Who Is A Demisexual? What Are The Reasons And What To Do For A Partner

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Who Is A Demisexual? What Are The Reasons And What To Do For A Partner
Who Is A Demisexual? What Are The Reasons And What To Do For A Partner

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To achieve the desired woman, men are capable of the most romantic acts. They convince the lady that they need her only as an object of tender feelings. They give flowers, recite poems and go over the ears a lot. The young lady thaws, falls head over heels in love and enters into an intimate relationship with persistent gentlemen. Soon the man grows cold towards the girl and moves on to another object. This is not always the case, but it happens quite often. A woman with frustration and despair elevates the guy to the rank of "goats", adding the phrase that "they all need one thing." Most representatives of the stronger sex really breed romance in order to breed a lady for sex, but not demisexual. Demisexuality endows its "owner" with a sexual desire only for the person to whom he experiences strong and tender emotions.

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  • 1 Romance and friendship
  • 2 In search of a soul mate
  • 3 Waiting for the betrothed
  • 4 Falling in love instead of Viagra
  • 5 Sexual desire under control
  • 6 Indifference to sex
  • 7 A man of strict views and principles
  • 8 First love, then sex
  • 9 Demisexuality is not a choice
  • 10 Beginning in adolescence
  • 11 Cold "snobs"
  • 12 Differences and Comparisons with Asexuals
  • 13 Complex and Eternal Love

Romance and friendship

Demisexuality is a sexual orientation in which the subject feels sexually aroused towards those to whom they are strongly attached. A demisexual, regardless of gender, experiences sexual attraction much less often than any other inhabitant of the planet. To feel an intimate desire for a partner, a demisexual must feel an emotional connection to him. Attraction to a person arises through close relationships, affection or vivid experiences experienced together. They may feel attracted to close friends, romantic natures. Attraction and strong emotions in relation to the object of the heart arise through a deep knowledge of its personality.

In search of a soul mate2

Demisexuality does not allow a man or women to have sex with the first partner they come across. These natures are able to be without sex for a long time, and they rarely experience sexual attraction. Perhaps even once or twice in a lifetime. Such a man is demisexual, he will not leave his beloved woman for the sake of variety and novelty in sex. They are faithful partners, focused only on their subject of adoration. No one can seduce or captivate him with long legs and lush breasts. The guy blazes with passion only for the young lady whom he sincerely and strongly loved. To her, the young man experiences a deep emotional attachment and, as a result, sexual desire develops in him. The guy is a dream. Loves - means wants. No other is given.

Waiting for the betrothed3

This moment also applies to women prone to demisexuality. These ladies are cold and indifferent to the attention of the opposite sex. They are not turned on by pretty faces, muscular backs and toned press of the stronger sex. No external factor influences sexual attraction to a man, except one. Only deep love, a strong emotional connection, awakens in a woman the desire to have sex with the chosen object.

Falling in love instead of Viagra4

It is worth paying attention to the fact that an emotional connection with a partner does not guarantee the emergence of sexual desire for a demisexual. Perhaps sexual attraction will not arise for a long period of time. The length of time over which sexual attraction occurs depends on the individual's personality. For some demisexuals, it is necessary to get to know the soul mate for a long time in order to experience the heat of excitement. For other personalities, it is enough to survive with the chosen one bright adventures full of events. A short and bright period of time awakens sexual desire for a partner. It can be a joint trip abroad or any other incident that will greatly impress a person.

What is demisexuality
What is demisexuality

Sexual desire under control5

It is normal for both women and men to have sex with a partner only after the couple gets to know each other well. Only frivolous people go to bed with the first person they meet. A person decides to have sex with this or that subject, already experiencing sexual desire for him. Sexual instincts and erotic thoughts arise by themselves. Feelings and desires are not subject to reason or violent measures. They either exist or they do not exist. The average person may feel a sexual desire for coworkers, neighbors, or people they know. This fact does not mean that he will immediately attempt to have sex with a special person, which caused intimate desires. Sexual life begins only after the decision has been made to activate it. Until then, sexual attraction arises for various people, but is firmly controlled by the person.In most cases, it dies down without finding a splash. Only a conscious desire allows you to have sexual intercourse with a partner.

Indifference to sex6

Individuals prone to demisexuality belong to the asexual spectrum. These people never start a relationship with a love affair. Sex doesn't really matter at all. And very rarely have sexual desire for the opposite sex. Demisexuals pay a lot of attention to feelings on the emotional side of relationships. These are romantics capable of experiencing the most innocent and platonic feelings. They do not insist on sexual intercourse and may avoid any physical contact until a certain time. Sex does not play a big role for them at all. He is the most insignificant detail in a love relationship, which the demisexual pays attention to the very last. With such a man, a woman will not complain about a lack of attention and "benefit". If a demisexual guy pays attention to a girl, then only the purest and most gentle impulses guide him.

What demisexuality looks like
What demisexuality looks like

Unlike asexuals, demisexuals are able to experience sexual arousal for a person who is truly dear to them.

Man of strict views and principles7

Demisexuality shows men to women on the other hand. The representative of the stronger sex seeks to communicate with the object of sympathy, more than to some kind of erotic actions. With such a man, a woman can feel like an unwanted and anti-sexual young lady. Considering the fact that all guys think only about sex and are waiting for the right moment to pull the lady into bed, she is in some confusion. When a guy in every possible way avoids having an intimate relationship, not to rush into sexual intercourse, the girl is also nervous. She goes over the options for her behavior in her head, which could push the guy away or hurt him. The young lady severely criticizes her appearance, tries to dress up more sexually, and to introduce liberated and seductive manners into her behavior. And the guy remains indifferent to her attempts at temptation.

Love first, and then sex8

A demisexual seeks to strengthen a romantic relationship and a close bond with a partner. This is not the kind of person who will agree to spontaneous sex with a stranger or will have sex life "for health." He will not indulge in erotic fantasies of sex with celebrities, cute passers-by or other unfamiliar person. He does not share the conventional wisdom about sexuality and attractiveness of the people around him. He considers his partner, first of all, as an interesting person with whom he can talk, find a lot in common. Only by establishing close emotional contact, the demisexual will agree to enter into an intimate relationship with the chosen one. He needs high-quality communication, common interests and a romantic atmosphere in relationships with the opposite sex.

Demisexuality, how to live with it
Demisexuality, how to live with it

Demisexuality is not a choice9

Demisexuality is an orientation that a person chooses according to his own inner feelings. It is impossible to become a demosexual person based on social beliefs or in connection with fashion trends. Special feelings arising in a person push him to such a life choice. Demisexuality is not brought up in a person through the influence of conservative parents or pretense. Some people believe that demisexuality represents sexual restraint. Based on the opinion of the majority of people, this orientation becomes a voluntary choice of a woman or a man to abstain from sexual intercourse, until the improvement and strengthening of love relationships.

Beginning in adolescence 10

Demisexual tendencies are manifested in a person during puberty. Grown up peers, under the influence of the flashed hormones, strive to quickly learn all the delights of sexual life. A demisexual initially has a negative attitude towards promiscuous sex, towards sexual liberation. Outsiders find this behavior strange. While the growing up boys strive to spy on the formed classmates, touch and touch the busty girl, the demisexual boy does not show the slightest interest. He rarely likes girls. Perhaps he belongs to a group of persistent monogamous people. He remains a virgin for a long time and absolutely does not want to part with his innocence. Emotional contact demisexuals value much more important and valuable than physical pleasure.

How to recognize a person who has sex
How to recognize a person who has sex

Cold "snobs" 11

Young people with a demisexual orientation are considered by the people around them to be “cold” and “arrogant”. Evil tongues classify demisexuals as individuals with late sexual development. They are spoken of as inventors who are “impossible to please”. About such men put forward versions of "excessive scrupulousness" with the opposite sex. Ladies who do not have the opportunity to grab the attention of a handsome man, in their hearts call him "chump" and "impotent." Fruitless attempts to seduce a man lead to disappointment. And, a man - a demisexual with great indifference observes female passions, not feeling the slightest desire to enter into a love affair with her. Only a chosen person is worthy of this fate. Girl,able to cause him deep affection and tender platonic feelings can be awarded a sexual impulse from the "unusual" guy.

Differences and comparisons with asexuals12

Among people, there are absolutely asexual personalities. These persons never experience sexual attraction and have no desire to have sexual intercourse with a partner. Often demisexuals are categorized, but this is not true. Demiseskusals can, to some extent, be indifferent to an intimate relationship, be indifferent to sex and not have an intimate relationship with anyone for years. This can go on for a long time, until the "same partner" meets. When warm and romantic feelings arise for the soulmate, the demisexual thaws, like Kai when he meets Gerda. A guy or a girl is sensitive to the subject of adoration, trying to communicate more and get to know a person. They are more drawn to talk to a person, to walk under the moon, holding hands, than to wallow in bed until exhaustion.But love for the chosen subject can awaken sexual attraction and suggest sex with the "object of adoration."

What demisexuality looks like
What demisexuality looks like

Complex and Eternal Love 13

For people prone to demisexuality, it is desirable to find a partner with a similar orientation. Romantic feelings that have arisen for a member of the opposite sex are more like friendly affection than love passion. Other people find it difficult to understand the complex structure of the psyche of demisexuals. People with this orientation can do without sex for years if, in addition to tenderness and warmth, they do not feel lust for a partner. Sexual contact made for the sake of indulging the other half will not bring pleasure to a demisexual. On the contrary, an intimate relationship without inner consent and sexual attraction causes deep mental trauma to the demisexual.

With a demisexual partner, it is important to have tact and patience. Young people prone to this orientation also know how to get pleasure from physical intimacy if they have a sexual desire for their soul mate.

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