How And Where To Meet A Japanese Woman In Our Crazy World

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How And Where To Meet A Japanese Woman In Our Crazy World
How And Where To Meet A Japanese Woman In Our Crazy World
How and where to meet a Japanese woman
How and where to meet a Japanese woman

About times, about manners, I would like to say to many of our fellow citizens who adhere to old-fashioned views on life. However, it is worth noting that here they are not entirely right and exotic acquaintances or sexual ties have been popular since ancient times, when pharaohs and sultans ordered exotic concubines into their harems. So the exotic was always in the price. And what could be more exotic for our compatriot, a woman who comes from the Land of the Rising Sun. But here a completely logical question arises - how and where to meet a Japanese woman.

The content of the article

  • 1 Knowledge of the language
  • 2 Self-confidence
  • 3 Presence of the guarantor
  • 4 Lying to get results
  • 5 Online dating
  • 6 Business or leisure trip
  • 7 Visit of a Japanese beauty to Russia
  • 8 dating agencies

The character of Japanese women, due to their specific upbringing, is somewhat different from the customs of European women familiar to our men. Therefore, before trying to make an acquaintance with them, you need to consider certain general recommendations.

Knowledge of languagei

The dream of finding a Japanese woman who speaks fluent Russian is on the verge of fantasy. Of course, you should not throw off the scales of the translators who accompany politicians and businessmen on trips to Russian soil. But, firstly, there are only a few of them, and secondly, it is not a fact that the translator will not turn out to be a 50-year-old married matron.

As for foreign languages, the best that can be hoped for is that the chosen one will communicate more or less in English and you will be able to find a common language at least minimally. But ideally, of course, you need to learn spoken Japanese.


Given that Japanese women themselves are not overly self-confident women, it’s not surprising that they expect this from men. And if during meetings you show shyness, and even more shyness, then you will most likely be refused.

Acquaintance with a Japanese woman
Acquaintance with a Japanese woman

Approach a Japanese woman boldly and confidently. Immediately take the conversation into your own hands, letting her know that events will develop according to your own script.

Guarantor's presence3

Again, due to the historical situation, girls brought up in ascetic Japan do not particularly agree to street or restaurant acquaintances. This is hampered by their shyness and almost innate fear of strangers.

It is the presence of a guarantor - a person who confirms your seriousness and representativeness - that is one of the main components of Japanese culture. That is, it would be ideal when meeting a resident of Japan to come up with a situation that someone from her circle of contacts would introduce you to.

But, here, as in any other case, the main thing is not to harm. If you feel that the guarantor is not particularly good or has a fairly positive reputation in the eyes of your chosen one, it is better to completely refuse his services. As the saying goes, it’s better than anything else.

How to meet a Japanese woman
How to meet a Japanese woman

Lying to Achieve Results4

Ever since childhood, little Japanese women are guided to pay attention to prospects. So girls grow up who, first of all, pay attention not to the soul and feelings of their fan, but to the prospects of his career or business development.

As a rule, all residents of the Land of the Rising Sun are firmly convinced that foreigners earn very good money. You should not disbelieve them, you can even throw dust in your eyes, exaggerate both the level of your present income, and the prospects for the future rise to fame.

True, this advice is suitable only if acquaintance with a Japanese woman is not binding for you. If a marriage is planned, sooner or later you will have to look the young wife in the eyes and admit to a lie - not a very pleasant prospect, isn't it right.

Where to meet a Japanese woman
Where to meet a Japanese woman

As for specifying where and how to meet a Japanese woman, there are definitely three options:

  1. Through the Internet
  2. On a business or leisure trip to Japan.
  3. During her visit to Russia.
  4. Through special agencies or dating sites.

Let's dwell on each of the above options in more detail.

Online dating5

Online dating is the easiest and cheapest way to meet a Japanese woman. There are a lot of dating sites on the web. There is even a whole social network called Mixi. In principle, many consider her a source of debauchery. But, nevertheless, here you can post important information about yourself and subscribe to certain communities of interest to you in order to receive the most favorable offers.

This social network is definitely not the only one, and with patience, you can easily find a cute Japanese girl on the Internet for flirting, sex and even serious relationships up to marriage.

Dating a Japanese woman on the Internet
Dating a Japanese woman on the Internet

Business or leisure trip6

For serious business people, acquaintance with a Japanese woman directly in the Land of the Rising Sun will be the most rational decision of how and where to meet a Japanese woman. Especially if you manage to meet a woman from the circle of acquaintances of your business partners. This guarantees that in the interlocutors there will be an educated girl, not burdened with vulgar and bad habits.

As for the tourists who came to Japan, then they also have a chance to find a suitable girl. Now we are not talking about a lady to satisfy sexual needs - these can be easily found in local brothels. It's about serious girls for long-term relationships. Here you can see waitresses, managers, salesmen, maids, and just pretty girls who came to your taste while walking around the city. Here the main thing will return to the first point - knowledge of the Japanese language.

How and where to meet a Japanese woman
How and where to meet a Japanese woman

Visit of a Japanese beauty to Russia7

Here the situation directly "mirrors" the previous point. There is a hope that at a business dinner, corporate buffet, in a store or restaurant, you will meet a guest from the Middle Kingdom, you will be able to get to know her and win her heart. True, the problem remains the same - knowledge of the Japanese language. Without him, of course, the acquaintance may not take place

Dating agencies8

Contacting a reputable agency that deals with the acquaintance of our fellow citizens and foreign women can also greatly contribute to a successful relationship with a Japanese woman.

In the database of any self-respecting company there are candidates from the Land of the Rising Sun. In addition to photographs, their resume contains profiles with brief information about the girl. After reading the data on study, work, hobbies and preferences, you can choose a girl with a good appearance and similar to your interests.


Here, in general, are all the basic recommendations on how and where to meet a Japanese woman. And, by and large, life itself likes to put everything in its place. Therefore, no one ever knows where you can meet the girl of your dreams, even if she is Japanese.

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