6 Online Dating Mistakes All Girls Make

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6 Online Dating Mistakes All Girls Make
6 Online Dating Mistakes All Girls Make

Video: 6 Online Dating Mistakes All Girls Make

Video: 6 Online Dating Mistakes All Girls Make
Video: 6 Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid 2023, March
surprised girl and laptop
surprised girl and laptop

So, you've decided to try your luck on a dating site or app. I found an interesting resource, registered, uploaded a photo … And the cat cried worthy candidates. What is the problem? Maybe it's all the fault - magnetic storms, or Sagittarius in Saturn? Not at all: astrology has nothing to do with it. The most common obstacle to female success on dating sites is the wrong actions of the girls themselves. Today we will consider several of the most common mistakes made by users.

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  • 1 1. "Everybody lies"
  • 2 2. "Get out, get out of here!"
  • 3 3. Retouching and filters: "Seductive like Monica Bellucci"
  • 4 4. "And so it goes": poorly completed profile
  • 5 5. "A lot is not a little". Championship reported one way
  • 6 6. “Let him write himself”. Unhappy pride

1. "Everybody lies" 1

One of the most common mistakes. Of course, if you like to spend Friday night hugging a bottle of red semi-sweet and a box of chocolates, you don't have to write about this in your profile. But on the other hand, if this is so, there is no need to position yourself as an ardent fan of healthy lifestyle. Because during the first or subsequent dates, you will definitely be bored. And it will be very embarrassing.

2. "Get out, get out of here!" 2

Often, girls write phrases like “All vulgar goats, pass by!” In the statuses of their profiles. Thus, they are making a double mistake. Of course, with these words, users are immediately attracted to the very type of men who disgust them. After all, it becomes interesting for those to achieve them. Or just wear your nerves.

Well, the candidate who would fit them perfectly will definitely pass the questionnaire. After all, such words from the outside seem aggressive. And your prince, having read them, is sure to go further - in search of profiles with less aggressiveness.

3. Retouching and filters: "Seductive like Monica Bellucci" 3

The desire to show oneself from the best side is understandable. But it doesn't always work on dating sites. Especially when the first date has already taken place, and your new acquaintance noticed an obvious difference. Decent candidates are likely to flip through your profile in the following cases:

  • If there are too many filters in the photo;
  • If you are wearing very expensive and large glasses;
  • Your photo was taken from the back (by the way, sexual perverts react quickly to such pictures);
  • In the photo you are with your friends (it is not clear where you are, and where they are).
Girlfriends are having fun
Girlfriends are having fun

It is enough to take a regular full-length photo. You shouldn't use Photoshop - it's better to show your real appearance. And, most importantly, the photo should be yours. Otherwise, the first date will definitely be the last.

4. "And so it will do": poorly completed profile4

Even if there are enough photos in the questionnaire, you cannot do without additional text information. It is not necessary to describe in the profile the history of your childhood and adolescence, as well as plans for ten years ahead. It is enough to tell about what you do, how you like to relax, and what hobbies you have. It is best to indicate what is your purpose of staying on this resource.

5. "A lot is not a little." Championship Messages One Way 5

Sometimes it also happens that the questionnaire seems to be filled out correctly, and there are even those who want to talk. And so the girl decides to write a message to the guy, and he is silent. Silence for a minute, two, three … that's a scoundrel! How can you do this with a special royal blood? The naive lady continues to send a dozen messages to a stranger. And it is for this reason that he remains in the status of a stranger.

On the one hand, the interlocutor may not respond for objective reasons. Who knows - maybe he's in a meeting. Or he's just having a bout of diarrhea. On the other hand, it also happens that a potential candidate has ceased to be interested in you. There is nothing criminal in this. In any case, there will be a certain percentage of men on the site who will not show interest in you - absolutely all girls face this. So here it is appropriate to adhere to the principle: "The horse is dead - get off."

Girl with phone
Girl with phone

6. "Let him write himself." Unfortunate Pride 6

The opposite, and no less stupid, mistake. Some girls believe that a guy should definitely write first. But the whole point is that in the Internet space the thesis "I am never the first to write" does not work. A guy on a dating site sees hundreds of profiles. So if you don't write to him, then you will simply get lost among other girls. That's all.

Also remember not to write stupid phrases like "How are you?" or "What are you doing?" In our country, these questions are answered very briefly: "Normal" or "I work." It is much more useful to start the dialogue with the topic of common interests.

We hope that these tips will help you find the one and make your personal life pleasant and romantic.

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