How To Meet A Guy: TOP 17 Ways

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How To Meet A Guy: TOP 17 Ways
How To Meet A Guy: TOP 17 Ways

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How to meet a guy
How to meet a guy

You are a sweet pretty girl who dreams of love and a handsome prince for months. And he still does not exist. Girlfriends have long ago acquired gentlemen, jumped up to get married, and you all sit on the window sighing sadly. All the girlfriends in pairs, dispersed in silence … so be sad enough! It's time to take the situation into your feminine and gentle hands. Stop waiting for the weather by the sea. You can build your own happiness. Do not wait for Fate to bring you together with the right guy, but get to know an interesting subject herself. There are many ways to meet an interesting man. Take on one of the options.

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  • 1 Method one: an acquaintance of my acquaintances
  • 2 Method two: dating site and social network
  • 3 Method three: common interests
  • 4 Method four: music connected us
  • 5 Method five: lonely adventures
  • 6 Method six: love of literature
  • 7 Method seven: beauty saves from loneliness
  • 8 Method eight: pleasant communication
  • 9 Method nine: a bold act
  • 10 Method ten: ask for help
  • 11 Method eleven: office romance
  • 12 Method twelve: the goddess of cooking
  • 13 Method thirteen: care and attention
  • 14 Method fourteen: posing for the camera
  • 15 Method fifteen: meeting in a traffic jam
  • 16 Method sixteen: the first step
  • 17 Method seventeen: male hands
  • 18 Make no mistakes

Method one: an acquaintance of my acquaintances

The easiest way to get to know a guy is to involve acquaintances, neighbors, and girlfriends. Probably, some of them have a good free man in mind. Spread a cry among friends and family that you want to find a soul mate. You will see what a flurry of suitors awaits you. Each friend or aunt, through the third knee, will offer worthy candidates. Don't twist your nose and talk to each subject presented. Perhaps among the large number of applicants there will be someone who will win your heart.

Method two: dating site and social network2

Dating sites are aimed at allowing lonely hearts to find a life partner. Fill out the form on the sites, do not forget to "paste" your good photo. Describe more specifically what kind of relationship you want. Tell us more about yourself. Consider, on such sites there is a huge number of married men, seekers of sexual adventures. Feel free to discard unwanted candidates. Pay attention to the sincerity and culture of the guys. If a man from the first days of his acquaintance sends candid photos and asks for your pictures with the nude style, immediately stop communicating with him. Nothing good will come of such an acquaintance. Be active yourself. It is not hard. You will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Find the guy you like.
  2. Study his profile carefully.
  3. Like some photos.
  4. Write an interesting commentary on the pictures.
  5. The first to write to the owner of the profile.

There is nothing wrong with the last point. The worst thing that can happen: the guy will ignore your activity. This is not a global disaster. So the guy is not your man. Continue your search further.

Method three: common interests3

Many girls actively meet guys in the gym, pool, library, sections and circles. To expand your social circle, sign up for the institution you are interested in. Your destiny may be very close. Common hobbies and frequent meetings by themselves will help you make acquaintances and continue communication.

How to meet a guy
How to meet a guy

Method four: music connected us4

Bars and cafes or other places of entertainment become “meeting places” for lonely people. You can often go there with a friend or yourself. Don't go over a lot of different places. Choose one cozy cafe where you feel comfortable and fun. Visit there on weekends. Be sociable and friendly. Feel free to start a conversation with strangers, answer questions. But at the same time, do not be obsessive, boring or frivolous. Be confident and dignified (not to be confused with arrogance!). Slow dances don't sit alone and politely accept guys' invitations. As an exception, you can get up the courage and invite a lonely handsome man who you liked. Perhaps the two of you will leave the cafe.

Method five: lonely adventures5

Don't ignore lonely walks. Get into the habit of walking in the park or jogging once a week. A pet will be an excellent help. You will have the opportunity to talk to dog breeders. Feel free to talk to interesting people yourself. Some guys like to spend their leisure time with their guitar. Come closer to listen to the song performed. Praise the musician. Your praise can serve as an impetus for further acquaintance.

How to meet a guy
How to meet a guy

Method six: love of literature 6

Some guys like well-read girls. Take your favorite volume of essays in the park, sit on the bench and read. You will get some bonuses: reading in the fresh air calms the nervous system, fills you with energy and peace, and helps you find new acquaintances. Go to cultural events alone. Someone from the crowd will definitely pay attention to an interesting person.

Remember: if, while in the park, you listen to music on headphones or stick into your phone, more than one young man will not approach you. He decides that you are thus fencing yourself from communication with strangers.

Method seven: beauty saves from loneliness

To attract the attention of the stronger sex, a girl must have a well-groomed and attractive appearance. It is very important. Whatever philosophers say about inner beauty, men first of all pay attention to their appearance. Watch yourself. Dress in style according to your figure. For self-confidence, do sports. Men are more likely to pay attention to a fit woman than to a blurry "pig". Don't forget about personal hygiene. Your chances of finding a soul mate are diminished if your hair is shiny with grease and your mouth smells like sour salad. Take care of these nuances. A self-confident girl who feels beautiful will definitely gain a crowd of fans.

Tips on how to meet a guy
Tips on how to meet a guy

Method eight: pleasant communication8

There is a popular paradox among girls. They dream of finding a boyfriend, but coldly put aside attempts to meet new applicants. Or they talk to them, assuming the importance of the Snow Queen. Believing that a certain detachment and coolness attracts the stronger sex, girls make a mistake. Guys are drawn to more sociable and cheerful people with whom it is easy and simple to have a conversation. But, at the same time, do not stoop to the level of a simpleton. Remain a mystery. You should not enthusiastically notify a new acquaintance about the personal facts of your life, childhood and plans for the future. Be a little discreet and pleasant to talk to. Take an interest in the life and hobbies of a new acquaintance. Know how to sow over a good joke, and do not forget about a charming smile. The guys are crazy about her.

Method nine: a bold act9

Moderate initiative helps the fair sex to find female happiness. Use a trick to meet a nice guy. While in a cafe with a friend, go to the "victim" and say with a smile that you bet a bet on your friend and should ask for his phone number. The guy will be amused by this situation. He will be happy to continue acquaintance, if at the moment his spouse and a couple of children are not expecting him at home. In case of refusal, smile politely and return to your place. Such a situation, in any case, would be an interesting adventure. And if luck smiles at you, a love date awaits you tomorrow.

Method ten: ask for help10

A simple and easy way to talk to a guy is to ask him for help. Come up with any reason. Let's say you get lost and cannot find a certain street. Ask the young man to walk you to the appointed point. On the way, you will have the opportunity to talk and get to know each other. Don't let her go. But if the guy is gloomy and uncommunicative, don't insist. Perhaps he is not up to new contacts. Look for another candidate.

Tips for dating a guy
Tips for dating a guy

There are other ways to ask a man for help:

  • give a lift;
  • push the car;
  • get an item from a high store shelf;
  • help carry heavy loads;
  • to spend home in the evening from an entertainment establishment;
  • hold back the doors.

After that, be sure to thank the stranger and smile in a friendly way. An interested guy will definitely respond with an offer to meet.

Method eleven: office romance11

Reverse the takeout on work colleagues. An interesting bachelor may be among them. Take a closer look at the man and try to talk to him. There are some simple options:

  • sit down at one table during your lunch break;
  • ask to take you a seat on the work bus;
  • ask for advice on work issues;
  • complain about the absence of a companion and two extra tickets to a movie, and invite a colleague;
  • Every morning, say hello to your friend, and one fleeting moment take an interest in the employee's affairs.
Meet a guy
Meet a guy

Method twelve: goddess of cooking12

In the film "The Most Charming and Attractive", Susannochka taught her friend how to get close to men. She did give a lot of practical advice. One of them included "magic cooking." Pies will help to win a man. Or another delicious dish. Get in the habit of treating the "desired object" with something tasty. Whether it's a colleague or a young lonely neighbor. If you hear compliments and enthusiastic praise, then you are halfway to success. Perhaps, soon the man will invite you for a cup of coffee. You can take a chance and take the initiative. If, you are interested in the guy, he will use the invitation.

Method thirteen: care and attention13

Show attention and care for the "powerful of this world." Give the man the help he needs. Offer to hide under the same umbrella with you, push his car, pick up the thing he dropped. Little things like that will help you get started. Representatives of the stronger sex will certainly appreciate such attention. Don't be shy and dare.

Method fourteen: posing for the camera14

Girls love to be photographed. Plus, it's a great way to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Freeze the desired object and ask it to click a couple of frames. Feel free to pose in front of the camera, smile, ask for advice on the best. Be sure to praise the pictures, thank for the help and ask: where can you contact such a professional photographer next time?

Actionable tips for dating a guy
Actionable tips for dating a guy

Method fifteen: meeting in a traffic jam15

Traffic jam is an unfortunate situation. On the other hand, such a “pause in life” helps to find new acquaintances. While you're in traffic, pay attention to your neighbors. An interesting and nice guy may be nearby. Talk to him, smile, offer to talk while you are "close." Such moments can be the beginning of a successful acquaintance.

Method sixteen: the first step16

If you like a lonely young man for a long time, and there is no way to get to know each other, take the courage and take the first step. Write him a letter, or feel free to come up and declare your interest. Find his phone number and offer to chat. An active girl can surprise and pleasantly impress a man. If he is free and interested, further events will begin to develop rapidly.

Method seventeen: male hands17

You have a burned out socket, a broken door in a nightstand, or a light bulb. Oh, you don't know how to do this kind of work at all. Ask a cute guy from work or a new neighbor to help around the house. In gratitude, treat yourself to a delicious lunch and a mountain of compliments. You can, of course, call a master who (as you know) is lonely and handsome. The man "on call" will carry out the assignment and at the same time keep the company of the lonely girl.

Make no mistakes18

Feel free to be an active and outgoing girl, but never go too far. Never allow yourself to do the following:

How can a girl meet a guy
How can a girl meet a guy
  • Do not try to beat off someone else's husband.
  • Don't chase a man, don't chase him, don't humiliate yourself.
  • Don't be a frivolous girl "generous" with sex. Don't meet guys through bed.
  • In case of refusal or ignorance on the part of the stronger sex, be able to retreat with dignity.
  • Do not whine about illness, lack of money and other problems.
  • Don't complain about loneliness, ex-boyfriends, and unhappy fate.

The main thing is to be a flirtatious, sociable, pleasant and dignified young lady. Guys are drawn to an interesting, cheerful girl like bees to honey. Don't be rude and cold lady. Match the ideal of a woman and you will not have to pass the time alone.

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