How To Find A Common Language With A Girl And Win Her Attention?

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How To Find A Common Language With A Girl And Win Her Attention?
How To Find A Common Language With A Girl And Win Her Attention?
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How to find a common language with a girl
How to find a common language with a girl

All people are different and it is sometimes difficult to find a common language with them. It is even more difficult to find something in common with girls, because they are mysterious personalities and not everyone immediately makes contact. What to do to win the attention of a girl you like? How to find a common language with a girl? Let's consider further.

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  • 1 Don't be afraid to sound stupid
  • 2 Avoid awkward pauses in conversation
  • 3 Need to work on self-esteem
  • 4 Don't skimp on compliments
  • 5 Search for common hobbies
  • 6 You can not limit the personal space of another person

Don't be afraid to sound stupid

Men strive to be the best and strongest in the eyes of their girlfriend. They want to become a hero for her. And this is common to all guys. However, behind this image, there may be hidden self-doubt, fear of being misunderstood by a girl. And in order to understand how to find a common language with a girl, you must not be afraid to seem stupid. Some cannot correctly formulate sentences in the presence of a girl, others do not know where to start and how to continue the conversation.

Don't worry and worry about it. It is best to behave like you do with other people. Not being silent, asking a girl questions will be the best way to find common topics for conversation. After all, the girl also understands the guy's excitement and she will also be embarrassed if the conversation is not easy.

If you like a girl, then you need to immediately approach and get acquainted. Do not be shy, because then the guy will regret the missed chance. It doesn't matter what he says, let the phrases be trivial. The girl will appreciate this bold step and will remember it. And this is a big plus in the further continuation of the acquaintance.

Avoid awkward pauses in conversation2

This is one of the rules of finding a common language with a girl. Shyness gets in the way of many guys. Some are afraid to say something wrong, while others are simply more interested in walking in silence. But it must be remembered that a good conversation will bring a girl no less pleasure than a good walk. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare and think about topics for conversation in advance.

If a situation arises that fantasy disappears for themes, then it is necessary to move on to the topic of fiction and communicate on extensive topics. For example, is there life on Mars and what would a guy and a girl do if they lived there. Or how a girl would behave if she was on a desert island.

acquaintance with a woman
acquaintance with a woman

It's also a lot of fun, and humor brings people closer together. The girl will relax during the conversation and will be more open. She needs to be allowed to speak out, not to interfere with asking the guy questions.

This approach to communication will show the guy's interest in the girl, his versatility, resourcefulness. In addition, this is a salvation from the awkward silence during the walk. There is no need to repeat the same story several times, the girl will definitely not appreciate it.

Need to work on self-esteem3

Don't know how to find a common language with a girl? Again, shyness is to blame. These guys have low self-esteem. If a person cannot comfortably communicate with people around him, then it is desirable for him to be liberated. It is necessary to work on psychological problems, to get rid of internal complexes and clamps.

You cannot be afraid to communicate. To achieve a successful result, experience is required, so the more the guy communicates, the easier it will be for him to get it further.

acquaintance with a girl
acquaintance with a girl

It is advisable to have experience with people of different ages: those who are younger, as well as those who are older. The art of speaking takes practice. The more the conversation experience, the more the guy will be able to pick up in future dialogues. The more diverse the communication will be. And his success depends on self-confidence.

Also, girls love guys with good humor. You must learn to joke. With the help of a sense of humor, you can always avoid an awkward situation, translate what happened into humor. But you need to remain serious and know which questions you can laugh it off and which ones should be answered seriously.

Don't skimp on compliments4

The guy needs to analyze how and what he talks to the girl. Some of the topics that guys bring up are not always of interest to girls and many are afraid to admit it. Girls prefer to talk more often on topics that are interesting to them. They love to hear compliments in their address and they will never get bored. It is necessary to notice changes in the girl's appearance and emphasize this with words. The girl is flattered that the guy considers her the most economic, intelligent and beautiful.

Search for common hobbies5

People who have common hobbies will always find something to discuss. They are "on the same wavelength." You can read one book together, watch a TV series, or do rock climbing.

how to meet
how to meet

You can not limit the personal space of another person6

Relationships should be built on trust. If a guy is very jealous, then he should understand that if he does not give freedom of action to the girl and constantly control her, then she will begin to avoid the guy and communication will be minimized.

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