What You Need To Know About Online Dating: A Quick Guide

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What You Need To Know About Online Dating: A Quick Guide
What You Need To Know About Online Dating: A Quick Guide

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First meeting
First meeting

Online dating is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and make friends or a couple in the future. But it’s no easier than meeting someone on the street. Online, it is important not to scare a person away, but at the same time, you need to attract the interlocutor while remaining yourself.

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  • 1 Where to start
  • 2 Profile appearance
  • 3 How to make dating successful
  • 4 How to write the first message?
  • 5 Examples of how you can start communication

Where to start i

First of all, you should determine the goals of acquaintance and what a person expects from him, simple communication, to find his soul mate or something else. When planning to find the right person with the help of a dating site, you should study the reviews of other people about similar resources and, based on this, choose the right ones.

Profile 2 appearance

An attractive profile is a guarantee that messages will not go unanswered.

  1. Photos. It is important that there is a personal photo on the avatar and a few more in the profile. The main photo should be clear and of high quality so that the face is visible. You shouldn't get too carried away with Photoshop. Add diverse photos to your profile, it can be footage from vacations, concerts or other events.
  2. Delete posts with vulgar jokes - they can scare away. But at the same time, you shouldn't seem too abstruse.
  3. When creating an account on a dating site, you should fill in all the information, tell about your character, hobbies and indicate the purpose of dating.

How to make dating successful 3

  • Asking more, telling less. Thus, it will be possible to get to know the person better and not bore him with stories exclusively about himself.
  • Check spelling. Spelling and punctuation errors can alienate the interlocutor and make you think about the person's education.
  • Don't be intrusive. Give the interlocutor the opportunity to write or ask something himself, do not clog the personal of new friends with your messages.
  • Don't use overly sweet messages. The words "bunny", "kitty", "baby", "kiss" and so on are unacceptable in dealing with unfamiliar people.
virtual acquaintance
virtual acquaintance
  • If you want to joke, it should be done with caution. If the joke didn't work out, you should apologize and explain that the meaning was different.
  • You should not embellish information about yourself and lie, because one day you can forget about what you said and find yourself in an awkward situation.

How do I write the first message? 4

  • The first message is an important component of a successful online dating.
  • The girl should be interested, so the standard “Hi. How are you? "," You are so beautiful, let's get acquainted "and much more is not worth writing. Complimenting is a good strategy, but not every girl will be happy to be judged on her appearance alone.
  • To begin with, you should study the girl's page, understand her interests, or just find something that you can "catch". You saw a photo from a vacation, ask about where it is so beautiful or lie that some place seems familiar, but you don't understand where it is. Check out the added audio and video, perhaps the lady has the same tastes and preferences. Then you can begin your acquaintance with how amazing it is to find a girl who listens to the same group, name your favorite song and ask her why she listens to this particular music. During the dialogue, you can ask if she is going to go to the next concert of the group.
online dating
online dating
  • If there is nothing to catch on with everything, praise her photo, not for the appearance, it is too hackneyed, but the style of clothing, the design of the picture, the location of the light on it.
  • On dating sites, do not limit yourself to 2-3 words. The longer the message, the more chances it will have to stand out from the crowd. But don't show all your cards at once. Tell the girl that you are interested in her, tell a little about yourself and describe the purpose of dating.
  • When adding someone as a friend, you should indicate the reason so as not to be ignored.
  • Don't be too arrogant: "I heard that you are going on a date with me today."
  • But you shouldn't be too nice and talk about what kind of date you would have, what a good guy you are, and she is a sweet, gentle lady.
internet dating
internet dating

Examples of how you can start communication 5

  • Start with the message "I know a thing or two about you." This can intrigue and alert anyone. After the girl shows interest, write to her what is attractive about her.
  • "Hello. You look energetic and fit. What kind of sport do you play? "
  • “What wonderful dogs / cats you have. Is it difficult to take care of them? "

The last two phrases can have many interpretations, it all depends on what is posted in the girl's profile.

After the interlocutor managed to interest, it is worth asking her about her preferences about how the day went, what she enjoys in life, about her preferences in literature and other areas.

Do not be afraid to ask and start conversations on any topic, be it travel, the main children's nightmare, or what kind of chocolate or flowers she likes better. But you do not need to run ahead of time on too personal or intimate topics, it is better to wait for an opportunity. The main thing is not to be afraid and responsibly approach dating on the Internet, and then the right person will definitely be found.

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