How To Tell If A Guy Has Stopped Loving You - 10 Signs Of An Upcoming Breakup

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How To Tell If A Guy Has Stopped Loving You - 10 Signs Of An Upcoming Breakup
How To Tell If A Guy Has Stopped Loving You - 10 Signs Of An Upcoming Breakup

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girl in sunglasses

Love - inspires, energizes, gives joy, bliss. But sometimes love goes away. How to understand that a guy has stopped loving and whether it is possible to return old feelings. At first, when the relationship is harmonious and filled with love, a man shows his feelings in every possible way. When all interest in a partner is lost, she will not hear the words of love. After all, the explanation is simple: there is no love, no words.

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  • 1 An invisible crack appeared
  • 2 Doesn't ring
  • 3 Irritation
  • 4 Neglect
  • 5 Taunts
  • 6 Indifference and indifference
  • 7 Everyone rests in their own way
  • 8 Doesn't listen to you
  • 9 Chilled in caress
  • 10 not jealous
  • 11 Everything Shall Be Sure

An invisible crack has appeared

There is rudeness in communication, he admires other girls, but he does not notice you, is not interested in you, does not give compliments, avoids communication, finds fault with him and gets annoyed. And that's not all: he cooled down in affection, limits communication or is reluctant to talk, looks for an excuse not to meet, prefers the company of friends to your company, does not invite him to visit or other events.

It may also not congratulate you on the holidays, not be jealous, but on the contrary will offer you someone to introduce you to, not take the initiative to have sex, you yourself are increasingly trying to persuade him to have sexual intercourse. All this testifies to the fact that there is no more love.

Doesn't ring2

If the relationship is still "fresh" or when the couple does not live together, how to understand that the other half has stopped loving? Stopping or becoming much less frequent on the phone is a sign that you have lost interest. Usually, a loving man wants to know as much as possible about the object of adoration. When interest is lost, feelings also disappear. After all, it is a normal desire to know what a loved one is doing, whether he is healthy, where he is, how things are going, in general, etc. The man does not care, and he calls and sends less and less messages. And when you call, you simply do not pick up the phone, and then you may not call back, referring to being busy.


Perhaps the man has not yet figured out his feelings towards you. But subconsciously, you make him reject. He freaks out for no reason, gets angry and annoyed, finds fault with trifles, although at the same time, he behaves as usual. Increasingly, reproaches are heard about and without it. And no matter what you do, the tyranny does not end. A scandal with a showdown may break out from scratch, where a man, as if on purpose, provokes you into it. Such picky is the first signal that not everything is good in a pair.

boy fell out of love
boy fell out of love


Once the feelings fade away, the guy is no longer afraid to touch your feelings. In case of quarrels, of which there are more, the man touches the quick and tries to prick as painfully as possible - he does not pity you. Words are getting more offensive. As if on purpose he creates an environment in which it is unbearable to live. Thus, it forces you to make a decision yourself and leave. Shifts the responsibility for the choice to you.


How to understand that a guy has stopped loving you, if everything seems to have not changed, but the feeling of anxiety does not leave. Disrespect for the beloved, sarcasm and ridicule, speak of the extinction of love. Criticism becomes more and more harsh and even in the presence of strangers. The negativity directed at the girlfriend is becoming more.

Indifference and indifference6

The man, as if closing in on himself, is hiding in his shell from you. Ceases to participate in family life if the couple is married. The guy is immersed in his affairs and problems. Sometimes, a man doesn't want to change his usual life for the unknown, waste time, money and energy on a new relationship. The formed comfort zone does not allow to break off the relationship, although there is no more love. A woman ceases to feel loved and desired, suffers from attention deficit.

love died
love died

Everyone rests in their own way7

The guy will spend more time with his friends than with you. He will have hobbies and activities that may not have existed before: fishing, hunting, billiards, football. Anything, if only without you. He will not want to go to your friends, and will look for excuses. And where he was invited, he will walk by himself, without you. Coming up with various excuses.

Doesn't listen to you8

The couple is characterized by joint decision making. A reluctance to discuss important decisions should be a warning. Especially if earlier everything was solved jointly. When the word "we" disappears in his conversations, it's time to "sound the alarm." How to understand that a guy has stopped loving: he does not make joint plans for the future. Some men are looking for mistresses, others just want freedom.

Chilled in caresses9

The touches of the beloved are becoming less and less. As if the need and desire for it disappears. Even just sitting in the car or being indoors, the guy will avoid touching, he will even be able to withdraw his hand if you take it.

feelings have cooled
feelings have cooled

Not jealous10

There is not a single man who does not experience this feeling. Even if a guy does not show jealousy, seeing attention to his companion from another man, he will definitely react and demonstrate the owner. When a guy doesn't care: who his girlfriend communicates with, how other representatives of the strong half look at her and try to please her, then love has died. He will only be glad if you have someone to take off the burden of worries for you. And so - the girl is already attached and does not cry. A loving man with serious intentions will not share his woman with another man, even if these are just signs of attention.

Everything will make sense11

A guy who is in love will give gifts and, no matter the price, attention is important. If love has died, the man will not even think about doing it. It is impossible to predict whether you will be loved forever or only for six months. In any case, knowing what is happening with your partner and where your relationship is heading can change the course of events. Love itself cannot be predicted, but measures can be taken in time so as not to lose it completely. You can keep it, return it, not let it disappear from life.

A loving man will demonstrate his feelings to you: he will publicly declare his rights to you, will protect and provide. As soon as such a man meets - try not to miss him. It is important not to think about the existence of love where there is none at all.

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