5 Signs Of An Ideal Partner For A Woman According To Psychologists

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5 Signs Of An Ideal Partner For A Woman According To Psychologists
5 Signs Of An Ideal Partner For A Woman According To Psychologists

Video: 5 Signs Of An Ideal Partner For A Woman According To Psychologists

Video: 5 Signs Of An Ideal Partner For A Woman According To Psychologists
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perfect man
perfect man

It is good to have ideals, because you can clearly understand what to strive for and what to compare with. But such a parameter as an ideal partner for a woman does not fit into this scheme.

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  • 1 The myth of the ideal partner
  • 2 The ideal partner from a scientific point of view
  • 3 Ideal partner in terms of psychology

The myth of the ideal partner

Philosophers have always talked about this. And they never came to a consensus, how many people, so many opinions.

As for the relationship, the starting point was Plato's "Feast" dialogue. In it, he told a story about a harmonious being, which the angry Zeus split into two halves - male and female. And they still walk around the world looking for each other.

A beautiful story, but there was not a single real fact to prove the veracity of this tale. Yes, at the beginning of each novel one gets the impression that here he is, the ideal partner, but time and reality put everything in its place. And then a feeling similar to sobering comes.

Often a person leaves a relationship in order to rush out again in search in the hope of meeting the same ideal. Women are especially trying hard.

The ideal scientific partner2

Psychologists have long argued that the myth of the ideal plays no positive role in relationships.

But not so long ago, a new theory appeared.

German scientists conducted a study involving 250 couples. The question was exactly this - what is he, an exemplary partner. But the ideal parameters were found out on the basis of … the sense of smell.

It was found that in the first minutes of acquaintance each person unconsciously identifies a partner by smell, as dictated by the procreation instinct.

Moreover, studies have shown that the smell sets a person as “their own” in the case of the greatest genetic difference. The moment when it is true that opposites attract.

The smell of a person is not soap or deodorant, but individual, in which pheromones play a decisive role.

From this position, the ideal partner for a woman can be found.

Ideal partner in terms of psychology3

But humans are a little more complex than dogs. This order only needs a scent to make sure that this is the ideal partner. In a person, other parameters are connected, which psychology is well aware of.

Why is a woman looking for the perfect partner? It turns out that this question has already been answered, and it has several aspects.

ideal partner for a woman
ideal partner for a woman

A woman is looking for the person she drew in her imagination

If you ask what kind of man she wants to see next to her, nothing new will be heard. As in the song - so as not to drink, not smoke, and always gave flowers. And now I have to have money. But this image draws us consciousness, it cannot be called true. The real lies in the unconscious.

But there, as usual, a lot is connected with childhood. Very often the image of the future ideal coincides with the image of the father, or is its opposite, which is still connected with the parent. It also happens that the appearance appears due to circumstances, childhood impressions. Most often, it is not realized, but it attracts a certain type of men like a magnet.

The search for the ideal is a sign of infantilism

Scientists argue that in this search a woman needs one thing - to give responsibility for her life into the wrong hands.

What is the ideal partner for a woman from this point of view? A person who will accept her as she is now. This means that there is no need to change, go forward and improve too. This person has an honorable duty to solve women's problems. Moreover, why do something if a handsome prince comes and fulfills all desires?

ideal partner for a woman
ideal partner for a woman

Similar to me

86% of people claim that they are looking for character traits in a partner that are opposite to their own. Psychologists claim that this is not the case. The search is aimed at similar characteristics. And even more - a woman unconsciously chooses a man who has the same qualities, but more pronounced.

Dissociation exchange - that's what it's called. It makes sense. She does not want to change, develop, but she feels that there are problems that prevent her from living. Then there is a man who has the same shortcomings, but manifested more. And the lady enthusiastically begins to struggle with his imperfections, correcting them and directing them to the true path. Nobody, of course, wants to change, and the union falls apart. A woman reproaches a man who has not corrected himself, but she herself embarks on a search for a new ideal.

Two halves

The myth of the two halves plays a negative role. A woman believes that until she has found her own, she will not become an established personality. That is, real life will come when they are together, but now it is so, rehearsal, not serious. And in principle it is impossible to be happy alone.

ideal partner for a woman
ideal partner for a woman

Psychologists advise not to wait for the coming of the ideal loved one, but to be happy here and now, every day. And then the new relationship will not be a lifeline, which you also need to grab with your teeth, but a union of two free personalities who are happy and pleasant to be together.


It seems that everything is laid out on the shelves. But, differing in opinions about what an ideal partner for a woman should be, scientists agree on one thing. There is a parameter that does not fit into any formula. It's about love. The thing, according to experts, is unpredictable and hardly amenable to analysis, despite numerous attempts. And it is this feeling (not to be confused with falling in love) that is capable of correcting the intractable, reconciling the irreconcilable, helping to reach those heights that it was scary to dream of.

But even love cannot help if a woman does not want to develop, grow up, improve. It is this path to search, when she finally finds herself, is considered correct and successful. Then happiness can be learned. And he will come, the perfect partner for a woman, but not perfect at all, and that's fine.

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