How To Get Rid Of Love Addiction To A Woman: The Best Ways

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How To Get Rid Of Love Addiction To A Woman: The Best Ways
How To Get Rid Of Love Addiction To A Woman: The Best Ways

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How to get rid of love addiction to a woman to an impressionable man who himself does not understand what is happening to him. You don't need to get into it. And such a danger really exists for all representatives of the strong half of humanity.

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  • 1 The chemistry of love
  • 2 A new meeting is the best remedy

Usually, blind love happens to creative people and not only to great people, just to talented, gifted people. He plays the guitar and sings, devotes poetry and songs to his muse, his chosen one. The years spent next to such a person are the brightest in a woman's life. Every day is filled with care and attention.

He gladly fulfills any of her wishes as if this is the only purpose of his life. He does not see anyone around, other women have ceased to exist, and men are needed only so that there is an opportunity to fulfill her desire in time. He is worn with his love, as with a jewel and in the eyes of other men, such a woman begins to acquire special significance and stands out among other representatives of the fair sex.

He does not annoy with his jealousy, on the contrary, he tries to be always with her, to participate in all matters. He is thrilled with happiness that she wears only the clothes that he buys for her, because she was chosen with great love.

The chemistry of love

Women fall into love addiction of their own free will, choose a male representative who drew attention to them and begin to elevate them to a pedestal up to illness, mental disorder, and complete dissolution in it. Young guys have the chemistry of love in their bodies. I saw and fell in love, in fact, with the picture, the external image and that's it. And it begins, in the literal sense of the word, to "dry" on it.

There is such an expression in folklore, because it often happens. This enthusiasm ends in everyone in different ways, depending on the upbringing in the family and the formed personality: some remain forever loners, others will certainly try to achieve their goal by any means, up to threats, and some even end up in the hospital in an extremely depressed state, lose weight, lose weight, "Dry up" before our eyes and no medicines help.

It is good if the doctor manages to get the sufferer to talk and find out for whom he is so killed. The therapy is simple, you need a girl or a girl to come and talk to him, sit next to him, without promising anything. What happens inside is not known, but he is beginning to recover. But he will try more not to fall for this bait and not fall in love without memory.

how to stop loving
how to stop loving

Further life will go almost according to the calculation, he will marry a suitable girl, children will go, dad will be an exemplary family man. Although the possibility of acquiring a mistress is not excluded, apparently in order to "dilute" his amorousness a little, he will never leave his family. Brought up so decent.

New meeting is the best remedy2

Just like girls, guys can create an idol for themselves from the fair sex. But getting out of love addiction to a woman will take effort. First you need to realize that this is an addiction like alcoholic or even narcotic. Any addiction is bad and does not lead to good. In the future, you need to start building your own independent personality:

- take responsibility for yourself, for your life, do not wait for instructions from outside, because usually they do not want to think with their own heads or cannot, but only wait for prompts on how to act and what to do. At such moments, one can be replaced by another, he can start drinking a bitter drink to numb the pain of separation;

- time heals, you have to survive, wait out and start building all over again from scratch. It is known that the human brain is divided into two hemispheres. The left one is responsible for logic, the right one is for feelings. In a state of falling in love, which resembles a trance and creates pleasure, the left hemisphere is inhibited, as if falling asleep, and the right one is active and overwhelms the person with feelings.

get rid of love
get rid of love

The duration is different for everyone, from one to up to seventeen months. There is nothing to be done, you have to wait until you let go;

- the most "dangerous" time comes in spring, three factors converge, giving impetus to the right hemisphere. The hormone serotonin is actively produced due to the activity of the sun, people walk in high spirits and notice everyone around;

- it becomes warm, the need for warm bulky clothes disappears, the sexuality of the two sexes is clearly manifested, which has to attract attraction between them;

- from the activity of the sun, the production of testosterone increases and increased sexuality occurs;

- against the background of solar activity, real male love can arise and it is manifested by three factors:

* firstly, the fear of losing a loved one and even the fear of loneliness, causing self-doubt;

* secondly, there should be pity for the beloved, the desire to take care of her and create good conditions for life, and he is glad that he could please;

recover from love
recover from love

* thirdly, sincere admiration, one might say, the main component, without this there will be nothing. This happens at the very beginning of a relationship, or in the case of unrequited feelings.

So, the most dangerous time for an impressionable subject is spring. It is better to leave and change the environment in order to get rid of love dependence for a woman. It will be better that way. Material worries will replace bad thoughts and habits.

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