ways to take revenge on the ex-girlfriend.

Live as if your life has never experienced such a failure and experienced emotions. Ex-girlfriend's Revenge is a savory dish that must be served hot.

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