The Most Actionable Tips: How To Draw A Guy's Attention To Yourself

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The Most Actionable Tips: How To Draw A Guy's Attention To Yourself
The Most Actionable Tips: How To Draw A Guy's Attention To Yourself

Video: The Most Actionable Tips: How To Draw A Guy's Attention To Yourself

Video: The Most Actionable Tips: How To Draw A Guy's Attention To Yourself
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how to draw a guy's attention to yourself
how to draw a guy's attention to yourself

There are lots of tips on how to get the guy's attention to yourself on the Internet. It would seem, take it and bring it to life! What's in the way? And the internal brake interferes. All this shooting with eyes, flirting, body language - all this is possible under one condition - when the girl is confident in herself.

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  • 2 How to act correctly?
  • 3 Behavior

Confidence i

To be so confident of yourself, you need to work on yourself, and more than one day. Why is there a day, and a month does not meet! And you can improve all your life. All of this is true, but you don't have to wait. If you want to draw the guy's attention to yourself, you need to act here and now.

Just to act out of position - I will go and do it at all costs. And it’s easier - I’ll go, I’ll do something, it’ll work out - great, it won’t work - okay. You need to play life, but do it with all your heart, having fun and having fun.

So the game! A hypothetical girl who was sad at the window on a rainy day was tired of hanging around alone. And I learned that now such a dance has gone that the de vice is even indecent to just sit and wait. It is necessary to act, and preferably actively.

To begin at least with the fact that to leave the house and head … It does not matter where, the main thing is to act correctly.

How to act correctly? 2

There are many tips on this matter, not everything to cover, but the main points, here they are.


Without it, nowhere. The right attitude is half the luck in any business. The mood should be light, playful and uplifting. It is strictly necessary to remember one thing - there are no failures in dealing with men, there are different reactions. If a girl sent a dazzling smile to a guy, and he began to swear, then the problem is not in the smile. And if after this the thought “something is wrong with me” arises, it should be driven far and even further. For all the crooked brains you will not be responsible. The conclusion should be this - nothing happened with this guy, you need to go further, with another one it will definitely work. And try it differently. This attitude will definitely lead to success.


Definitely, you can't leave on one appearance, but even without it, nowhere. Moreover, this is not about natural data. There are numerous stories when a girl in her youth did not attract men in any way, and when she got older, she fought them, like Tosya Kislitsina in the film "Girls": here I go, all so beautiful, and the guys just stare, and those who are weaker fall and stacked by themselves.

how to draw a guy's attention to yourself
how to draw a guy's attention to yourself

There is, of course, a secret in female beauty, but universal rules apply at any age:

  • beauty is, first of all, purity. Daily hygiene should be a habit that cannot be removed. The smell (to put it mildly) of an unwashed body can be overlooked only by the homeless Vasily. All other components of purity must also be present;
  • It is imperative to use cosmetics, but so that it is invisible to the male eye. The task of cosmetics is to emphasize natural beauty, and not to create lively and not very masks;
  • no body posters! Perhaps a good idea, which the masses have driven to the point of absurdity. You need to love and respect your body. Take him out for walks, drag him to the gym, build on exercises, put him on a bicycle. There are many more opportunities for physical entertainment. Forward and with the song!

you need to dress so as not to hide, but to emphasize the dignity. Yes, it is more comfortable to walk in ballet shoes than on heels, but you need to answer the question - is it good when your legs are short and thick? But in jeans and on low heels they look exactly like that

to hold on with dignity - the back is straight, the head is raised, the gaze is directed forward, does not run, does not slip away. Also, hands do not fuss, you do not need to fiddle with jewelry or turn the phone

do not interfere with shocking in your life. Green hair and war paint, coupled with a belt instead of a skirt, of course, will draw attention to themselves, but only to wonder what she did to herself. Is this result necessary?

attract a guy's attention
attract a guy's attention

All this will allow you to be such a girl who is being stared at. Ok, the look is caught. What's next?

Behavior 3

There are many rules to follow or not. If a girl is confident in herself, men feel it and peck at her, no matter what she does. Still, there are some useful tips.

Do not intrude

Multi-faceted advice. For example, you do not need to stare, but throw fleeting, but hot, interested glances. And you should not immediately admit your interest, this is also in the topic of obsession. Better to give the guy the opportunity to conquer.

Don't look around

If it comes to talking, then you need to play eye to eye. If the gaze is looking for something all the time, or the girl now and then takes out the phone, then soon it seems that the guy is not up to it. He leaves, and it's no use catching up with him and assuring him that it was interesting with him.

Not to miss

Don't miss and whine about life, and even more so with guys. Laughter, smile, interest in what is happening around is a manifestation of vitality. If a girl is good with herself, then everyone will be comfortable with her.

how to attract a guy
how to attract a guy

Don't expect

You should not show that you desperately want something - attention, compliments, love. And not only to show, it is better to live like this - to enjoy what we have, in every specific moment, and not expect that there will be a better life ahead, but now you just need to endure.


If everything succeeded, then it comes to communication. And here are some rules:

  • you don't need to talk about serious topics right away, it's not worth loading anyone at all. Complaints and whining are not well received;
  • but you must listen to a guy, even if he complains, you can express sympathy, which causes sympathy;
  • to tell about yourself, but about an interesting hobby, about what excites and hurts. This will help strike up a casual conversation. Aerobatics - to play a trick on yourself. This will show the interlocutor that there is a living person in front of him. The law of psychology will work - not advantages, but disadvantages attract;

in a conversation, lean forward slightly towards the interlocutor. This will make him feel interested. Fired up? Then you can get a little closer, penetrating into the intimate zone (less than 1 meter). Only for a while, and quickly back. The guy staggered back? Run from there! And it doesn't matter why he did it, didn't like it, or got scared. But, more often than not, he notices the intrusion and concludes

how to get attention from a guy
how to get attention from a guy
  • find a topic that is interesting to both, and develop it, showing knowledge and intelligence. The rumor that guys love silly blondes dates back to the 90s of the 20th century. A century has passed, with it the fashion for stupidity;
  • to develop communication, ask questions, but only those to which you cannot answer "yes" or "no";
  • flirt! Twisting a lock of hair, wiggling a half-asleep shoe, smiling mysteriously, screwing incomprehensible phrases into a conversation, not immediately answering a question related to a guy, looking slyly from under eyelashes. But you never know what! This maintains the tone of the game for both the girl and the guy. The whole point is in the game. It invigorates terribly!

another little secret for brave girls. A man cannot look 180 degrees like a woman. Therefore, the person sitting opposite will get all the attention

And many, many more useful and not very useful tips. All these are beautiful and correct words, but once again a reminder is the most important thing in how to draw the guy's attention to yourself, confidence and relaxedness, sincerity and positive attitude. And everything will definitely work out, because it cannot be otherwise.