Sex Differences In The Keto Diet: Fat Leaves, But Not Everyone

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Sex Differences In The Keto Diet: Fat Leaves, But Not Everyone
Sex Differences In The Keto Diet: Fat Leaves, But Not Everyone

Video: Sex Differences In The Keto Diet: Fat Leaves, But Not Everyone

Video: Sex Differences In The Keto Diet: Fat Leaves, But Not Everyone
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Sex differences in the keto diet
Sex differences in the keto diet

The now popular keto diet was originally developed to treat epilepsy. Now it is most often used for the purpose of losing excess weight. But, as studies show, it is not effective in all cases.

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  • 1 What is this diet
  • 2 A bit of physiology
  • 3 Sex differences in the keto diet
  • 4 How the effect of diet on mice was studied
  • 5 What are the reasons for this difference?

What is this diet i

The keto diet involves eating enough fat and protein while reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet. Particular emphasis is placed on the elimination of starch and its derivatives; as well as sugar and fiber. Usually our body uses carbohydrate compounds as the main energy fuel. However, in the event that there are no available carbohydrates, it switches to burning stored fat. This process is called ketosis.

A bit of physiology2

The main organ involved in ketosis is the liver. It converts fatty acids into molecules called ketone bodies. In this case, the body switches to nutrition exclusively at the expense of internal reserves.

A similar state can also be achieved by completely abstaining from food. But it should be noted that this process is very risky and can be harmful to health. The keto diet is an alternative fasting method that does less damage to the functioning of the body. A person continues to consume the substances he needs, drastically limiting only the intake of carbohydrates.

Since the keto diet imposes a very serious burden on the liver, this diet is categorically contraindicated for pregnant women, people suffering from diabetes, as well as all those who have any chronic diseases.

Sex differences in the keto diet3

This diet has proven to be effective for weight loss. However, there is still a lot of controversy about its negative health effects. Especially when considering the long-term consequences of this method of losing weight.

How the effects of diet on mice were studied 4

One recent study looked at the effects the keto diet has on the female and male body. This experiment was carried out on mice by scientists from the University of Iowa (USA, Louisiana).

Sex differences in the keto diet
Sex differences in the keto diet

Senior Researcher Dr. E. Dale Abel says in an interview: “Much of the research on the ketogenic diet has been done in small samples of people; or on exclusively male mice. Therefore, so far, scientists can not say anything about the differences in its impact on the male or female body."

In the study, male and female mice were fed a ketogenic diet. The second group of rodents received standard food. The keto diet consisted of 75% fat, 3% carbohydrates, and 8% protein. As for the control group of rodents, their diet consisted of 7% fat, 47% carbohydrates and 19% protein.

After 15 weeks of the study, the researchers found that the males had lost weight while maintaining optimal blood glucose levels in the animals. However, as for the females, they, on the contrary, gained weight. Also, these female mice had lower blood sugar levels compared to rodents in the control group. According to the authors of the study, the animals developed pathological glucose tolerance.

What are the reasons for this difference? 5

Researchers believe the difference may be related to the main female hormone, estrogen. To obtain additional data, scientists removed the ovaries from some females, and conducted a similar experiment with them. And this step significantly transformed the results obtained.

Compared to mice fed a standard diet, female mice without ovaries lost significantly more weight. They also maintained optimal blood sugar levels. In other words, the keto diet works; but only if estrogen does not interfere with it.

How the keto diet works
How the keto diet works

Abel explains: "This finding suggests that postmenopausal women can get better results from the keto diet than younger women."

The researchers warn that in any case, before going on a keto diet, you definitely need to consult your doctor.

It is also worth considering the fact that the study was conducted on animals. Perhaps subsequent experiments will be conducted on humans - and then it will be possible to more reliably judge the acceptability of the keto diet and its effects.