Reasons For Female Infidelity: What To Do If You Cheated On A Guy, Advice From Psychologists

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Reasons For Female Infidelity: What To Do If You Cheated On A Guy, Advice From Psychologists
Reasons For Female Infidelity: What To Do If You Cheated On A Guy, Advice From Psychologists

Video: Reasons For Female Infidelity: What To Do If You Cheated On A Guy, Advice From Psychologists

Video: Reasons For Female Infidelity: What To Do If You Cheated On A Guy, Advice From Psychologists
Video: Rethinking infidelity ... a talk for anyone who has ever loved | Esther Perel 2023, March
If you cheated on a guy
If you cheated on a guy

For some reason, there is a stereotype in society that only men change. If you rely on the results of many reliable opinion polls and research on the topic of cheating, then you can find out an interesting fact - almost every second girl cheated on her boyfriend at least once.

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Among men, the indicator is, of course, higher - seventy percent of the respondents. Also, do not think that every respondent was frank and honest with the interviewer. Many people do not want to admit mistakes, even to themselves. What can we say about a stranger who may think badly if you admit your mistakes.

Let us add that each person defines treason in accordance with their personal views and worldview. For one, it will be enough to find intimate correspondence on the phone of a loved one. Another will say that he broke off the relationship after a partner looked strangely at a mutual friend.

Still others are loyal to flirting and correspondence, but they will never forgive the fact of physical sexual contact on the side. There are those who do not care about the rapprochement of two bodies, they are more concerned with what a person thinks about cheating and other sexual objects.

Reasons for female infidelity

Yet female and male infidelity is different in many ways. Millions of films have already been shot about this, hundreds of thousands of books have been written. It is generally accepted that a man is cheating because of his polygamous nature. And only when it becomes a habit, some begin to wonder how to stop cheating. Although many girls also do not want to start a family, and practice numerous sexual relations.

It even has a scientific name - nymphomania. That is, the girl is almost incessantly excited, she is attracted by completely different types. The main goal of a nymphomaniac is sex in its original form, without courtship and romance. Pure mechanics.

Let's take a closer look at the main incentives that push most cheaters on this path. Of course, everyone may have their own goals and reasons, but we will discuss the most common ones.

Low self-esteem

A woman who doesn't love herself will never be appreciated by men. Many ladies cannot understand why her husband treats her neighbor Irka with attention, literally carries her in his arms, and her husband has lost interest in her after the first year of marriage. She cannot admit to herself that there are a number of barriers in her personal relationship to herself. A man feels insecure, constrained.

A depressed girl often seeks to sublimate her condition, to receive additional emotions that her constant partner does not give her. If you have a low level of self-esteem, then any attention from the opposite sex will cause a desire to repay.

What to do if you cheated on a guy
What to do if you cheated on a guy


If a woman has a chosen one, this does not mean that she will not dare to cheat. Many problems arise in relationships, including misunderstandings. Let's say your interests, rhythm of life do not coincide, there are no common topics for conversation. It seems to be together, but keep silent all the time.

The woman really needs attention. Therefore, she begins to look for a listener and interlocutor on the side. Cheated on a guy because the other was interested in me. This common explanation arises precisely from loneliness.

You can penetrate a woman's heart with the help of care, understanding and spiritual unity. If the husband does not listen to her stories about the relationships of her friends, does not ask questions about work matters, but only requires household chores, then the woman sooner or later goes to adultery with someone who is closer to her.

Stagnation period

It's all about the same notorious attention. Especially often there are stagnant periods in couples, where the relationship lasts far from the first year. Previously, there were vivid emotions, she tried to look beautiful, cooked unusual dishes. Sex is regular, walks under the moonlight are frequent, romantic atmosphere and confessions of eternal feelings are always. Now it all seems like a long forgotten dream.

Cheated on a guy what to do
Cheated on a guy what to do

If a girl does not receive new emotions and impressions, her next step towards understanding herself is cheating. If only physical sex is more important for men, then women think differently. They want variety. They dream of a prince who will often pamper them, give compliments, ask for an opinion on all issues.


One of the reasons for the top 3 is revenge. Her husband insults her for a long time. He committed exactly the same betrayal, and maybe more than once, or with a close friend. They say women are cunning. Indeed, many are able to restrain their negative emotions, and then take revenge for the betrayal at times more painful.

Jealousy and anger lead people in a certain direction sometimes better than money. No wonder, according to official statistics, the second most frequent cause of murders is jealousy. Some women lose all control over themselves, throw themselves into the first male bed they come across. Others are capable of harboring resentment for a long time, and after months inflict a crushing blow on the traitor's self-esteem.

Mismatch in sex

The reason is more masculine, but this does not exclude the same motives from some ladies. Let's say you live in a happy marriage. The husband is smart, gold. It gives enough attention, pampers, pleases with gifts and joint trips on vacation, adores children. But something is wrong. And this is the "something" situation in the bedroom.

The woman changed what to do
The woman changed what to do

There are a lot of such families. People strive to maintain a comfortable relationship with a good person. And to achieve orgasm, they use other personalities. This approach is perhaps the most dastardly. It's like "sitting on two chairs at the same time" - it is unlikely to work out in the long run.

If you have a problem with sex, it's best to be honest about it. It's open time now. Many teach oral sex courses, conduct trainings and master classes on seduction. You can educate together, making your physical intimacy better for both.

What to do if cheating happened, but the husband does not know?

You cannot undo what has been done. You should not be killed in mental anguish. Now it is important for you to realize, analyze and accept the situation that has occurred. Learn from her the right decisions and life lessons. Our next article will help you figure out how to deal with cheating.

Wife cheated on her husband
Wife cheated on her husband

So, situation number one. You drank at a corporate party, you had fun and carefree. Before that, you worked very hard, got very tired, and your husband was also busy with his own affairs. What were you experiencing at that moment? Anger, resentment, desire to attract attention. But love in the family did not disappear anywhere, you just put it off for a while.

During the holiday, a colleague began to flirt with you. He has long had an eye on you, or he also drank a little. Sex happened. But parting with your beloved man who is waiting for you at home is completely out of the action plan.

There is an exit. First, talk to a colleague. If he doesn't take it seriously, then pretend that nothing supernatural has happened. When the cheating partner wants to continue the banquet, it is better to protect your family from possible attempts to take you away from it. Quit your job, talk to your passing lover, explain your position.

If your husband finds out, then there is a ninety percent chance that you will have a divorce, or long and painful years of reproaches. Psychologists warn that a much smaller percentage of men are ready to accept and forgive their chosen one for betrayal. They are owners, even in situations where they themselves are unfaithful. If there is an opportunity to hide your hike to the left, use it. No need to fall on your knees, beg for mercy, and sincerely apologize will not help.

Man cheated on what to do
Man cheated on what to do

This is not meanness, but taking care of your loved one. Think for yourself, would you be pleased to learn such an unpleasant truth? Most likely, you will not want to suffer because of actions that are indirectly related to you. So it is here - take care of the psychological environment in the family, do not force your loved one to worry, suffer and delve into yourself.

Cheated on a guy, but he found out

To be honest, the most likely scenario is parting. You can explain as much as you like the motives that guided you at that time. Stories about accidents and unexplained coincidences also rarely help. Repentance for what you have done and a million times repeated: “Forgive me” - do not work.

What's the matter? A man seems to be polygamous by nature, but betrayal can be forgiven about ten percent, no more. Let's figure out what is wrong here. Many guys believe that they are not committing treason or betrayal, but improving their experience. Kind of like attending refresher courses. For them, single betrayals with different women are a kind of training in their main skill.

At the same time, a man has a wife or a regular partner, to whom he has not only a gross physical interest. For him, she is a kindred spirit, a close friend and like-minded person. Most men find it difficult to reveal their insides in front of a woman. If you have been chosen for a noble goal - to be a life companion - then they trust, appreciate.

As a result, we have a scheme: for a man, cheating is another competition for first place. For a woman, cheating is an attempt to increase her self-esteem, to feel the attention and care of her lover.

Cheated on a guy, but he found out
Cheated on a guy, but he found out

Cheated on the guy, he found out and forgave. This also happens, but in extremely rare cases. This behavior of a man speaks of one of the reasons: strong love, future revenge and similar behavior on his part, a feminine model of behavior in relationships.

With the first case, everything is very clear. If a person adequately evaluates his couple, understands that feelings are so strong that parting means breaking himself, he will negotiate with pride. The second option, regarding retaliation and revenge, is cruel. However, many men consider it their duty to inflict pain in return. If not by going to the left, then by humiliation, bringing a woman to depression, underestimating her own dignity.

The third case is diagnosis. There are men who choose the role of a lady in a relationship. They are so comfortable, warm and comfortable. Moreover, modern women themselves bring their partners to such a result. They work three jobs, are engaged in raising children, and they take over the whole life. The man in this system is the queen. He is simply not given a chance to prove himself from the other side. Some are happy to live like that.

Cheated with another and the guy found out
Cheated with another and the guy found out

The lady is driving herself into a corner by being too busy. Doesn't feel his core from a man. The quality of sex drops. This is where the lady's adultery comes in. Such a sissy man will forgive everything, just to stay in his comfort zone. Perhaps he himself walks in order to feel his masculinity and strength on the side.

Tips for Maintaining Relationships4

Relationships themselves are built on trust. It is quite difficult to get along with a person from whom you can regularly expect setups. Not everyone is ready to sit back, waiting for the moment when sexually transmitted infections are found in his body. Well, or all the same notorious neighbor Irka will tell you that one of the spouses was caught in a restaurant for dinner in a pleasant company.

It will take a lot of work to restore the balance in the pair.

  • Be one hundred percent honest. It means that thoughts and actions should also be light. If you talk about love, and a month later you register on Tinder again, your relationship is doomed to failure.
  • Don't wait to get caught on minor omissions. During the period of relationship after infidelity, try to communicate more, tell even minor trifles and details. Forgetting that you are going to drink coffee with a friend after work, do not expect a man to believe in a bad memory.
  • Don't hide your life. For example, when your husband enters the room, you are used to sharply minimizing all windows in the browser. You never know will see the correspondence with her lover. Now, such movements will cause increased attention, provoke new conflicts from scratch.
How to maintain a relationship after infidelity
How to maintain a relationship after infidelity

Spend time together. The more often you are around, the less suspicion he will have. Leisure activities can help strengthen a shattered relationship. Common affairs increase the number of points of contact, develop common interests

The main thing is not to expect an early forgiveness. It hurts a person if he decides to maintain a relationship - appreciate it. Not every man is able to endure such a strong blow to pride.

For details on how to find out about treason, in our article, follow the link.

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