How To Hook Up A Guy: Simple Tips For Inexperienced Girls

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How To Hook Up A Guy: Simple Tips For Inexperienced Girls
How To Hook Up A Guy: Simple Tips For Inexperienced Girls

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How to hook up a guy
How to hook up a guy

Girls are always worried about an important thought: how to hook up a guy. Everyone dreams of great and pure love. Meeting the man of her dreams, even the most self-confident and beautiful young ladies begin to worry about themselves and turn on all available channels of seduction in order to conquer the subject of adoration. Getting a guy's disposition and sympathy is not at all difficult if you use simple techniques.

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  • 1 Attractive appearance
  • 2 Sunny smile
  • 3 languid gaze
  • 4 Ability to maintain a conversation
  • 5 Respect and education
  • 6 Demonstration of talent
  • 7 Don't be easily accessible

Attractive appearancei

Appearance is the main condition in the task of how to hook up a guy. Representatives of the stronger sex are visuals, and for them it is of great importance how a woman looks and what she is wearing. To attract the attention of her beloved boyfriend, a girl must take care of herself every day, improve her figure, learn how to use cosmetics and dress with taste.

Let a man not understand which part of the wardrobe is fashionable in this season, and which is outdated. But he will certainly appreciate the tastefully selected outfit, which emphasizes the girl's figure in a favorable light.

Sunny smile2

A cheerful, optimistic young lady attracts the attention of men. With such it is interesting to spend time and gain positive emotions. She knows how to laugh heartily and make her partner laugh. Her smile illuminates her face like the sun. The girl is a cheerful nature, which undoubtedly attracts the male part of humanity.

Languid gaze3

An alluring gaze is a powerful strategy in how to hook up a guy. An open, warm gaze turned to a man's face will not leave him indifferent. Ladies with a smile and beckoning drag are much more attractive and prettier than the gloomy Nyurka, looking sullenly at the object of her passion.

How to hook up a guy
How to hook up a guy

The thrilling thrill that a girl has for a guy sometimes confuses and interferes with playing a seductive person. The young lady blushes and paler, hides her eyes in embarrassment. The man will think he is unpleasant and will distance himself from the woman. It is necessary to make an effort on yourself and look directly into the eyes of your loved one. With tenderness and rays of the sun rushing from under the eyelids.

Ability to maintain a conversation4

How to hook up a guy? Of course, pleasant communication. Most men showed interest in a woman only after an interesting dialogue with her. In order for the conversation to go smoothly and well, the girl needs to adhere to simple tips:

  • do not interrupt;
  • do not talk nonsense;
  • do not pop incessantly;
  • be interested in a guy and be able to listen to him;
  • maintain the mood of the conversation;
  • call the guy by his name more often.

Guys appreciate the girl's “inner beauty”. An inconspicuous young lady is able to conquer a man's heart by showing charm, sensitivity and intelligence during a conversation.

How to hook up a guy to a girl
How to hook up a guy to a girl

Respect and education5

There is an opinion that men have sympathy for cocky and bitchy women. This fact is doubtful and controversial. Perhaps some representatives of the stronger sex like brave young ladies with a "sharp" tongue, but impudent and rude ones absolutely alienate all men from themselves.

A woman is adorned with courtesy to the people around her. If she does not know how to behave in society, is endlessly rude to the guy and behaves defiantly, his presence will become depressing and unwanted. The guy feels terrible discomfort in such a company and will henceforth avoid continuing to meet.

Demonstration of talents6

One of the secrets of how to hook up a guy is to demonstrate your abilities. Each person has one or another gift. A girl is able to conquer a young man with charming singing, fiery dance, erudition or impeccable game of checkers. Culinary skills can be demonstrated for lack of other talents.

The main thing is to find the right time and place. You should not sing songs while walking along the city streets or poke pies into the hands of a confused guy at every meeting. You need to think about a strategic plan and gradually demonstrate your ability.

how to win a guy
how to win a guy

One point: you don't need to boast of some qualities that are much better than the guy's abilities. Men are very vulnerable. If a woman constantly leaves her partner behind her, remaining a winner, then instead of admiration, she causes anger and irritation in the guy.

Not easily accessible7

Before you hook up a guy, a woman must understand one thing. Easily accessible persons quickly bore men. Representatives of the stronger sex are "hunters" and their instinct requires the conquest of the "fair lady". Feeling sympathy for a charming girl and quickly getting results, the gentleman feels bored and cold.

What is he striving for, "all the good things" are available to him, like an apple on a blue plate? A girl should be like an interesting book that is gradually revealed to her partner. Do not go too far with inaccessibility. If a man struggles for a long time over the awakening of the "Snow Queen", he gradually fades away and pays attention to the more accommodating "Gerdam".

how to win a guy to a girl
how to win a guy to a girl

There is nothing difficult about how to hook up a guy. A loving, sincere and interesting girl who “knows her own worth” will be able to conquer and keep any man.

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