Successful Single Men, What's Wrong With Them?

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Successful Single Men, What's Wrong With Them?
Successful Single Men, What's Wrong With Them?
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Successful single men
Successful single men

Having met a rich man on his way and having learned about his free status, any self-respecting woman will have a very logical question: "What's wrong?" In Russia, there are about 35% of successful single men, and society is happy to enroll enviable bachelors in the squad of non-traditional: “What's there to understand? Handsome, rich, successful, but alone. Yes, one hundred percent not natural! " Why do successful men often choose to remain in the “free” status?

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The main reason for loneliness is a banal lack of time to develop relationships. For a successful, busy person, a lonely lifestyle is an accompanying one. Especially when it comes to the development of a business that has just begun to gain momentum. Daily meetings, meetings with clients and a lot of other worries do not leave time sometimes, how to eat, and the search for the second half is shifted to the tenth and further plan.

Even if there are hints of some kind of relationship, a man is so passionate about work that a woman is the third superfluous in this pair. Not every girl is ready to put up with this state of affairs, and sooner or later, depending on the lady's endurance, the romance comes to naught. But there is a chance that when the business goes uphill, the busy businessman will reconsider his priorities and find time to find his soul mate.


Such men are very fond of women, well, just very, very much. This is their fetish, if you want the meaning of life. For them, entering into a serious relationship is tantamount to deprivation of air. Possessing frenzied sexuality, they literally breathe, feed on feminine energy. Their financial solvency is a kind of hook for girls.

Such men know how to look after beautifully, they know how and how to melt a woman's heart, the most not criminal walls collapse under an inexhaustible stream of compliments from a polygamous man. In principle, there can be no serious relationship with such a person, because he simply does not need them. Statistics proves that even being in old age, Casanova's descendants are in no hurry to burden themselves with the bonds of Hymen and remain ladies' men to the end.

Successful single men
Successful single men


Perfectionists are quite common among successful single men. They are overly demanding of themselves and expect the same in return. Such people have money and time for relationships, but the ladies themselves run away from them, sparkling with their heels. The oppression of the rules and regulations puts pressure on potential darlings stronger than atmospheric pressure. Trivial condescending remarks at first, and then more and more demanding and categorical, sometimes completely delusional, will drive even the most seasoned person in a relationship to escape.

By the way, men from this category do not consider themselves in any way wrong and it is almost impossible to prove the opposite, so it is easier to give up and retire. You can try to live by his rules, the main thing is, adjusting in everything, not to lose yourself and not completely dislike it. After all, people quickly lose interest in comfortable women.

Mom's son4

Even among successful men there are such specimens. If a successful single man calls his beloved mother 33 times a day, then, in principle, everything is clear. The heart of the handsome man has long been firmly occupied, and waving a saber over his head has absolutely no sense whatsoever. Here the mother of the man and her word is the law. Of course, she needs to be given her due, in this case the high achievements of a man, this is, first of all, her merit.

Successful single men
Successful single men

And, and who would not be allowed to meet with her son. If a girl has gone through tough face control, the lie detector and the detective agent failed to dig up little compromising evidence, she has a chance to continue communication. But such a relationship is doomed to failure, as playing constantly supporting roles is tiring. Even if for some reason the influence of the mother weakens or stops altogether, there is little joyful.

After all, such a man is used to going for a skirt, and with a very low degree of probability will take the situation into his own hands. Rather, he will delegate the reins of leadership to someone else. It is not hard to guess whose hem it will catch on. Is it worth it?

Unrequited love5

He once had a very strong love, her name was Maria. She has white, feather-light hair and cornflower blue eyes. They were made for each other. Everything was fine, and it was going to the wedding, when suddenly in an instant everything was cut off. In order to distract himself from everything and not completely go on a spree, he hit work.

All these stories are about the same, only the names, appearance and reason for parting change. They are united by a strong mental trauma that cannot be forgotten. And now he is a successful, sleek businessman or executive with a gaping wound for a heart. Such men deliberately chose the path of loneliness, because they really believe that everything that happened is the best thing that could happen to them, and no one can repeat those feelings and impressions.

why successful men are single
why successful men are single

Or the wound is so deep that a person has closed himself off from everyone and does not want to try any more, he has enough. A relationship with such a man is much more promising than with the above. If you manage to inspire confidence in yourself and you will be able to reveal it, you simply will not find a more reverent, devoted and loving chosen one.


There are successful single men who will happily start a relationship if it is unnecessary to invest in them. You should not expect expensive gifts from them, trips to a restaurant, luxurious bouquets. Such frugality, bordering on greed, enters many girls into a stupor and usually there is no continuation of the relationship. But, if you look from the other side, for himself such a man spares no money, at first glance it is difficult to discern a curmudgeon in a man dressed with a needle and smelling of expensive perfume.

There are those among men who, in principle, do not understand why spend money on expensive clothes and restaurants, when you can dress in second-hand clothes and eat in a burger. This is a kind of philosophy of life: earnings for the sake of earnings, and not to meet emerging needs. If a girl shares a minimalist outlook on things, then you get a great tandem. But, since surrounded by rich people, the proportion of such girls is extremely small, men remain lonely.

Successful single men
Successful single men


This category includes those who consciously chose loneliness in their lives. They are quite normal people with a traditional orientation and in fact are very happy and satisfied with the current state of affairs. Of course, they have friends, relatives, mistresses, but they will not allow anyone to encroach on their freedom.

Such men found the value of life not in creating relationships and family in the future, but in something else. Someone is seriously engaged in extreme sports, someone travels, someone preferred to donate their heart and soul, and at the same time all their free time, to science. All of them soberly assess reality and realize that in their case it is better to be a loner.

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When thinking about why successful men are single, you should not look for the root causes of supernatural circumstances. Maybe it's a character trait or a banal lack of time, or maybe a deliberate choice. Back in the 17th century, the English poet John Milton wrote: "Loneliness is sometimes the best society."

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