Ugly Ones Will Be Out Of Work: A New Service From A Dating Site

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Ugly Ones Will Be Out Of Work: A New Service From A Dating Site
Ugly Ones Will Be Out Of Work: A New Service From A Dating Site
girl in pink dress
girl in pink dress

You can find everything and more on the Internet now.

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Dating sites for polygamists, Trump fans, vegetarians, Russians and foreigners.

For those who do not use gluten, and for those who dream of great and pure love.

Dating resource creators want to please everyone.

A noble occupation, isn't it?

But what are the goals pursued by the creators of the site, intended only for beautiful people?

Increasing sales of antidepressants?

They are greeted by clothes

The site was launched in 2002 by highly creative people in Denmark. By 2009, the site had gone international.

The words that this resource is intended only for beautiful people are not clickbait at all - unattractive users simply cannot complete the registration process.

The user uploads his photo to the site. Over the next 48 hours, already registered users will rate his photo.

Didn't get enough "likes" - don't blame me. Forget about and go chat with mere mortals.

They say that one person out of five succeeds in registering.

Everyone who is lucky enough to go through face control, in addition to meeting the beautiful world of this world, also has the opportunity to find a job.

According to the managing director of the site, Greg Hodge, cares about the safety of its pretty wards.

The selection of employers is carried out by specially trained people.

Vacancies are carefully checked to make sure that the employer can be trusted and you are not going to be sold into slavery.

Vacancies on the site are presented for every taste - here you can find a real estate agency, assistance to a wedding designer, and babysitting.

Facts about beautifulpeople.com_beautifulpeoplecom

Photos of new users are evaluated by representatives of the opposite sex. “Handsome”, “Hmmm, okay”, “No”, “Absolutely not” are the answer options in the voting

The results of the voting plunge into the abyss of sad thoughts even those who managed to get registered.

  • In 2005, the site was launched in the United States and Britain.
  • The site has received a lot of criticism and negative reviews for its policies.
  • No more than 20% of candidates are successfully registered.
  • In 2012, a version of the site was released for representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation.
  • In January 2010, the site administration deactivated the accounts of 5,000 users due to the fact that they gained weight.
  • In 2011, the site was infected with a virus. As a result, everyone has free access to the site and the possibility of registration without verification and strict selection. About thirty thousand users who managed to register were later removed from the site. The media dubbed this virus "Shrek" in honor of the character of the cartoon of the same name.
  • The site team regularly arranges meetings for its users. Of course, only attractive people can get on them. If it turns out that the user in life looks worse than in the photos on his profile, the Beauty Police will quickly escort the loser out the door.
  • In 2016, user data (more than one million people) "leaked" and became public. Addresses, employment, income and sexual preferences - private information was freely available.

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