If You Understand Why A Man Is Attracted To A Woman, Then Love Can Be Regulated

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If You Understand Why A Man Is Attracted To A Woman, Then Love Can Be Regulated
If You Understand Why A Man Is Attracted To A Woman, Then Love Can Be Regulated

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why a man is attracted to a woman
why a man is attracted to a woman

Logically, it turns out like this - if it becomes known why a man is drawn to a woman, then it is easy to make it so that one man is drawn to another woman, a woman is drawn to someone who is interested in her, or maybe someone is not at all to anyone drawn. That is, using knowledge, you can interfere in the process of attraction, love, attachment (you can call it whatever you like) and even control it. It turns out that you can make it so that there will be no unrequited love, and at every step there will be only people in love with each other.

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Interestingly, people already know why a man is attracted to a woman. Then why is there still no general harmony? Why are there still abandoned young ladies, suffering men, loving people who are tormented by unrequited feelings?

Everything is very simple. Man, although he decided that he is the king of nature, he still cannot outwit Mother Nature herself. And so, if something was conceived by Nature itself, then man does not always manage to manage this process.

So, for example, nature was intended so that the human race would not be interrupted. And this requires the attraction of a man to a woman. And it was Nature that provided both man and woman with such mechanisms of attraction that it is still impossible to defeat. Yes and no need.

Now a new word “chemistry” has appeared in the definition of love. It is partly true, because at a certain moment in a person there are some processes (and so, chemical ones too), with the help of which one person becomes in love with another. But this is why, for example, in a man such chemical processes begin to one woman, but not to another woman, to another organism does not react in any way.


Scientists believe that each person has his own smell, which is unique to him. Such smells have even been given a special name - pheromone. This smell is too subtle, it is recognized only at a subconscious level. And the pheromone has an interesting property - to attract the opposite sex.

By and large, nothing surprising, animals are also built on smell, and this does not surprise anyone. Man is also an animal, well, yes, he stands at the highest level, but he is also an animal. And the high step only led to the fact that the smell became almost invisible. But our brain is able to catch it and respond to it.

what attracts men to women
what attracts men to women

Why does it happen that a completely ugly, ordinary girl has a bunch of admirers, and an extraordinary beauty is in splendid isolation? So because of these same pheromones. Because the ugly one has such that they just yell “I'm the best! Get attracted to me quickly !!! ", and the other has trouble with pheromones. Weak, underdeveloped, no draft.


If you look at a sleeping person for a long time and intently, he will wake up. Everyone knows that. Although it is not clear - why wake up? After all, no one touched the sleeping person, there was no noise, there was no contact effect at all! And now you woke up!

And everything is simple - a look has such a power that not only can a sleeping person awaken, not only can make the one who is walking with his back to you, but also revive certain feelings in the one who is looking at.

By the way, the effect of the gaze can be seen, again, on animals. If you look closely into the eyes of the beast, he will perceive it as a challenge. A person, however, perceives such a view as a call to a relationship.

Opposites Attract3

Another law of nature is the attraction of opposites. As a rule, a man is more mass than a woman, he has a rough voice, and a woman's voice is softer, softer.

about love of opposites
about love of opposites

The figure itself is the opposite of each other. The ladies have a developed pelvis, small shoulders, a long neck. Men have big shoulders, a narrow pelvis, a strong neck, strong arms. Yes, of course, there are other proportions, but the ideal physique is exactly the one described above.

The psychology of men and women is also different. Women are more talkative, emotional, mobile, while men are more confident, calm, decisive, less emotional.

It is because of the difference in physiological structure and psychological development that He and She are attracted.

And 4 more

In addition to these factors, there are other aspects that make people connect in loving couples.

The person has already thought of why people are attracted to each other. However, even knowing this, people cannot make sure that their smell (pheromone) was such that it would drive exactly whoever they want crazy. Now they even make special perfumes with pheromones. You can see whole shop windows of such spirits. But the question is, where to see at least one pair of people who would be connected by these spirits. Does not work.

People still cannot understand why this gaze of one person excites, excites, calls and attracts, and one just wants to turn away from the gaze of another person. It does not always work out that even the brightest opposites do not attract, but repel.

why a man is attracted to a woman
why a man is attracted to a woman

That is, even knowing the levers of controlling feelings, a person still does not know how to use them. Therefore, you have to rely on Mother Nature. For so many centuries it has not let us down on this issue, and probably will not let us down further.

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