Online Dating Rules: Universal Advice For Everyone

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Online Dating Rules: Universal Advice For Everyone
Online Dating Rules: Universal Advice For Everyone

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Online dating rules
Online dating rules

Oh, the great worldwide network! How many opportunities did humanity have with its development? Now you can even build a family using the Internet. And online dating will help with this. Almost every young person uses communication portals. For example, a recent study by the Levada Center showed that 60% of the Russian population sits on social networks, including different groups of the population (from Moscow schoolchildren to grandmothers living in the countryside).

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  • 1 Universal tips for creating a survey
  • 2 Photography
  • 3 Description of character and hobbies
  • 4 Purpose of registration on the site
  • 5 Positive mood
  • 6 Profile correction
  • 7 Dating a guy on the Internet: tips for girls
  • 8 Get the guy interested in the social network
  • 9 How to attract a guy on a dating site?
  • 10 How to start chatting with a guy?
  • 11 On a social network
  • 12 On dating sites
  • 13 TOP 3 phrases for starting a dialogue
  • 14 “You play beautifully! Are you self-taught? "
  • 15 “You've been to Turkey! What did you like the most there? "
  • 16 “Cool hoodie! Can you tell me where you bought it? "
  • 17 Proper Online Dating with a Girl: Tips for Guys
  • 18 Personal photos only
  • 19 Laconic section "About me"
  • 20 Real image
  • 21 Original first post
  • 22 Individual approach
  • 23 Is it worth dating on the Internet at all?

Psychologists from the University of Chicago surveyed 19,131 respondents. A third of them met their spouse on the Internet! 45% of "married" people met on special dating sites, and 21% - on simple social networks. The same scientists, in the course of the survey, found that couples who met online break up less often than those who meet offline. How can you increase your chances of meeting a decent person and not miss the opportunity?

Universal tips for creating a surveyi

The first thing that needs to be done is to correctly create a profile on a dating site, or fill out a profile on a social network. A well-designed page will increase the chances of success, since this is the first thing a new acquaintance will get to know before starting communication.


Live people do not see each other, but appearance remains the main evaluating factor during dating. Therefore, the main photo should be successful and clear so that you can see facial features, clothing style, figure, etc. It is better not to get carried away with retouching, the new interlocutor should see the real image. Too noticeable Photoshop will only alienate the other person, because he will understand that they are hiding serious flaws.

Description of character and hobbies3

Dating sites often have such a graph. It is necessary to write the features that, according to the owner of the page, are his strong point. Here you can indicate personal interests and hobbies, it is through them that you can find your love.

Online dating rules for girls
Online dating rules for girls

Purpose of registration on the site4

Some are just texting and relaxing on the Internet, others are looking for a one-night stand, and still others are the love of their life. You can't hide your true motives. If you only need communication and flirting, you should write in the form.

Positive mood5

This rule applies to both the content of the profile and the communication itself. Whining about past relationships, constant complaints about life and their helplessness will not interest anyone. But funny photos with original captions, a sense of humor and a demonstration of love for life attract new people like a magnet!

Profile correction6

Over time, you need to reread information about yourself on the page and, if necessary, correct it so that only relevant facts remain. The same goes for the photo.

These simple guidelines apply to both male and female profiles.

Online dating rules
Online dating rules

Dating a guy on the Internet: tips for girls7

To get to know a standing young man, you need to attract him to your page, make him stay on it. To do this, you need to fill it with interesting content.

For more information on how to get acquainted on the Internet and not fall for the tricks of a pick-up artist, read our article further down the link.

Interested in a guy on a social network8

These are not specialized dating portals. But many people on social networks (for example, VKontakte, Facebook) are looking for relationships. To get a potential boyfriend interested, you can:

  • Indicate your hobbies in the profile;
  • Post "live" photos (for example, in an embrace with a friend, or a selfie with a pet);
  • Regularly add new posts (invitations from friends to the game "Farm Frenzy" do not count);
  • Create a playlist of your favorite songs.

All this will indicate the activity of the girl, and will serve as useful information for the first correspondence.

how to meet online
how to meet online

How to attract a guy on a dating site? 9

There are fewer opportunities to showcase your life and hobbies, so there is only one thing left - an attractive photo. The principle “they meet by their clothes and see them off according to their minds” is just about online dating. They will get acquainted with the questionnaire only if they liked the photo. For details on how to interest a guy, read the article at the link.

To attract a guy, you need to put a bright photo. What character it will be will determine which young people will write. For example, in the photo, the so-called pick-ups and ladies' men can "bite" in underwear, and a decent guy will pass by. It is better that the avatar is intriguing and natural (where the girl laughs, holds a bouquet of flowers or mysteriously looks into the distance).

How to start chatting with a guy? 10

Many people still believe that a girl should not write first. In fact, this stereotype has no basis, because writing a message is not trying to get a man for years and run after him. But still, there are some peculiarities when dating a girl with a guy. Depending on where the acquaintance will take place, the tactics are slightly different.

In the social network11

Here the girl can safely practice the art of hints. Before writing, you can put likes on the guy's photos and posts (it's better not to get carried away too much, but choose only what is really interesting).

how to get acquainted online
how to get acquainted online

You can write a comment under some kind of entry.

Ideally, if a young man is interested in a girl, he will also like her, or even write. Many representatives of the stronger sex are ashamed to write themselves, so everything can be limited to likes. Then the girl can safely write to him first.

On dating sites12

Here guys are more active in taking the initiative, but this does not mean that the first step cannot be taken. If a lady is interested in some young man, she can immediately write to him, but not a banal "Hello", but a message that will require an answer.

For details on how to get the pen guy interested, see our article further down the link!

TOP 3 phrases for starting a dialogue_3

These expressions are considered safe, non-binding and allow you to get to know the person better from the first message. Simple and versatile, they will help determine whether a young man is sociable, whether he writes correctly, whether he is interested in a new acquaintance.

“You play beautifully! Are you self-taught? "13

You need to build on the hobbies of a man. Interests can be written on his page, photos from various events, videos, etc.

Online dating rules
Online dating rules

For example, a girl saw a recording on which a guy was playing the guitar. It's a convenient way to compliment and strike up a conversation right away. Applicable for other hobbies - drawing, photography, web design, diving.

"Have you been to Turkey! What did you like the most there?”14

The question can concern any city, country, and even a cafe or restaurant. If a guy posted a photo from a new coffee shop, this is the perfect moment to start a conversation. He will be pleased to tell a stranger about his impressions. After that, you can smoothly move on to discussing other places and the conversation will become more lively and interesting. The fairer sex can advise the guy to visit somewhere, and thus show her willingness to share experiences.

One point: if a guy is only interested in nightclubs, casinos or pubs, then it is better to think about it before writing.

“Cool hoodie! Can you tell me where you bought it?”15

Guys love receiving compliments as much as girls, so why not start a conversation with them? This is especially true of modern fashionistas. Did he post a photo in new clothes or sneakers? Great, that's a reason to write. He will notice that the girl understands the style and will feel her importance, advising the place where she acquired a new thing.

Internet dating rules
Internet dating rules

But here the weaker sex needs to be careful and in time to direct the topic of conversation in a different direction, so as not to "get stuck" at an awkward moment. If a guy does not show a desire to communicate on another topic, then he is not interested in a new interlocutor. Or, in principle, he does not want to talk about anything except himself and his "top" clothes.

These simple, practical guidelines will help hook a guy and create the basis for developing new relationships.

And for more information on the best universal phrases for dating on the Internet, read our article further on the link.

The right online dating with a girl: tips for guys16

Getting a girl interested is not as easy as it seems to many young people. The beautiful half of humanity needs to be bribed with a certain zest. It can be a sense of humor, interesting hobbies, unconventional communication. The following methods will allow even the most unapproachable lady to get to know each other.

Personal photos only17

Images of Jason Statham or cars are absolutely inappropriate! The girl will immediately think that a pimply bespectacled man is sitting on the other side of the screen and scribbling messages to everyone. You only need to upload your photos, from different angles, from different places, of good quality.

how to get acquainted on the Internet
how to get acquainted on the Internet

Go to extremes and create 20 albums with ridiculous titles "Me and My Friends", "Walk in the Woods", etc. Is a surefire way to make a girl laugh. The profile should contain a variety of pictures, in small numbers.

PS Leaving a photo of 15 years ago, when everyone was wearing funny clothes and making mohawks, is also not worth it.

Laconic section "About me" 18

When dating a girl online, you do not need to "load" a potential girl with facts from her biography, describe all your hobbies. The phrase: "Mother's tramp, father's handsome" is not an option either. A man should try to put basic information in 2-3 succinct sentences, or even replace them with an ironic joke. You can focus on your life experience, character traits.

Real image19

Communicating with a girl and trying to win her heart, a man can overplay and begin to seem like someone who he really is not. It makes no sense to joke vulgar jokes or to pretend to be a bad guy, there are plenty of such heroes on the Internet. Sooner or later, but the mask will have to be removed. Therefore, it is better to always be yourself. This will help to feel confident in correspondence, which the girl will undoubtedly notice.

Online dating rules for guys
Online dating rules for guys

Original first post20

Pick up an interesting lady with the message "Does your mother need a son-in-law?" - bad idea. Even grandmothers cannot be surprised by this, but all girls love novelty and originality. A simple compliment is enough. After evaluating the photo, you can determine its strengths (sexuality, beauty). From publications it is quite possible to draw a conclusion about her character and sense of humor.

Individual approach21

You can get to know many girls, but you need to communicate with each of them in a special way. Standard phrases like “Hello, how are you?” Sent to all new acquaintances are unlikely to be of interest to them. It is better to push off from the past dialogue, to play with the girl's name, her hobbies or photo. This will show the guy's interest and make the fairer sex feel special.

Is it worth dating on the Internet at all? 22

Online dating is very popular because it has a lot of advantages over dating in real life. It is enough just to have a gadget and to develop a relationship with a new person while sitting on the couch. In real life, this requires attending events, preening, etc. There is an opportunity to think about the answer, since in the correspondence on the dating site, no one requires a momentary answer, and in a “live” dialogue, long reflections will not please the interlocutor.

how to get acquainted on the net
how to get acquainted on the net

You can communicate with several people at once - another plus. And for shy people, online communication is a real salvation. It's easier to meet a rich man or a "high society girl" on the Internet. You can also stop communication online, avoiding awkward conversations and an unpleasant feeling.

By starting a relationship by texting, a couple is more likely to build a happy union. This is due to the fact that feelings do not appear against the background of external data and various leisure activities, but on the basis of communication. People first get to know each other and then meet in person.

There are also disadvantages to online dating. There is a high risk of stumbling upon a scammer or becoming a victim of a scam. Unscrupulous people can be guided by unclean thoughts. The questionnaire does not always correspond to reality, and an unpleasant disappointment may await a guy or a girl in his life. Many people registered on dating sites are insecure losers, for whom online communication is the only thing in life.

But you shouldn't give up dating on social networks, because it's very simple, interesting and accessible to everyone!

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