High And Low Testosterone: How It Affects Men

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High And Low Testosterone: How It Affects Men
High And Low Testosterone: How It Affects Men

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High and low testosterone
High and low testosterone

Testosterone affects a person's well-being and behavior in many ways. If the level of this hormone is too high, the aggression increases accordingly. Lack of testosterone leads to lethargy, weakness, and apathy. Scientists and doctors are convinced that men should always monitor the balance of their own hormonal levels. This is the only way to achieve an adequate male appearance and normal sexual desire.

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  • 1 What is good for a man is death for a woman
  • 2 Low testosterone levels. "Male Menopause"
  • 3 Cancer and heart disease
  • 4 What does high hormone levels lead to: aggressive behavior
  • 5 Dangerous driving
  • 6 Risk appetite
  • 7 Baldness

What is good for a man is death for a woman i

Despite the fact that testosterone is present in the body in both sexes, this hormone affects men and women in different ways. Cleveland MD George Coceriu explains: “Genetics make men more competitive in behavior than women. The fact that the fair sex causes only rejection and intolerance - namely, attempts to compete in something with their own kind - is quite normal for the stronger sex.

Just imagine women fighting with bags over the fact that they are wearing the same dress. Now compare them to men who have decided to respectfully compete in, say, heavy lifting. Or in the same art of seducing ladies. It immediately becomes clear that competitiveness is by no means a feminine quality. And the male hormone testosterone is to blame for all this."

The doctor further explains that the effect that the hormone has on the body is no less important. “Testosterone gives men an appropriate appearance. It helps to increase muscle mass and energy levels. And therefore, both too high and low concentration of this hormone can lead to quite unpleasant consequences for health."

about testosterone
about testosterone

Low testosterone levels. "Male menopause" 2

If testosterone is constantly lowered, it invariably leads to a loss of sex drive and general vitality. “Along with this, the man begins to suffer from fatigue and depression. His muscle mass is constantly decreasing. The decline in testosterone levels in older men is sometimes referred to as "male menopause." It causes the same symptoms in the stronger sex as in older women - irritability, depression, inability to concentrate,”explains Dr. Coceriu.

Cancer and heart disease3

Several studies have examined the effects of low testosterone levels on men's health. And it turned out that the lack of this hormone increases the risk of death from cancer or disorders of the cardiovascular system. “This also needs to be remembered. Don't let your health take its course. If you feel that you don't have enough strength for anything, and in your psycho-emotional state you have become more like your elderly aunt, do not tempt fate. Get your testosterone tested as early as possible,”warns Coseriu.

testosterone how to increase
testosterone how to increase

What does high hormone levels lead to: aggressive behavior4

In the wild, male animals compete with each other, asserting their dominance over each other. Almost the same thing happens in the human world. A study by Wayne State University scientists set out to measure testosterone levels in men who confronted each other for 7 minutes to win over an attractive woman.

It turned out that men with higher testosterone levels were more prone to psychological dominance. They were more effective at controlling the conversation and were more likely to interact with this woman.

Dangerous driving5

Several studies have been known to link testosterone levels to athletic performance. But in this regard, there are other assumptions. Scientists at the University of North Carolina believe that the concentration of this hormone can also be directly related to the death of people on the roads.

how to increase testosterone
how to increase testosterone

The researchers analyzed 271 single sporting events between 2001 and 2008. It was found that the number of victims of dangerous driving increased during the period of time when fans returned home after visiting the stadiums. And the more enchanting and emotional the game was, the greater the number of those killed. Scientists have linked reckless driving to increased testosterone levels caused by the thrill of victory.

Risk appetite6

A new study by American scientists has linked high testosterone levels to financial risk taking. Which, of course, cannot but be regarded as a threat to a man's well-being. Research has shown that men with high testosterone levels are more likely to choose riskier careers in finance. Interestingly, women with high levels of this hormone also had a greater appetite for risk.

Baldness 7

A high concentration of testosterone leads to increased hair growth. Hair becomes more on the chest and less on the head - in other words, male pattern baldness occurs. Apparently, nature was conceived so that a bald man would seem to a woman the most attractive.

testosterone and baldness
testosterone and baldness

Few are inclined to see the benefits of baldness. However, studies show that those men who have lost most of their head hair by the age of 30 are 29% less likely to develop prostate cancer. Here are some disappointing statistics.

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