Why Has It Become Difficult To Get Acquainted In Our Time?

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Why Has It Become Difficult To Get Acquainted In Our Time?
Why Has It Become Difficult To Get Acquainted In Our Time?

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Dating and real meetings
Dating and real meetings

Quick acquaintances and real meetings after a couple of days of correspondence is a good thing. But in reality, she meets on Badu and in Tinder. In ordinary social networks, it is unlikely that it will be possible to get to know each other so quickly, and even with the prospects of bringing relations into ordinary life, and not reduce to strange correspondence on the Internet.

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  • 1 Why not all acquaintances suit us
  • 2 Why We Don't Tell the Truth
  • 3 Why does he have a handsome man on his avatar, but in fact - a beer belly
  • 4 How to even get to this real meeting
  • 5 Is it possible to meet in the chat
  • 6 Is there really no way out?

Some virtual "romances" last for years, people simultaneously get married and give birth to children. Why is this happening, and how to get what you want from dating?

Why not all dating suits us

Let's say a guy meets for sex and a pleasant pastime in nature, or somewhere in a bar. Relationships do not interest him. That is, he does not want to fix the tap, go to his mother and remember the birthdays of all the girl's relatives.

This is a completely normal practice when a girl also wants to meet for sex, and does not want to cook chicken soup for a man with a cold, take home cutlets for him on the night shift and wash his shirts.

That's just out of decency, the guy will write that he is getting acquainted for a "relationship." And a girl who, in fact, needs shirts and cutlets, will answer his questionnaire, but she also needs to go to her mother, and not to swim naked in a jacuzzi while she is in Turkey.

And the one that is quite satisfied with sex on the night from Saturday to Sunday, and the taxi in the morning will pass by. As a result, everyone will suffer and lament what kind of strange people they are surrounded by.

Why We Don't Tell the Truth2

Everyone lies, we learned this from Dr. House. But why? It is clear that they are trying to somehow push the girls into the social framework, and condemn them when they meet only for sex, and do not want to start a relationship at all. And what's stopping the guys? The great idea is that no one just wants to get to know them, and then they do not shine real meetings.

In fact, lying when we meet makes us:

  • Fear that we are real - unnecessary and dull creatures;
  • Failure to understand that getting to know each other without marriage plans is quite normal;
  • Just self-doubt and unwillingness to work on oneself;
  • Some deep personal conflicts
Real life acquaintance
Real life acquaintance

And it happens that it is not “what” but “who” that makes us lie. Yes, it is a husband or wife who does not encourage dating and real meetings with third parties. Of course, few people want to be in a fun swingers club instead of an ordinary family. So, first we need to stop lying to ourselves, and if we do such things, come to terms with the fact that on the other hand, there may also be not the most honest person.

Why does he have a handsome man on his avatar, but in fact - a beer belly?

Not only are there no Instagram girls, there are no Tinder guys either. Handsome man, in the photo he is sitting in an expensive office chair, there is a poppy apple lid shining, next to the last iPhone, on it is a stylish set of chunky-knit sweaters and expensive watches, and you already come up with names for future children?

Calm down, he could take a picture in his boss's chair while he was guarding the office during his duty. Or even order a cool photo shoot in an excellent studio, in a business style, and even with accessories. This explains both the trolleybus on which he came to meet you, and the McDonald's in which you were sitting, and the complete absence of even a hint of a gift or flowers.

And how to get acquainted in Tinder, find out in our article further on the link.

The same goes for "pitching" of all stripes. Here he is and his impressive hands in the gym. And in real life he looks like your leg is bigger than his. And you only go to cycling three times a week. What happened to the eligible suitors when you went from dating to meeting? They just turned out to be themselves.

And on their avatars they have ideal images of themselves. The good news is you now know your boyfriend's weaknesses. Someone is ashamed of their work and income, someone of their body, but this knowledge will come in handy anyway. The bad news is that it is always more difficult to communicate with a person who is full of complexes than with an ordinary guy.

virtual communication
virtual communication

With girls, things are even more fun. Favorable angles, heavy makeup, color change of anything that can be changed, and the magnitude of anything that is customary to increase. The woman in the photo can be a real sex bomb, but in life you can walk past her ten times and never know that it is she.

Why do they do this? So men love with their eyes. A girl, by the way, may turn out to be quite confident in herself and ordinary, she just does not yet give a damn about public opinion and she adheres to the rules of behavior that are not alien to other people.

How to get to this real meeting at all4

If you get to know each other on the Internet for a long time, there is a chance to meet an incomplete social phobia, with whom you can even meet in reality. They say that someone even started a relationship. Seriously. The truth is that if a person does not strive for a real meeting and does not want to transfer the relationship from correspondence to ordinary, he will not want to.

Moving from virtual to real communication
Moving from virtual to real communication

Yes, this can be treated as you like, such people are considered infantile, or immature, but they exist. They do not want to start a relationship in the usual sense of the word, because they are afraid of it or simply do not consider it a priority. Yes, they are drawn to communication, maybe they even love virtual sex, but in reality they cannot be lured out.

If you need real meetings, you should count on those who are looking for them, and not just meet everyone, and wait for the right person to agree to virtual sex.

Can I meet in chat5

We are not talking about ordinary chats, we are talking about a webcam now. They say that someone even started a relationship with a webcam model and they were successful, mature and harmonious. But this is again inaccurate, because in web models they go for the sake of earning, and not in order to meet guys or girls for meetings in real life.

Surprise, but a web model may not like sex at all, and may not need it all the time. These people simply make money on their good looks, and the absence of moral barriers to showing a naked body. Of course, it happens that they get acquainted with the continuation, but extremely rarely. You shouldn't believe in everything that happens in such chats either.

Web dating
Web dating

Is there really no way out? 6

It turns out that they get to know one person and meet another? No not always. At least, experienced visitors to dating sites and account holders in the respective applications are advised to call up by video call before the meeting and at least find out whether it is worth expecting a person with an avatar or this is an empty exercise and in reality it does not exist.

Yes, you have to accept. Dating is a lottery in any case, even if we talked a lot before a real meeting and saw each other via video link. It happens that in life a person behaves completely differently.

As soon as people don’t dodge, they change with ordinary social networks, find a new acquaintance in the marked pictures in them, arrange checks. There are many ways, but for sure none of them works.

Virtual acquaintance
Virtual acquaintance

No detailed descriptions of the future ideal partner in the questionnaires, no photos, compatibility tests and other ways to "get to know each other better" before a meeting do not work. All this does not help, there is a simple incompatibility and that's it.

But there is nothing strange or terrible about this. After all, in the old days, many generally got married and married strangers and strangers. And nothing. True, in some places because of this, wars began, but humanity somehow survived.

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