How Can A Girl Dress Sexy But Discreet?

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How Can A Girl Dress Sexy But Discreet?
How Can A Girl Dress Sexy But Discreet?
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Sexy womens clothing
Sexy womens clothing

Sexy clothes don't mean everything short, shiny and overly revealing. On the contrary, such preferences speak only of bad taste. However, nowadays, youth is seen as a permission for many women to be who they want to be in the fashion industry. Youth is also a time when women can get away with any "murder" in the fashion sense.

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  • 1 How to dress sexy but casual
  • 2 Combine casual clothes with sexier details
  • 3 Do not be ashamed of your own body
  • 4 Leave something for the imagination
  • 5 Remember to wear red
  • 6 Animal magnetism

In modern society, fashion is seen as a field of activity or territory of young people. It is believed that in her youth, a woman can be adventurous, experimental, bold as much as she wants and as far as it is permitted by law and public opinion, which does not throw contemptuous looks in the back and does not hang non-existent labels.

Dressing sexy but casual i

Every girl wants to feel sexy and attractive. But it is important to understand that female sexuality is inherent in the girl, so Mother Nature has tried. It follows that it is not sexy clothes that make a woman's image seductive, but the girl herself makes her outfits sexually attractive.

Clothing should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, in order to avoid various incidents. Therefore, you should not be sophisticated, but try to create a relaxed, sexy and casual look. There are several steps you can take to master a casual wardrobe while still achieving sexy sophistication.

Combine casual wear with sexier details 2

Balancing sexy and casual is all about mixing lengths, styles and fits. You can wear things that drape for a casual look, paired with something slinky to add a little sex appeal. You can also show off your long legs in a sexy skirt while wearing a more modest top.

  • It is recommended to combine a short hem, for example a mini-shirt with a turtleneck neck or a long sleeve top.
  • Pair a low-cut or open back shirt with a trendy pair of wide leg pants.
Casual style
Casual style
  • Wear jeans that show a smooth and seductive hip curve. You can also use a belt to accentuate your waist. The belt can have a color with a bright poisonous tint (red, yellow, crimson). Such a prank will only add sexual sensuality and audacity to this image.
  • A girl will feel beautiful, classically feminine and flirtatious if she dresses up in a dress or skirt up to the middle of the knee, belted with a wide belt. Such a seemingly insignificant detail, like a belt, reduces the waistline, creates a slight splendor and volume, which is currently in vogue.
  • Textures such as lace and leather lend a casual, casual look a spicy look with a touch of seduction. Black pants are sexier when they are black leather pants, and a top with lace inserts will show off a bit of skin, but still look casual and natural.

Don't be shy about your own body 3

Having a beautiful and athletic figure with seductive curves is the most basic key to increasing your sex appeal. But to create a sexual image, it is very important to accept and love yourself as nature created.

Casual style
Casual style

If a girl is thin, this only speaks of her harmony. The owner of curvaceous forms should not hide behind shapeless clothes, because having volumes in the right places is cool. Such beauty is hot for men. A girl with a short stature should perceive herself as a miniature Thumbelina. Well, those who are tall should walk with their heads held high, as the most famous models do on the catwalks.

You should not hide a beautiful body behind baggy clothes, but it is also not recommended to cover it with tight outfits, as they create a vulgar image. Each girl has her own zest: beautiful and high breasts, long legs, straight posture, slender hips, turning into seductive buttocks, so you should choose the one that best emphasizes all the existing dignity of the figure.

It is recommended to pay special attention to the quality of the fabric, colors and correct, interesting cut. Clothes should be tight, but not tight. Bright colors are also not the best choice, as they create an overly flashy look and overshadow natural appeal.

Sexy clothes
Sexy clothes

If a girl has a beautiful neck, shoulders and arms, then it is advisable for her to fill her wardrobe with all kinds of sleeveless tops. Also, for owners of a straight back with sexy cat curves, it is very beneficial to emphasize such beauty and purchase dresses, T-shirts and blouses with an open back.

It is best to replace bulky sweaters with thin turtlenecks in dark shades, change loose skirts to narrow pencil skirts, and prefer narrow V-necklines for wide-cut T-shirts. While subtle, these changes will add a casual, sexy look.

Getting the right size is very important. Too small or, on the contrary, too big clothes, no matter how sexy they may seem, will distort or completely ruin the whole image.

Leave something to the imagination 4

There is a widespread belief that the more skin, the sexier. However, in contrast to it, there is a very good rule - the less the better. Opening up a little is more tempting and sexy than letting everything get naked. In such cases, it is ideal to match a low neckline with a low hem or a mini skirt / dress with a higher neckline. This balance between low and high makes the look more attractive.

Sexy womens clothing
Sexy womens clothing

It is important to note that the tighter the clothes, the less you should be exposed. Thick fabrics stretch curves to reveal the silhouette, while deep necklines or short hemlines show what the silhouette creates. Sexy clothes show either one or the other, but not all at once.

There is nothing wrong with loving your body, but over-exposure of exposed areas of the body can seem like an overt appeal to the men around you, especially in a relaxed atmosphere. Instead, it would be better to wear clothes that will emphasize the figure favorably, but still leaving only a small part of the naked body for the male imagination would not be bad.

You should try to avoid transparent fabrics, different nets, cuts - all this hints at vulgarity and cheapness. A woman should always have secrets and riddles. You can wear a knee-length dress with long sleeves, on the one hand, everything will look hidden and inaccessible, while the silhouette as a whole will attract with its seductiveness.

Sexy Casual Wear
Sexy Casual Wear

You can also wear high-waisted trousers and a crop top. Thus, the girl boasts long legs and beautiful hips, and a thin strip of delicate skin between the belt of the trousers and the top will sexually "wink" at the surrounding men.

Remember to wear red 5

The effect of red is very real and has been proven many times in numerous studies. Researchers have found that there are several biological factors that actually make women in red clothing more attractive to men. So yes, red makes a girl sexy enough, even if it's something as casual as an oversized sweater.

Not only is it noticeable, red conveys strength, passion and makes a woman unforgettable. Details such as red lipstick, nails, straps, bags, bracelet jewelry, sunglasses will look great with any outfit.

Casual red
Casual red

Animal magnetism6

Wild animals are very dangerous. Unsurprisingly, animal prints in clothing convey the same wild style. Snake skin, leopard print, tiger stripes, etc. will help the girl to reveal her sex appeal. Animal prints are especially attractive in small quantities or it is better to wear one piece of clothing / accessory, so it is worth stocking up on bags with animal print, shoes, scarves, etc. jewelry to make yourself look like a predator, which is also very sexy.

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