Internet Correspondence With A Guy. How To Do It Right

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Internet Correspondence With A Guy. How To Do It Right
Internet Correspondence With A Guy. How To Do It Right

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Dating site messages
Dating site messages

The global world wide web helps to solve most of the problems today. And if earlier the Internet was used to search for information for study and work, then over the past few decades more and more people are registering on dating sites in search of a companion for later life. However, it is not enough to register, it is important to be able to interest the pen guy. Messages on dating sites, and more specifically SMS content, will arouse the interest of the opposite sex. Therefore, each message should be well thought out and carry meaning.

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  • 1 “Dating site? I've never heard of such.. "
  • 2 Make the right accents
  • 3 How to start a chat with a guy?
  • 4 Let the man be heard
  • 5 Be optimistic
  • 6 Techniques for successful correspondence
  • 7 Mistakes That Can Frighten A Potential Groom
  • 8 Loves, does not love …

"Meeting website? I've never heard of such a.. "171___187

It is easier for men to interest girls. If only because, having received a refusal or ignore from a girl they like on a dating site, they will easily go on surfing the profiles and looking for a new passion. Therefore, let's leave them alone, we are sure without our advice, they will do a great job.

But with the girls, things are deplorable. Most of the girls still behave quite stiffly and insecure on dating sites. One of the reasons psychologists identify girls with insecurities is shame. Girls who register on sites seem to admit that they cannot interest the opposite sex in real life. Moreover, if men say without any problems that they are registered on dating sites, then the girls try to hide this fact to the last.

Make the right accentsi

In fact, according to psychologists, it is easier for girls to attract the attention of men. To do this, you just need to pay attention to your profile on a dating site and correctly place accents. The girl's main trump card is her photographs. Therefore, tidy up your face and take beautiful pictures.

How to communicate correctly on the site
How to communicate correctly on the site

Successful photos in the portfolio of girls are 50% of success. Remember that men love with their eyes. Therefore, the more beautiful photos of the profiles, the more men who want to meet you. A little tip: in pursuit of the perfect face and figure, don't overdo it with Photoshop.

How to start a chat with a guy? 2

The biggest mistake girls make is waiting for the first step from a man. Ladies, you don't have to push yourself. The times when men were the first to write or came up to get acquainted are long gone. Activity and initiative on your part is only welcome. Do not forget that you are on a dating site, so you do not mind getting to know each other. And there is nothing shameful about taking the first step.

Oh, and don't forget that "there are nine guys for ten girls, according to statistics." If you are passive, you run the risk of being that extra link. First, you can like his photo. If he didn’t react or gave a response like, but didn’t write anything in response, then we take more air into the lungs and proceed to the next step.

How to meet online
How to meet online

And the next step is the message. Just don't write trivial things like "Hello, how are you?" Because, his answer: "Thank you, good" is unlikely to please you and will become an incentive for further communication.

Take a close look at his portfolio before writing. His statuses, notes and photos will help you learn more about his hobbies and hobbies.

So, here's an example of chain messages that will interest him:

“Wow, you’re watching a fisherman. What's your biggest catch?"

“Are you fond of photography? I am ready to offer my candidacy as a model"

“Your travel photos impressed me, I also love travel. Can you recommend a place that impressed you especially and is definitely worth a visit?"

The guy will definitely not be able to pass by such messages, so the correspondence has begun.

Online dating with a man
Online dating with a man

Let the Man Be Heard3

So, your communication according to messages on the dating site has begun, but it is very important that it continues. Keep in mind that men are willing to spend hours talking about their hobbies and interests. Your job is to listen and hear him. Moreover, let him know that in this topic he is more competent and stronger than you.

As a reward for your curiosity, the guy will also become interested in your hobbies and preferences. Your goal is to show your best side. Emphasize your strengths and virtues. But do not give away all your interests, you must have an intriguing riddle that he would like to solve.

By the way, you can generate a topic for a conversation from messages. For example, he said that he loves hockey, you can ask how he celebrates the victory of his favorite team, what he likes from alcoholic beverages, and what is his favorite dish, and so on.

Meet a person on a dating site
Meet a person on a dating site

Be optimistic4

During your communication, forget about your problems, failures and difficulties, if you do not want to frighten off a potential gentleman. Remember, even in real life, many people try to avoid communicating with whiners, and in virtual life, no one needs them. Therefore, no matter how bad you are and no matter how great it is to share your grief with the object of adoration, this is absolutely not worth doing. Remember Mono Lisa's mysterious smile? The same should be on your face.

Techniques for successful correspondence5

There are 5 psychological techniques that will interest the guy:

  1. Activity. Men love active and initiative girls. The main thing is not to overdo it, and after 3 messages do not start asking when he will ask you out on a date. The desire to see each other should come from the man, your goal is to slightly push him towards this.
  2. Comfort the male ego. Men, no less than women, love to be the center of attention and talk about themselves. So while he's not on your networks, get ready to listen more and talk less.
Chatting on a dating site
Chatting on a dating site
  1. Show that you are a girl with character. Guys don't need silly girls without character and principles. So don't be afraid to express yourself, speak up and defend your opinion.
  2. A man is a hunter. Even though you were the first to write, it is still pleasant for a man to think that he won you over and achieved. So give him this opportunity.
  3. She said - match. Remember that your correspondence on a dating site should lead to a personal meeting. Therefore, you should not invent something and lie, since during a personal meeting, the deception will still be revealed.

Mistakes That Can Frighten A Potential Groom6

Your messages on the dating site to the man you like can both interest the man and make him retire. Try to avoid common mistakes:

The vulgarity and swagger of your messages. Such correspondence may lead to a faster meeting, however, be prepared for a one-night stand

Meet on a dating site
Meet on a dating site
  • Praise yourself. Yes, you can be so cool, successful, tell that men carry you in their arms and fill you with flowers. Just how do you answer the question, if you are so popular, what do you do on a dating site?
  • Don't be lost. If you are counting on a long-term relationship, then you should not disappear for a few days, and then show up to continue communication, as if nothing had happened.
  • Mask your bad mood. Trouble at work so you're not in the mood? Just don't show it to your virtual interlocutor. You are a strong girl and you will definitely do it.

Loves, does not love … _8230

As much as you would like to ask how the guy treats you, you should not rush him and force things. Give him time to come to this conclusion and sort out his feelings. You can understand that he is not indifferent to you by the following points:

he opens up more and more and not only talks about himself, but also asks about your hobbies and interests

Dating on sites
Dating on sites
  • he consults and asks for your opinion;
  • he not only writes to you first now, but also began to pay compliments more often;
  • he wants to meet you.

But even without these prompts, a girl can always understand whether she likes her interlocutor or not. For this, it is not necessary to have psychic abilities, but it is enough to trust your intuition and intuition. And if, when communicating, the girl applied a little trick and the correct tactics for seduction, then the man has no options. He will surely fall into the set net, although it would be naive to believe that it was he who conquered and achieved the girl.

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