6 Signs An Ex-girlfriend Wants To Come Back To You

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6 Signs An Ex-girlfriend Wants To Come Back To You
6 Signs An Ex-girlfriend Wants To Come Back To You
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People meet, people fall in love, get married … and sometimes part. And everything, it would seem, is a point. But some, having made a deliberate or impulsive act, after a while begin to get bored, and even try to renew the relationship.

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  • 1 She is still alone
  • 2 She initiates communication
  • 3 Nostalgic conversations
  • 4 she asks you for a favor
  • 5 She Knows All About You
  • 6 "Drunk" calls and messages
  • 7 Final break or new chance

If you are reading these lines, then everything is obvious from your side. Let's now try to figure out how mutual this desire is. What are the signs that you can understand that the past passion no less than you yearns to start all over again?

She's still alone i

When a woman misses and loves, then with absolute certainty we can say that she is not looking for another acquaintance. Of course, immediately after parting, no adequate person is ready to enter into a new relationship if there was love in the previous one.

Of course, if you broke up a week ago, then the absence of a new partner in her life is obvious. Do not clap your hands ahead of time and take it as a sign that she is waiting for your return. Well, if a month has passed, two or more, then the result is obvious: something or someone does not let her go.

A woman who not only suffers, but wants to return to her old relationship will try in every possible way to show you her position as a “loner”. Even if she has boyfriends, it will remain a secret for you.

She initiates communication2

If all women's thoughts are occupied with you, then she will try to establish contact. Simple messages or empty conversation indicate that she craves more. Of course, do not exaggerate and do not take one single signal as desired - perhaps she really needed help or your advice. But if a former girlfriend appears with regular constancy without any initiative from you, then everything is clear.

Nostalgic conversations3

If your conversations are filled with sadness and melancholy, then she wants to convey her feelings. She feels bad and lonely. These thoughts do not give her rest. She tries to bring you to emotions or make you remember the best of your past together. Everything is used: events, favorite places, unusual events.

Signs your ex can't live without you
Signs your ex can't live without you

Think, it is not in vain that she shares her pleasant memories with you. Her goal is to make you remember how good it was with her. And in this way she emphasizes that everything can happen again.

She asks you for a favor4

She needs to get a meeting: either her crane is broken, the car makes strange sounds, then it is raining outside and she is sad. All this is not casual. Yes, sometimes her car really can junk, but can she really not figure it out without your help? What about the boyfriends? Or a trip to a car service? These guys will deal with the problem much better and faster. But no, she calls you to the rescue. It's simple - the problem is clearly something else. Or someone.

Of course, do not take personally her request to take your once common pet to a doctor's appointment, for example. If you brought the animal together, then she has the full right to contact you to resolve this issue. Well, a decent man should not refuse. It is a matter of honor and the ability to take responsibility. But here's a story about something else.

Sometimes guys surprise with their blindness! The ex called - this is a real chance to fix everything. If, of course, there is an interest in this. But instead of turning on all their charm and making an appointment, the men hesitate and everything ends in nothing.

The former can't live without you
The former can't live without you

Despite everything, she, a weak girl, made up her mind and took this step towards you. What more do you want? Not all women can say straight ahead that they are bored and want to try to build relationships again. But you want that too, don't you? Then your passive role is incomprehensible. Maybe it's time to act?

She knows everything about you5

The situation when you do not communicate for a certain time and do not see each other does not affect her awareness in any way. A girl who loves will move mountains, but will know what you are doing and how you are doing: loyal and sympathetic friends are a great source of information, as well as your own pages on social networks.

So, after a while after breaking up, you meet and a conversation starts. And lo and behold! In the course of the conversation, the understanding comes that this and this is no longer news to her. She knows perfectly well where you were last week and what you did. This is an insanely pleasant fact. She is interested in your life. Her feelings have not passed and she still wants to be a part of your life.

Ex girlfriend can't live without you
Ex girlfriend can't live without you

"Drunk" calls and messages6

Alcohol works wonders. From somewhere comes the courage, which sometimes is so lacking in an ordinary sober life. If it's no joke, then a woman's phone call under the influence of alcohol says a lot. At times, it resembles not a declaration of love, but another debriefing with a transition to personalities. The girl can begin to pour accusations against you and point out all the mistakes that have served as such an outcome for your relationship. In addition, she will definitely express everything about your behavior today. If recently she saw you with some girl, then be ready to hear how awful she is. In a particularly difficult case, compromising evidence has already been collected on your potential companion, which will fall upon you with inexorable force. And a drunk girlfriend can gloat and wish good luck with such a passion.

As you can see, it doesn't matter at all whether it is a sad conversation or a frank confession, gentle words or reproaches. In any case, she cares. She has resentment, regret, which means that she still has feelings for you.

Trying to reconnect while drunk is a desperate move. In another way, the girl simply cannot reach you. And alcohol is just a catalyst for her candor.

Interestingly, a drunk male call is strikingly different from a female one. A man who calls his ex while drunk does not always want to get the relationship back. Most likely, he was covered with sweet nostalgia, which is located just below the belt. It's no secret that under the influence of alcohol, feelings are exacerbated, and in guys this exacerbation is expressed in a rather peculiar way: they simply want sex.

Ex girlfriend wants you back
Ex girlfriend wants you back

There is nothing surprising in the fact that a man ignores a drunk female call, since he broadcasts her behavior through his prism of perception. Do not do like this. We are all different. And male and female logics differ in a striking way. So, calling after a few glasses of wine or something else means your ex has taken a desperate step. It's up to you whether to seize the moment or miss it.

The final break or a new chance7

Is it worth going back? There is no universal answer to this question. You can't listen to any advice - it's better to hear yourself. If the feelings are alive, if all the girls around are not nice and there is no desire to build new relationships, then you can try to revive past feelings. But it all depends on what was the reason for the breakup. If it's a trifle and stupidity, then they drew conclusions, worked on mistakes and in a new one with the old lover. If the reason for the separation is much more serious and deeper, then think about whether you can forget everything and start from scratch?

If, after all, love won, and you are together again. Before accepting congratulations, discuss all your problems. You didn’t come together in order to part again in a month? Be smarter and more forward-thinking this time. Find out the problematic points and try to solve them. It is in your power and interest. Long live love!

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