7 Benefits Of Being A Bachelor For A Man

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7 Benefits Of Being A Bachelor For A Man
7 Benefits Of Being A Bachelor For A Man

Video: 7 Benefits Of Being A Bachelor For A Man

Video: 7 Benefits Of Being A Bachelor For A Man
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Pros of single life
Pros of single life

All married men remember their bachelor life with longing and nostalgia. What can I say if even women in our time are in no hurry to get married. On the contrary, some inveterate bachelors find disadvantages in such a life. But numerous surveys conducted among men show that often the advantages of living a bachelor's life significantly outweigh the fate of a married man.

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  • 1 Is marriage a prison?
  • 2 Freedom
  • 3 Absence of mother-in-law - "monster" and numerous aunts Zin
  • 4 Nice appearance
  • 5 "Sharing" of your living space and alimony
  • 6 Work only for yourself
  • 7 Women for every taste

Is marriage a prison? I

The bachelors themselves, if you ask about the advantages of bachelorhood, immediately name independence and freedom of action. "The first plus is freedom, the second is plus freedom, the third plus is freedom …"

Does this really mean that marriage for them is akin to prison and confinement. Most likely, the fact is that many people unknowingly get married at a young age, and problems that are not quite responsible for this age fall on their shoulders.

Or the wife turns out to be morally stronger than the spouse than suppresses him, rather than trying, on the contrary, to encourage him to more responsible actions. There are often many reasons, and scientists, psychologists, sexologists have been trying to find the answer to them for a decade … Let them continue to try further, and we will consider the most common advantages of a single or "while single" life.


As mentioned earlier, the most significant plus is freedom. The bachelor is his own master. Live as you want, do what you want, dress as you want, meet whoever you want, walk as long as you want … No one will stand over his soul and play on your nerves, demand explanations why he came home 15 minutes later, why he forgot to buy eggs and bread, why didn’t take the dog for a walk yesterday, why didn’t lower the toilet seat behind him, why socks are scattered around the house, why did I put on this terrible shirt, why, why, why…. Yes, millions of "why" … Women manage to find "why" even where it is not.

Who is a bachelor
Who is a bachelor

Moreover, in addition to this, there will be a careful supervision of your salary. You will not see any "go to football" or "concert of your favorite band".

Absence of mother-in-law - "monster" and numerous aunts Zin3

Another very important plus is that while a single man, there is no need to meet with his wife's parents and numerous relatives, communication with whom is very burdensome for you. Agree life is much easier and simpler without "dear and beloved" mother-in-law. After all, the word "mother-in-law" has become something of a household name in our time, characterizing a certain "nervous" monster. Don’t you?

But if you are married, you will have to visit this "monster" very often, plus sometimes listen to conversations that Vitka's neighbor, who was not indifferent to her beloved daughter, has a well-paid job, a car and is building his own house.

And as soon as you save up for a car, no one will praise you, and even say they say it was high time already. Plus, now you have to take your mother-in-law to the clinic, bring something "vital" to your father-in-law on the way and meet your aunt Zina at the station, who came to visit you for a couple of days.

Cons of being a bachelor
Cons of being a bachelor

Nice appearance4

Have you noticed that bachelors always look more stylish and well-groomed. Indeed it is. A free person is always open to new acquaintances, any day of the week. It is important for him to look like a brand in order to please new acquaintances. There is no habitual way of life, where it does not matter what is dressed, because at home "everyone is our own", "who will see me in this form", "who needs me."

And even the very process of buying clothes with my wife turns into “I myself know how best for you”, “too expensive, in front of whom I’m going to show off”. As a result, the man buys the first thing that comes to him or what his wife liked, just not to run into another scandal. The saddest thing is that over time, wives begin to behave in the same way: they do not take care of themselves, dress in who knows what, and gain weight. It's sad.

"Sharing" of your living space and alimony5

Her own, honestly earned living space, which in case of divorce will have to be divided, and maybe even given to his wife (the main thing is to get out of the loop already) is an undoubted plus of a bachelor life. In addition, it is much easier and faster to earn money for your personal living space. Married, you have to go into debt and, worst of all, take out a mortgage, but this is exactly slavery for many decades.

Pros of being a bachelor
Pros of being a bachelor

It is not clear yet how long your marriage will last, but certainly shorter than the loan maturity. And in order to pay it off, you will have to work day and night at three jobs. For what? After all, after a divorce, in addition to dividing up living space, if there are children (and they probably will), you will have to pay alimony.

Work only for yourself6

This implies another plus - one job is enough to be enough for your needs, besides, there will be an opportunity to save a little from each salary. You can calmly get enough sleep, even go to rest. One. Buy yourself a rare soccer jersey or ball, or what do you usually enjoy? You won't have to listen to screams and screams about how you could spend a lot of money on such junk.

Women for every taste 7

Another of the most important advantages of a still single life, of course, is that bachelors can stare (and not only) at other women, because everyone knows that men love with their eyes. A man by his nature a priori cannot be monogamous. Pay attention to married men, how they look at other women, and how they then look with a guilty glance at their wife.

It's normal for men to stare at other women, it's inherent in their nature. Why are wives always sure that this is treason? A man appreciates beauty, because, as mentioned above, all men love with their eyes. Women, adjusting a man to fit their framework, only kills everything male in a man. And then he wonders: where did the real men go?


Of course, such a life has its drawbacks. Sometimes, even with this lifestyle, the desire to have a family and children outweighs. Everyone sometime meets such a person, without whom he cannot imagine his future life. Statistics show that bachelors make good husbands if they decide to marry.

After all, before marriage, bachelors, having already walked up to their fullest, will pay attention only to their beloved wife, whose search took a lot of time, deliberate time. After all, the desire to marry was carefully considered, besides, there was a great experience of relations with women behind my back.

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