Feminism Before The First Decent Man Or Excuses Are Not Needed

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Feminism Before The First Decent Man Or Excuses Are Not Needed
Feminism Before The First Decent Man Or Excuses Are Not Needed

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feminism before the first decent man
feminism before the first decent man

Those who do not believe in God remain atheists until they get into turbulence on a plane. Communists stick to their views until they receive personal capital. This also includes feminism before the first worthy man. These words of an unknown author have their own logical background. For a better understanding of the last statement, it will be useful to delve a little into the basis of the principles, the name of which comes from the Latin femina.

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Such different requirements

Initially, the reason for the feminist movement lay in the desire to endow the female part of the planet with the same rights as the male. This was done in three waves:

  1. To achieve equality in the legal, economic and political spheres. It was the early performances that gave the girls grounds to participate in the election races in the form of candidates and voters, gave them a reason to receive a well-deserved salary and other worthwhile preferences.
  2. To level out generally accepted norms of behavior, actual inequality, place in marriage and at work. Problems of a sexual nature were discussed.
  3. Remove the grafted parameters of the ideal figure 90:60:90, etc. Theories of cyber, separatist, radical, black, and many other feminisms were born. The topic of transgender was touched upon.
Feminism to the first worthy
Feminism to the first worthy

With each protest, the goals of the determined idealists acquired scale. And if the goals of the initial wave were really necessary, and the second one was desirable. Then something went wrong.

Nowadays the struggle for freedom has acquired slightly unusual points. The most radical women are accused of sexism and inequality at every opportunity. They want to achieve changes in a number of words, especially affecting the appeal to a person by gender and other "vital" things (many are not satisfied with the appeal of a miss). For example, to achieve the right of women to walk topless. For why guys can, but they can't? And this despite the fact that other fans of equality pushed through the idea of ​​absolute censorship, which can already be observed in Western and European products (no hint of a deep neckline in games, etc.). We are in conflict, gentlemen.

Undoubtedly, the ideas expressed have certain advantages. The beauties they meet drive cars, dress in what they like, and can become directors of companies. But the current ideology forces the female half to refuse as much as possible the participation of various misters in their future.

There is a difference between those who want to overcome discrimination (which is becoming less and less every year), and simple man-haters. It is almost impossible to please the latter, since more and more new reasons to organize rallies appear, and sexism is seen even in neutral phrases and actions.

It is necessary to distinguish between the two concepts. Some stars such as Emma Watson are a prime example. She fights for the honor of her compatriots, helps those who have suffered violence and disrespect. Such aspirations should be encouraged.

Modern picture of what is happening2

You cannot blame the beautiful half of the Earth for the fact that the practice, which is useful in its essence, acquired such categorical messages. For the average Slavic clever girl, defending ideals is an opportunity to independently make decisions in your life.

Feminism to the first worthy
Feminism to the first worthy

Do not follow the pluses that have been grafted from birth by the type of compulsory marriage, the fulfillment of all the whims of the spouse, the lack of the right to express their discontent.

Such liberty comes with a price. It is undesirable for dear ladies who follow the liberation movement to ask for help from the adherents of the patriarchy who have seized power. After all, this deprives them of their independence. Convinced opponents of a patriarchal society independently transport heavy bags with purchases, raise a child (if any), and earn material resources.

In many families, this picture is observed without any disputes about equality. The wife manages to both provide income for the family and organize it. It is not surprising that after such a disappointed Madame wants independence and feels discriminated against.

The sad truth is that much of the blame falls on the male population. It is the disrespectful attitude towards their soulmates, laziness and infantilism that make many people become disillusioned with the previous foundations of the marriage union. Those where the wife is responsible for the comfort in the house, and the husband is responsible for the well-being of lovers and prosperity.

But these are not yet the most ardent intentions that allow shouting about claims. One has only to remember such horror as domestic violence.


What is hidden in the concept of "standing" for a married Mrs. is not difficult to guess:

Feminism to the first worthy
Feminism to the first worthy
  • The desire to listen to the plans and thoughts of her Mademoiselle.
  • The ability not only to receive benefits, but also to contribute to love.
  • Actions that put family needs ahead of their own.
  • The desire to seek a compromise in case of misunderstandings and quarrels.
  • Correcting your critical flaws.
  • The realization that the destiny of his Mademoiselle is not to satisfy his gastronomic and sexual needs.

When a lady meets a person who is ready to perceive her as a full-fledged person, she gets to know the other side of the relationship. The same one, the principle of which is mutual understanding and mutual support. The respect that comes from your partner changes the worldview in an optimistic direction, or restores faith in personal (if disappointment in love was previously observed). It is this meaning that lies in the phrases about feminism before the first worthy man.

Love, which is imbued with honesty and reciprocity, makes Homo Sapiens a decent representative of their civilization.

Feminism to the first worthy
Feminism to the first worthy

The truth is somewhere nearby4

There is another interesting thought about the independence of many Miss and Mrs. Some believe that it is near the right partner that you can become a real feminist. After all, it is by being in alliance with a respectful and understanding representative of the stronger sex that a girl finds happiness. She herself can choose whether to stand at the stove and take all the responsibilities of the house onto herself. Being a housewife or building a successful career, and similar aspects. Isn't this what we should strive for?

For more information on whether concepts such as feminism and sex can be combined, read our article at the link.

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