How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On The Internet: The Subtleties Of Communication

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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On The Internet: The Subtleties Of Communication
How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On The Internet: The Subtleties Of Communication

Video: How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On The Internet: The Subtleties Of Communication

Video: How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On The Internet: The Subtleties Of Communication
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How to start a conversation with a girl on the Internet
How to start a conversation with a girl on the Internet

With the development of technology, familiar communication has moved into the virtual world. Men are increasingly afraid of being rejected, which makes it difficult for them to make dating attempts. In this case, social networks will help them. There are many ways to start a conversation with a girl on the Internet.

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  • 1 Features of virtual communication
  • 2 Preparatory phase
  • 3 Greeting examples
  • 4 Correspondence rules
  • 5 Important points

Features of virtual communicationi

Starting a dialogue with a girl on the Internet through instant messengers has certain disadvantages - due to the lack of facial expressions and gestures, it is difficult to understand the interlocutor. The text is impersonal and does not carry any emotions. Therefore, standard communication techniques will not work.

Banal phrases "Hello, how are you?" cause rejection. Such messages will definitely remain unanswered. Exactly, like a profile without a photo, under the fictitious name "Passionate Cat", etc. The beginning of a conversation should be catchy, arouse the desire to continue the dialogue.

Due to the limitations of the text, ambiguous expressions cannot be used, otherwise they may be misunderstood. Genital humor, black humor, vulgar jokes do not attract anyone. You should not touch on sensitive topics - politics, the situation in the country, attitudes towards different categories of citizens.

Preparatory stage2

Before you start dating on the Internet, you need to tidy up your profile or profile. It should be clear, concise and beautiful. It is not necessary to order photos from a professional photographer. Enough good shots. You should not decorate the picture with frames, sparkles and other strange inscriptions: "VIP", etc.

Be sure to describe in detail your hobbies, hobbies, preferences in music and films. This information will serve as a starting point for communication. The type of sport, the places of rest - all this can be used for conversations.

You should not lie about yourself, as lies are revealed anyway. Do not attribute to yourself other people's merits, do not indicate

Internet acquaintance
Internet acquaintance

Forget about commonplace phrases. Only originality, creativity and non-standard approaches. Miscellaneous "Does your mom need a son-in-law?" do not apply to them. It is also not worth writing long and spatial messages. Nobody will master such “canvases” of text.

It's better to start a conversation with a girl on the Internet with neutral topics. For example, work, study, hobbies, movies, music. Add a little humor - it always smoothes out the awkwardness. Funny stories from life will also help.

You should not immediately tell all the details of life. A slight understatement will increase the woman's interest. You cannot focus only on yourself, ask the girl's opinion. Remember that conversation is a reciprocal process.

Greeting examples3

So, an attractive object was found in social networks or dating sites. To begin with, in the message, you should politely greet the interlocutor, and then justify the reason for dating. You should not write jokes "so beautiful and not married?"

How to start a conversation on the Internet
How to start a conversation on the Internet

Sample options:

  • I liked your vacation photos;
  • I also love the books of such a writer;
  • I am interested in the same hobby.

It is important to really own the subject of the conversation, otherwise the girl will be bored to communicate. Another option: "noticed a comment in such and such a community and agree with it." The main thing is to find a common point of contact and build on it when communicating. For more information on the correct phrases for dating on the Internet, read our article further on the link.

Young ladies who have just crossed the age of 18 will love the offer of help. For example, “Mom’s birthday, but I don’t know what to give her.” Such a guy will be happy to help and in the future you can move on to other topics.

If the profile wall is littered with quotes from romance novels, pictures with poetry and other romance, then the conversation can be started with an original introduction: “I had a dream where there was a beautiful girl, very similar to this photo.”

How to meet online
How to meet online

It is much easier if the woman is a friend of a friend. In this case, you can refer to it. For example, you can say that you liked her comments under the posts and that they are similar to her worldview.

There is no one way to get to know each other. Try different phrases, change approaches, strive for perfection. Then it will turn out to achieve something. And our article on how to start dating a girl will help you with this.

Correspondence rules4

Getting to know each other via the Internet is not so easy. The text is limited in the expression of emotions and this deprives the communication of the "live" part. It is necessary to radiate positive, use humor within reason, but not overload the interlocutor with sarcasms and bad stories.

Competent speech will also be an advantage. It is worth rereading what is being sent. Everyone has annoying typos, but it is still desirable to do without them. Do not overload the texts with an abundance of terms, philosophical treatises, keep it simple.

Online dating
Online dating

It's best to keep a little intrigue in the conversation. For example, to disappear for a while or to warn about business. You need to do this at the most interesting place in order to whet your interest.

Always show interest in the girl. Ask for her opinion, consult, support. This behavior will be an advantage and help to gain the woman's attention.

Important points5

You can meet a girl on the Internet for different purposes. Before that, you need to get rid of negative attitudes. There are no magic words, key phrases or anything that will give a 100% guarantee of dating. Therefore, you will have to try different approaches.

In practice, communication skills will improve. The main purpose of chatting on dating sites is a real meeting. Therefore, you need to interest the interlocutor and motivate her to continue dating.

You should carefully consider the information in the questionnaire. If a girl immediately says that she does not want to communicate on some topic, then you should not develop it. You cannot immediately ridicule some life beliefs, principles.

Internet correspondence
Internet correspondence

You can talk with a girl about everything in the world. Popular science news, new items in computer games, active recreation and much more. Just do not immediately touch on the topic of sex, as this is repulsive and disgusting.

Don't get upset about rejections or ignorance. In the future, everything will definitely work out. It is necessary to draw a conclusion about mistakes and understand where the mistake was made.

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