How Not To Kill A Jealous Friend: Step By Step Instructions And Tips

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How Not To Kill A Jealous Friend: Step By Step Instructions And Tips
How Not To Kill A Jealous Friend: Step By Step Instructions And Tips

Video: How Not To Kill A Jealous Friend: Step By Step Instructions And Tips

Video: How Not To Kill A Jealous Friend: Step By Step Instructions And Tips
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How not to kill a jealous friend
How not to kill a jealous friend

It is generally accepted that jealousy is a strong indicator of love. We agree with this statement, because indeed, if a girl is jealous, then she is interested in her man and wants to be only with him. But sometimes, this bright is indicative so dazzling that it simply obscures women's eyes.

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  • 1 Is jealousy good or bad?
  • 2 Calm and only calm
  • 3 Patience: water and stone wears away
  • 4 Don't get defensive
  • 5 Compliment
  • 6 Show your love for her
  • 7 Try to find the reasons for her jealousy.

Any insignificant act or an inadvertently thrown word can serve as a reason for jealousy. From such a specific manifestation of love, it starts to simply shake. So close and reach the gap! This is not part of your plans, is it? But spending the rest of your life in a debilitating and destructive relationship is not a prospect. We'll have to learn to fight and fight back female jealousy.

Is jealousy good or bad? 8212

What is jealousy really and how compatible is it with a high feeling of love? On the one hand, if you are jealous, you value it, but on the other, you do not trust and you are afraid of losing. It's a hot and controversial mixture.

Psychologists distinguish three main types of jealousy:

  • competition-type jealousy;
  • jealousy in the presence of a specific rival;
  • jealousy based on their own fantasies and thoughts.

The last view is the scariest one. In their contrived experiences, women are able to reach the point of no return. They torment themselves with things that simply do not exist in the real world and cannot be. And the whole horror is that no one except the woman herself is able to stop the flow of such thoughts. And often she is powerless in this. And then it is necessary to resort to the help of specialists.

Jealousy is neither bad nor good. It just needs to be between two loving people, but in moderation. Without this feeling, the union will simply resemble neighborly relations: even, without passions and experiences. In general, they are lean, boring and indifferent. Jealousy in the right dosage is the perfect fuel for love and keeping the couple alive.

The trouble comes when one of the partners cannot stop: a catch, treason, deception seem to be hiding around every corner. There is no time for love. We must constantly keep the line and be ready for battle. Often none other than the "provocateur" of this feeling - the beloved man, is called to battle. To stop participating in endless battles and battles, arm yourself with the following tips.

How not to kill a jealous friend
How not to kill a jealous friend

Calm and only calm i

You cannot react to constant attacks and show aggression in response. It is clear that groundless accusations are very haunted. It's important to keep your emotions in check if your friend hasn't learned how to deal with hers yet.

A light joke on another reproach and bewilderment on your face will show serenity and indifference in this matter. A person who has nothing to hide behaves just like that. Let your friend be imbued with your calmness and catch his spirit.

Patience: water and stone wears away2

Everything changes with age and events. If outbursts of jealousy occur at the beginning of a relationship, then just respond to them correctly. Time will pass, and passions will go away. In the overwhelming majority of cases, jealousy subsides after a period of euphoria, wild passion and desire to spend all the time with the object of your love has passed.

Be patient for a couple of months, and then it will be clear: the usual jealousy will subside, but the paranoid will remain. Here it is up to you to make a decision and choose: look for ways to calm her down or say goodbye.

What to do with a jealous woman
What to do with a jealous woman

Don't get defensive3

When a thousand reproaches and accusations are poured into your address, at the reflex level you want to defend yourself from them. Of course, it is difficult not to rebuff words that have nothing to do with reality.

Remember that when jealousy covers your partner, she is out of control. Therefore, your arguments and justifications will only act as catalysts in the conflict. The usual reproaches turn into a scandal, where she attacks you and you defend.

There are several ways out of the situation. The first is to hug your girlfriend and say that you love her. The second is to portray bewilderment and resentment at such words. If the first two options do not help, then there is one more: in a calm but imperious tone, say that this was not the case and get away from the conversation (to another room, to the shower, or just to the shop for a chocolate bar to your spiteful person - she will cool down at this time, and you will bring her a little present).

Give compliments4

Of course, it is stupid to take one morning and turn into a nice man who sings praises to his lady. Here the opposite effect will rather work: aha, changed and now atone for sins. Just add affectionate words and compliments to your communication with your beloved at least once a day: how beautiful you are in this dress, how gentle you are in a dressing gown and with a ponytail, you are my most beautiful. Connect your imagination and try.

Jealous girlfriend
Jealous girlfriend

Compliments to a girl about her beauty are not just words, so put emotions into them. She begins to be jealous not only because of insecurity in you, but primarily because of her complexes. Without your support, her doubts about her strengths and beauty only increase. Stop that.

Show that you love her and truly appreciate her. Only your attitude is important for her now and it is it that can help her gain self-confidence. And women who are confident in their man are jealous in a completely different way, so much so that the guys are so pleased!

Show your love for her5

A provocateur of female jealousy is often male behavior. If a beloved girl stops receiving signs of attention and warmth from you, then she perceives it as cold and indifference. It makes no sense to appeal to logic and thoughts in the style of "tired, work or forgotten". Women always have an ironclad argument: when you love, you always find time for words and deeds. In principle, they are right.

Jealous woman
Jealous woman

Remember yourself at the beginning of this relationship? After all, it was all the same to lack of sleep, thwarted plans, rare meetings with friends - just to be with her. In general, in order to eradicate jealousy, let the girl feel your love again.

It doesn't matter what it will be: an evening at home in front of the TV, bought chocolates a couple of times a week on the way home, dinner, a joint trip to friends or for a walk. Just stay by her side. No phones or strangers.

Try to find the reasons for her jealousy6

If no actions give a result, and her jealousy simply harasses you - try to get to the bottom of the true reasons why the girl is jealous. In a calm atmosphere, inform your girlfriend that you love her and sincerely do not understand why she behaves this way. Do not offer her your versions on this score, but ask and wait for an answer.

It is important to talk specifically about your feelings: that her jealousy hurts you; that you feel unnecessary; you need to know that she trusts and loves you. Try to get her out into a frank conversation, and then dispel her doubts.

The reasons why women start to be jealous can be very different: from inner insecurity and notoriousness, to banal male indifference. Always start solving a problem with yourself.

How to deal with a jealous woman
How to deal with a jealous woman

Very often jealousy goes away, if a man only needs to correct his behavior: to control his views; reduce unwanted communication with other girls; try not to stay late at work without good reason; warn your beloved if you can't get home on time. And the main thing is to be loving, sincere and open. Then no speculation will settle in your girlfriend's head!