How To Behave In Order To Please A Man? TOP-7 Rules

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How To Behave In Order To Please A Man? TOP-7 Rules
How To Behave In Order To Please A Man? TOP-7 Rules

Video: How To Behave In Order To Please A Man? TOP-7 Rules

Video: How To Behave In Order To Please A Man? TOP-7 Rules
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How to please men: psychology
How to please men: psychology

There are girls who do not know the end of their fans. The secret of their success is not at all in external factors: clothes, makeup, hair. They attract with their inner energy. Men are often attracted to amazing things about their partner. How do men like you? - psychology has long found out the secrets of the attractiveness of girls, what do experienced specialists say in relations between people of the opposite sex?

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  • 2 Tips on how to please a man
  • 3 Unusual things that men like

The most important condition i

The famous psychologist Labkovsky claims that in order to please absolutely any person, including a man, a woman must like herself. Often, girls incorrectly assess the value of peace of mind and try to outwardly decorate themselves with all kinds of objects.

This mania goes beyond all boundaries. More and more women turn to the services of a plastic surgeon to change a part of their body, they remake themselves externally, but internally remain the same. Therefore, in the case of a successful operation, apart from sexual interest, nothing changes in relations with men.

If guys only appreciated the girl's appearance, then all beauties with pumped lips or booty would be happy. But they, like all people on the planet, are looking for their happiness, are disappointed and feel self-doubt. And even more, because they go under the knife, risking their own lives in the hope of please at least someone.

Another tactic involves worshiping men unconditionally. The girl agrees to all the conditions of the partner, she tries to please him in everything. He looks at a man as a deity and absorbs his every word. Not the least role in this is played by the promoted myths that the conquest of the male sex consists in elevating him to the throne, praising him, taking into account only his interests.

In fact, this approach can destroy any chance of a harmonious, healthy relationship. A woman is constantly breaking herself, adjusting to another, will accumulate anger, resentment, dissatisfaction with herself and will definitely not like her man.

Read more about how to win a man below.

Tips on how to please a man2

The psychologist has developed a special system that will help to please yourself and the opposite sex:

Accept your body as it is. This means not to deny yourself, because if a person does not accept his nose, for example, he keeps repeating that this one does not suit him, I want another. But the other will not appear on its own, so if you are not going to change it, then love the one that grew up. Your man will love him

How a man likes
How a man likes
  • Wear one's heart on one's sleeve. If something does not suit you, speak directly to your partner, and not hide your grudge. But you still need to learn how to present information correctly.
  • Perceive yourself completely. It often happens in women that they like the left breast or eyes, and not like the right ones. You need to love yourself completely.
  • Talking directly about your desires will help win the respect of a man. How does he take care of you if you hesitate to even say so? Can use clairvoyance?
  • Do what you want. A woman who is engaged in a favorite activity or hobby. She herself indulges her whims, becomes happy, filled and attracts men with her energy.
What to do to please a man
What to do to please a man

Love a man

Often on the subconscious of a woman there is a stereotype that all men are the same, she transfers to them the example of a former relationship, her own father. Until she sheds her convictions, she opens her heart to a new man. The following exercise is recommended. Walking down the street, praise every man you meet: for the cap, for the expression on his face. Find something positive in everyone.

Keep it simple

If a girl does not bother making some decisions in everyday life, in life, she treats problems and tasks with ease, does not suit dramas and the end of the world for nothing, any man will like her.

Smile and positive mood

Some women scare off with just one facial expression, so you should pay attention to this.

Be feminine

When a girl contains elements that are peculiar only to a woman: a beautiful gait, refined movements, the ability to listen and inspire, understanding, then the man does not see her as a rival or enemy.

How to please a man
How to please a man


The ability to accept all the values that a woman receives from a man, from compliments to financial replenishment. When a woman knows how to be grateful, she becomes joyful like a child, which is what men expect. On the one hand, it is proof that they are doing everything right, on the other hand, he receives an energetic charge of joy.

Hear about your importance

Men love when a woman directly says that she appreciates him, her successes and achievements are important to her. That he really makes her happy, it inspires him to new achievements.


These are unusual compliments, namely, recognition of his actions and merits, of what is important to him. It is advisable to do this in public. Emphasize exactly what he really is invested in.

Listen attentively

Women love to talk, but they don't always like to listen. So the representatives of the stronger sex would also like to be listened to.

A man's attention to a girl
A man's attention to a girl

Trusting woman

When a girl believes in a man. This can be seen in the eyes, support, actions. If previous experience does not allow you to believe in your partner, you need to learn this. If you choose him, consider him truly worthy.


Often girls, after unsuccessful relationships, decide to change themselves and become an angry bitch instead of an open girl, thinking that they did everything wrong. You should not radically change your image, a mistake is an experience, you may need to slightly correct your behavior, but you should not give up trusting, honest, open relationships.

Unusual Things Men Like3

If a girl wants to arm herself with all possible means to seduce a guy, then it doesn't hurt to know what flaws are maddeningly crazy. According to the family psychologist Elena Kuznetsova, you can use:

  • When a woman plays with his hair. Many men love head massage, which is very relaxing.
  • Messages and calls. This does not mean obsessive pursuits through gadgets, but hints that a man is attracted to a woman.
How a girl likes a man
How a girl likes a man
  • Tousled hairstyle. It turns out that a careless shock of hair on his head unobtrusively invites a man to play pranks and cause even greater chaos. Tall, styled hair, on the contrary, repels them.
  • Lack of makeup. According to polls, most men prefer girls “without a layer of plaster”. Natural beauty, glowing eyes and a satisfied woman looks much cooler.
  • Sweat and odor affect a man's sexual attraction.
  • Barefoot woman. The image of a girl without shoes seems to men touching and defenseless, they love to admire women's legs. It is important to have a beautiful pedicure.
  • A man likes it when a woman puts her head on him. Most guys love it when a girl lies on his chest and shows him her trust, he feels like her protector.
  • Round belly. By nature, a woman should be rounded, so a small belly is attractive.
  • Morning puffs, when a woman puffs out her breasts, one cannot but like it.
How to please a man
How to please a man

Healthy appetite. The girl is happy to keep company at the table, even if she limits herself to some products, she does not show her displeasure

How to please men - psychology gives a lot of tips that will help a woman, first of all, like herself, and treat a guy the same way as her beloved. Then she will definitely like the representatives of the opposite sex.

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