7 Signs Of A Questionable Dating Profile

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7 Signs Of A Questionable Dating Profile
7 Signs Of A Questionable Dating Profile
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7 signs of a questionable profile
7 signs of a questionable profile

The information that we receive about a user on a dating site is not always completely true. Some seek to hide the fact that they are in a marriage or relationship; others do not show any physical features. How to understand from the profile in the questionnaire that a person is hiding something from potential partners?

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  • 1 1. Cropped photos
  • 2 2. Poor image quality
  • 3 3. Absence of a normal photo
  • 4 4. Unwillingness to make an appointment in reality
  • 5 5. Lack of specific personal data
  • 6 6. Doubtful photos
  • 7 7. Outright lies

1. Cropped photo 1

You should be careful with profiles that contain cropped images. After all, the person placing them is definitely trying to hide something. Perhaps there is a certain person next to him that, according to this user, you better not know.

2. Poor image quality2

The presence of specially applied filters or textures on the photo allows you to retouch physical defects. Sometimes this is done in order to hide the inability of a person to take care of himself, or his fullness. When it comes to dating, there can be no question of improper grooming of your appearance. After all, we only have one single chance to make the first impression.

3. No normal photo 3

Rare these days, as most dating services reject profiles without proper photography. However, sometimes you can find this. And such a profile should also alert. Now it is difficult to find a person who does not have a smartphone with a camera - so, most likely, the reason for the lack of photography lies in something else.

4. Unwillingness to make an appointment in reality 4

Sometimes communication with a person develops in the best way. But now we are talking about making a real date. And he begins to resist and invent excuses - then cancel the date, then play for time. This is a sign that a person is not as reliable as he might describe in his profile. Most likely, he is simply tied by the knot, and is looking for communication on the Web simply in order to have fun with another gullible person.

5. Lack of specific personal data 5

When people want to find the other half, it is in their own interest to indicate as many of their characteristics as possible, including some facts from the biography, information about education, hobbies. This is quite normal - after all, we are looking for those people who will be like us, and without disclosing some information about ourselves, the search will not give the desired results.

Doubtful profiles on the site
Doubtful profiles on the site

Therefore, for a normal user of a dating site or application, the data should be at least a little specific. The profile should reflect the personality of the user. If he points out that he likes to read books and walk in the evenings, this is no good.

6. Questionable photo 6

The photo can be of good quality. However, if your potential counterpart does the devil on it, this is a dangerous signal. Most normal young people try to do their best to arrange their lives as best as possible. They build careers, get education, play sports and travel. If this person dances on his hands in a bar, uses alcohol or drugs - this already says a lot without any words.

Of course, this does not mean that any photo depicting a cafe or a glass of alcoholic drink is evil. But still, when the plot of the photo looks more like a bacchanalia, this should alert you.

Online dating profiles
Online dating profiles

7. Blatant Lies 7

So, you did meet in person. And on a date, it turned out that one or more of the things indicated in this person's profile were not true. For example, your counterpart is taller or shorter. Or it looks completely different. Most likely, this person will lie in another, if he is inclined to present himself in the best light from the very beginning.

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