TOP - 10 Tips For Girls Looking For A Sponsor And How To Become A Kept Woman

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TOP - 10 Tips For Girls Looking For A Sponsor And How To Become A Kept Woman
TOP - 10 Tips For Girls Looking For A Sponsor And How To Become A Kept Woman

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women looking for a sponsor
women looking for a sponsor

A girl who knows her worth, moreover, successful, beautiful and well-groomed - this is the kept woman. The lover of a wealthy man easily earns herself a wealthy and beautiful life. Of course, they are actively condemned, but they do not care about this. Women looking for a sponsor achieve a lot in life.

The content of the article

  • 1 The qualities of the kept woman
  • 2 Do girls looking for a sponsor use sites for kept women, or do they prefer real dating?
  • 3 How to become desirable for a wealthy sponsor: TOP 10 tips
  • 4 Girls Seeking Sponsor Keep Tips
  • 5 Errors of kept women

The qualities of the kept woman

Well-groomed is the main criterion that distinguishes the kept woman from others. Always fresh manicure and pedicure, trendy shade of varnish. Smooth skin without extra hairs, luxurious tan. Always, even at home, she should have beautiful makeup, hair. Walk exclusively in high heels in beautiful clothes and sexy lingerie, even in an apartment. Which is most often paid by a wealthy married boyfriend.

Only a beautiful girl can find a sponsor man. And there will always be plenty of men who are ready to pay for communication with her. A refined figure, athletic toned body without a gram of excess fat, a beautiful face and height are the pass to the world of a rich and luxurious life. Here men are ready to give expensive gifts, pay for apartments and cars. Confidence in her own attractiveness makes a girl even more attractive.

Every gesture should express sexuality. Women looking for a sponsor should understand that going to restaurants and boutiques does not end there. They should be very relaxed and ready for anything in bed. And men are usually very demanding in this matter.

Beauty and sexuality will bring nothing without mind. A man needs one that will not only dispel his boredom. It should be pleasant to talk to her on almost any topic. A stupid dummy cannot take such a luxurious place in the world of luxury cars and rich guys. There are two ways to become a kept woman:

  • The Internet;
  • Real life.
Woman looking for sponsor
Woman looking for sponsor

Mira, 18 years old

Do girls looking for a sponsor use sites for kept women or do they prefer real dating?

In real life, it is extremely difficult to find a man who is ready to provide the oncoming girl. To do this, it is important to be in places with a high concentration of wealthy men:

  • Golf Club.
  • Beauty contest.
  • Expensive fitness center.
  • Private parties.
  • Elite events.

You can get acquainted with a wealthy boyfriend through mutual friends and acquaintances. But this poses potential difficulties. You need to put yourself in such a way that the guy understands that we are talking about sponsorship. Therefore, sites for finding a man's controversy are preferable.

Women looking for sponsors use websites for kept women
Women looking for sponsors use websites for kept women

How to become a kept woman in Moscow? Any place where there is often a large number of rich people in their 40s will do. With the Internet, things are much simpler. You can use popular social networks or specialized sites for kept women. This guarantees an accurate hit on the target.

  • The site fits much better. After all, he maintains anonymity and allows you to immediately declare that the girl needs a sponsor. Constant work will lead to a successful life. This is the minimum nutrition and a large amount of time in the gym, you have to constantly monitor the condition of the skin, hair, nails. There will be no time to relax. Advantages of a site for finding a sponsor:
  • The man himself registered on such a resource, which means he understands what is happening and agrees to such a relationship. He came here not for a serious relationship, but in search of a kept woman.
  • Don't waste time on endless empty dates with losers who flock to pretty photos in your portfolio.
  • You can find out everything about the sponsor immediately. Age, weight and even marital status. Many of them are married and have children (they may even be your age).
  • Preservation of anonymity, even the personal name and surname can be hidden.
  • The administration of such resources guarantees complete confidentiality.
become the kept woman of a wealthy sponsor
become the kept woman of a wealthy sponsor

Ella, 19 years old

Diana, 23 years old

How to become desirable for a wealthy sponsor: TOP 10 tips ____ 10

There are ten steps to the cherished goal. How to become a kept woman? But don't think that everything is that simple. A professional companion must cope with her situation not only physically, but also mentally. Not everyone is able to decide on such a frank act. Emotional and moral barriers may not be overcome. If the future kept woman is ready for this, then she must overcome all steps on the way to the cherished goal.

how to become a desirable woman for a sponsor
how to become a desirable woman for a sponsor

Step 1. The first step is to weigh the pros and cons. Women looking for a sponsor adhere to the main rule - to demonstrate love, desire and attraction to a man, but not to feel it. Liberated and loyal to the sponsor, the girl will win his favor only if she is ready for anything.

Step 2. Ideality is what you should strive for before starting your search. Get rid of excess weight, put your figure in order. Cure skin problems. It is very important to look like the cover girl.

Step 3. This is not a relationship. There is no place for scandals, tantrums and whims. This is not love, not falling in love, but a mutually beneficial relationship. A man understands this perfectly, but girls do not always.

Step 4. Self-development and education are a must. A rich man's professional companion should be able to support any conversation.

Step 5. Appearance is the main weapon. Go through the wardrobe, throw away all sportswear, home clothes, bathrobes, etc. Even at home you will have to look like a social event.

Step 6. Sex does not tolerate rejection. Again, this is not love. The kept woman must meet the needs of her sponsor at any time. And do it the way he wants.

the woman found a sponsor
the woman found a sponsor

Step 7. Cold mind. Making it all into a game is a surefire way not to go crazy. Sleeping and spending time with a man who can even cause dislike is psychologically very difficult. Tolerate and not show negative emotions.

Step 8. Punctuality is important. You cannot be late for meetings. He is a serious businessman, not an errand boy. Forget about your distraction, go out half an hour earlier and come on time, without delay.

Step 9. Photo. The photo session should show the girl from the best side, because they will become her kind of portfolio. It is from the photographs that the sponsor will make his choice.

Step 10. First stage. This is just the beginning. It's time to register on a site where wealthy men are looking for girls for a long time and leisure.

Arina, 21 years old

advice for women looking for a sponsor
advice for women looking for a sponsor

Lyudmila, 22 years old

Girls looking for sponsor keep tips3

The sponsor will spend the maximum amount of money on her only if she is better than his wife (possibly also a mistress). While all requests are dutifully fulfilled - the girl is in priority. No objection, all by the decision of the man.

It is foolish to ask to pick you up near the institute, club, boutique. He is not a husband, boyfriend, or secret admirer. No requests to wash dishes or take out the trash. A sponsor is that person whom a woman praises and asks for nothing but money and purchases. This is the basis for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Have you noticed on the other? Silently endure. Scandals, intrigues, investigations are all unnecessary and personal. It is forbidden to discuss this with him; it is also forbidden to take out "quarrels in public". A girl must remember that she can afford any relationship on the side, even get married again. She is an affectionate kitty who is waiting for him and remains faithful to him.

sponsor seeker rules
sponsor seeker rules

Give small gifts, show your attention and interest. Even if the sponsor initially understood that consumer attitudes would prevail, sooner or later it would start to annoy. A small but pleasant surprise will turn into an expensive fur coat or a bag from a fashion show.

Take an interest in his work and hobbies. Never touch your family in conversation. If the sponsor decides to share a family drama, offer your vision of the problem, but take the side of saving the family. The kept woman must admit to herself that he will never marry her. Listen carefully when he talks about his wife's shortcomings, so as not to allow this in your relationship with him.

Irina, 24 years old

Kept errors4

Not a single bad word should be said towards his wife. He chose this woman and took him as a wife, she gave birth to his child. Yes, they stay married and for good reason.

Another mistake is trying to replace his wife. If a man prefers a relationship on the side, then he clearly does not need to repeat everything that happens at home.

mistakes of women seeking sponsors
mistakes of women seeking sponsors
  • Do not clean up;
  • Do not cook;
  • Can't stand the brain.

You can order food, you can clean the apartment not with your own hands, but with the services of a cleaning company. Let a man come to a clean apartment, where a dinner from a restaurant is waiting for him, a sexy and relaxed woman.

You can't share your past with a sponsor, talk about men, guys, and so on along the list. Raise it, raise your self-esteem, let it delight you. Such a sponsor should not be reproached, contradicted, insisted on his own.

There may not be a way back. Sponsors are different and you need to understand that one elevates his kept woman, while the other can quietly mock her, even in bed. Careless choices can lead to the girl becoming emotionally crippled. This happens extremely rarely, but it is important to understand this possibility.

Women looking for a sponsor should understand what they are agreeing to. If, after reading the article, the inner ego did not resist, then the girl has every chance of succeeding in this profession.

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