How To Meet A Girl Online: Choose The Right Network

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How To Meet A Girl Online: Choose The Right Network
How To Meet A Girl Online: Choose The Right Network

Video: How To Meet A Girl Online: Choose The Right Network

Video: How To Meet A Girl Online: Choose The Right Network
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How to meet a girl online
How to meet a girl online

Almost everyone has sometime started a page on a dating site. Of course, if you ask about this directly, it is unlikely that there will be those who admit it voluntarily. Perhaps the account was deleted, it was a long time ago and is rightfully considered "not true". Or somewhere in the vastness of the international "web" there is still a profile under a creative pseudonym. There are those who crave the envy of a virtual affair, with a special person who has a photo in the profile that is labeled "18+". How to meet a girl online?

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Have you already flipped through Oscar-worthy scripts in your mind? Burning passionate photos with the attentive gaze of a trader? Did you read the interests of the ladies of the court? Did you feel the statuses with your eyes: "I want sex"? The first thing to start with is to decide on the purpose of dating. Of course, you are a man in full bloom, wanting to make a rendezvous with a stranger on the "digital" waves of the endless ocean. But not all ships doom themselves to eternal voyage, some deliberately head for the coast.

Many people think that dating a girl on the Internet is not a worthy place for establishing a serious relationship, but you should not excuse yourself. After all, not everyone likes noisy clubs, bars and night discos, and the road to the library is more and more overgrown with grass.

They are greeted by clothes

It doesn't matter at all, whether it's Mamba or Instagram, the chance to attract the attention of the chosen one without uploading a personal photo is very small. Who would you prefer to communicate with, with a whore, with spicy details in your profile, but without an avatar, or with a beautiful woman on Ave, but with restrained data in your profile? The choice is obvious, because who knows what she looks like, maybe this is completely a libertine. There is no need to hide behind photographs of stars, even if there are noticeable similarities in appearance. This subconsciously makes you faceless in the eyes of the girl. Are you ashamed of your appearance?

Of course, not everyone looks like Van Damme or Robert Pattinson, but that doesn't have to be. Many men mistakenly assure themselves that girls compare their chosen ones with idols. You don't need a fifteen-year-old friend who can't imagine tomorrow without Justin Bieber. Be yourself! The main thing is to tidy up your hair, shave, put on an ironed shirt and voila - this is the look of a modern man!


Have you chosen a decent photo? Now you need to think about how to make your page unique and interesting. Ladies like resourceful, witty guys with a sense of humor. Of course, this means that you need to turn your "wall" into a comedy show. After the woman appreciates your brutal appearance, she will immediately go to viewing the status.

Therefore, this is another joker of yours. To use it, you need to come up with a catchy expression, in extreme cases, borrow from thinkers or writers. But remember, you must know whose words these are, so that you can skillfully operate with quotes from your “Spiritual Guide”. The more information about yourself you fill in, the more confidence you will evoke in the eyes of the fair sex. Even if they do not pretend to have a long-term communication with the possibility of subsequent meetings, but in their thoughts they clearly make a dossier on you.

internet acquaintance
internet acquaintance

If you are a fan of visiting groups devoted to role-playing games and other informal relationships, and do not set out to find yourself a hot girlfriend there, then it is better not to flaunt the list of communities. If some lady seems interesting to you, just write to her in private messages or leave a comment under her post.

Purpose of dating3

The basic instinct is constantly whispering in the ear: “Look what! Now I would lie down with her to bask in the sun, on the wild beach of the sea coast …”To determine the desired contingent, it is imperative to indicate the purpose for which, in fact, you relentlessly hit the keys. Definitely, many will begin to dissemble without putting a tick in the line: "sex without obligations", but this may not always play into the hands.

Women of all ages, temperaments and preferences are present in the "assortment", as in the social. networks and seductive sites, therefore, do not be afraid of your desires. Perhaps, while you are throwing a coin into the air, not daring to decide, somewhere surfing through the pages in search of adventure, nice girl. And everyone writes to you, those who want a serious relationship.

online acquaintance
online acquaintance


To indicate your attention to the chosen person, it is enough to put a heart, or comment on her photo. If you do not have enough words to express the fullness of the feelings that overwhelm you, use emoticons. That's what they were created for. Add her as a friend or offer her friendship. Say that you saw her in New York a couple of months ago, but because of the heavy traffic of cars, you did not have time to catch up with the taxi. So that communication does not turn into volumes of "War and Peace", you can exchange phone numbers and make calls using instant messengers.


How good it is to meet a girl online! There is no need to get lost, peering into her bottomless eyes, choose the time to come on a date on time, direct a marafet and make sure that the smell of socks does not turn into a tactical weapon of mass destruction. Well, you know.

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