How To Meet A Man: 9 Reasons Why You're Still Alone

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How To Meet A Man: 9 Reasons Why You're Still Alone
How To Meet A Man: 9 Reasons Why You're Still Alone

Video: How To Meet A Man: 9 Reasons Why You're Still Alone

Video: How To Meet A Man: 9 Reasons Why You're Still Alone
Video: 6 Main Reasons Why You Are Still Single 2023, March
how to meet a man
how to meet a man

You can convince yourself as much as you like that loneliness is great. That you don't need all that romantic rubbish at all. And in general, everything is all right with you, these guys went wrong.

The content of the article

  • 1 Why can't you meet anyone
  • 2 You are not interesting
  • 3 Despair
  • 4 bury my self-esteem behind the skirting board
  • 5 Meet, but not the same
  • 6 You don't cling
  • 7 You are constantly whining about your loneliness.
  • 8 You can't communicate
  • 9 Femininity
  • 10 Don't Come To Me
  • 11 Femme fatale


Read your horoscope for next month. Oh, does he promise improvements in his personal life? Everything, close this article, the stars will do everything for you. In a couple of weeks, the ideal man will knock on your house himself, see you in a stretched T-shirt and with a dirty head and carry you to the registry office right in his arms.

But it is not exactly.

And to all those who are tired of waiting, dreaming and suffering, begging their friends with the question of how to meet a man, we advise you to familiarize yourself with this material.

Why can't you meet anyone?

Okay, you're not yet ready to admit that you are the problem.

Then we will come to this topic later.

Let's imagine that the matter is in your environment.

How often do you have contact with men?

  • Do you have many male friends and acquaintances?
  • Are there any free men among your colleagues?
  • Do you go out of the house somewhere other than work?

If you answered yes to most of the questions, you can be proud of yourself. At least we have something to work with. Yes, and at home you do not sit out the fifth point, right? Above your nose, friend, we will find out what is wrong with you a little later.

So, now let's take on those who did not even bother to read these three questions, because the letters began to blur from tears.

You do not accept dating on "your Internet", at work you do not even smell of testosterone, and you refuse to leave the house.

"No mood, nothing to wear, I don't want to, I won't."

And after that you raise your hands to the sky and ask: "How do you meet a man?"

Honey, how will they do it if you don't give them such an opportunity? Or do you hope to meet your love right at the checkout in Pyaterochka?

Miracles do happen, of course. But in this case, you must directly radiate sex and life energy. So that all the men in the area are literally blown away by your fluids and they run to you, dropping bags of groceries.

How to meet a man
How to meet a man

You need to expand your social circle.

Is this job really dear to you? Maybe it makes sense to try something new?

Do not refuse invitations to the movies, to parties and walks. Agree. Get out of your comfort zone. You stayed too long in it. You are so comfortable in it that the man has nowhere to hide.

Parties, seminars, charity events - whatever. For inspiration watch the movie Always Say YES with Jim Carrey. If his hero had not started “through I don’t want” to agree to any game, he would not have found his love.

How does it all work? First, you will not attract a new person into your life by performing the "old" actions. Secondly, in order to attract an interesting man into your life, you yourself must become interesting.

You are not interesting2


Maybe. Go to your friends for softness. They will calm you down and say that everything is in order. We intend to get to the bottom of the truth.

Meet a man
Meet a man

What can you offer a man besides a beautiful appearance?

Do you have hobbies, hobbies? Are you burning with a goal, a dream? We're not talking about airy marshmallows or pretty pictures from magazines that you drool over. Do you have any goal in life to which you run with burning eyes?

Is there anything to talk about with you? Can you joke and understand jokes?

A cute face and seductive shapes are great. But if this is your only resource, you can not count on a serious relationship.

Dress up naughty, go to a party. They will meet you. But what will come of this communication if you have nothing behind your soul?

You must have your own ground under your feet. In addition to the fact that this will attract worthy men into your life, it will protect you from being obsessed with your partner.

If you don't have your own friends, hobbies and just, damn it, plans for the evening, then you will grab the unfortunate man in the throat so that he will have nothing to breathe.

You will forgive him anything, throw tantrums and be jealous of everything that moves. Because you are simply not interested in yourself. So why should a man be interested in you?

Do not shift the responsibility for your life to some abstract guy.

Watch your appearance now. Get used to your daily self-care. Love him. Get high on this and on yourself. Otherwise, later, when the man becomes yours, you will relax and become the same unkempt depressive phlegm that you were.

Tips on how to meet a man
Tips on how to meet a man

Chat with people, make friends and acquaintances. Both sexes.

Develop, set goals and achieve them. You have to literally ooze positive energy. At least for my own sake. And the men themselves will catch up.


This point flows smoothly from the previous one. "Why don't men meet me?" - how often does this question flash in your head? Daily? Hourly? Every minute and every second?

Now there are so many gurus and coaches screaming about the power of thinking and negative attitudes, and things are still there.

If you continue to convince yourself that men don't get to know you, nobody needs you and your life is meaningless, everything will be so. It will become your reality. Fresh, tasteless and slimy like yesterday's oatmeal.

Letting go of the situation really works. But it is not always possible to follow them.

Don't lie to yourself. It is pointless. You will not let go of the situation by putting a fake smile on yourself, strong and independent.

Admit to yourself that you want a relationship. Male attention and adoration. Recognize and feel this desire. Visualize a picture of your future, in which men are crazy about you. Enjoy this picture in detail.

Reasons for female dressing
Reasons for female dressing

Well done.

Now get down to action. But shift the focus of attention from the men and the return of the former (or revenge on him) to herself.

Bury my self-esteem behind the skirting board

Another simple truth that girls for some reason do not attach importance to.

If you don’t love yourself, no one will love you.

But why work out your complexes, achieve success and deserve your own respect, if you can run into a toxic relationship and enjoy the status of a sufferer?

A normal self-sufficient man will not get to know you if you don't love yourself. He needs female energy and emotions. And not a rag, which itself spreads under his feet and is ready to endure any antics, so long as you do not leave.

When you love yourself, enjoy yourself and consider yourself sexy, regardless of the presence of a man by your side, you radiate powerful energy. You attract men, but you don't fall at their feet. You enjoy their attention without clinging to the first comer. They get to know such a girl. They fall in love with this. This is isolated from the mass of patience and jealous hysterics.

Self-love needs to be cultivated. It must be earned. Not in front of parents, not in front of girlfriends or men. And in front of herself.

And for this you need to work. Work a lot. Grind your outer shell and clean up your head.

If you are not ready to make an effort even for your own sake, close this article and go get some dumplings. Do not forget to generously season them with mayonnaise and your own tears.

The reasons for loneliness
The reasons for loneliness

Meet, but not those5

Probably, this situation is familiar to many girls and guys.

Do they really not approach you at all? Or do guys stick to you who somehow fall short of your ideal?

Like attracts like. Do you fall for bright, sociable and energetic men? Who always have a dozen bright stories in stock, and their sense of humor is beyond praise? Great, good choice. But how do you present yourself at the same time? Are you aggressively silent and behaving a little more active than a stool? And how do you think a handsome prince should discern your rich inner world?

Match who you want to see next to you.

You don't cling6

No one will fall in love at first sight with your rich inner world.

And men really love with their eyes.

You can't rely on sex appeal alone.

But not at all to use your external data (especially if nature has not cheated you on them) is blasphemy.

Yes, you don't have to dress sexy to attract a guy.

You don't have to do anything to attract him at all.

But since you are reading this article, it means that the current state of affairs does not suit you. So it's time to do something.

Do you want to attract a man? Play on his instincts. Nature has thought of everything, and evolution has brought everything to mind.

How can a girl meet a guy
How can a girl meet a guy

Watch your appearance and demonstrate your dignity. Moderately and confidently.

You will hold back your beloved with your rich inner world. But if your outside world is rather meager, then you won't have to hold anyone.

You are constantly whining about your loneliness7

And about their problems. And how life is unfair. Don't put your finger in your mouth - let me whine!

Men do not fall in love with the ass, not with the chest, and not even with beautiful eyes. They fall in love with emotions, with the state in which they are next to you.

If you constantly walk with an aggressive-depressive expression on your face, it is unlikely that men will approach you.

If you are in the company of people of the opposite sex constantly whining about your failures in your personal life, do not hope that the situation will improve. It is unlikely that your friends will want to solve the riddle from the series "Why do men run from her like from fire?"

A pitiful loser stuck in victimhood is very unattractive. Not sexy. Doesn't attract. Doesn't entail.

Be aware of your failures to your friends, but don't get carried away. Otherwise, you will lose them too - few people like to be a flooded vest for tears.

Stop posting profound quotes about loneliness. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop whining!

How to meet a guy and not be lonely
How to meet a guy and not be lonely

Well, again shedding tears and reaching for a slice of pizza!

You can't communicate8

Such a surprise! It turns out that these dirty animals also want to communicate, talk on interesting topics, debate and exchange opinions!

Seriously, a cheerful, upbeat and sociable girl has a much better chance of success in her personal life.

Sociability and talkativeness should not be confused.

If you don't understand the topic, keep quiet. Or charmingly ask the interlocutors to clarify the essence of the question to you.

Know how to choose a topic for conversation. Do not bombard the man with questions, but also do not be silent like a fish.

No need to try to fill the pauses with empty chatter. It is enough to create an atmosphere in which pauses and silences will not be painful.


Whatever one may say, but femininity is very, very important.

It should not be confused with childishness and helplessness.

Don't limit femininity to wearing skirts and heels 24/7.

Femininity is a condition. Energy. Gestures, behavior, manner of speaking.

How not to be lonely
How not to be lonely

What's the use of your shoes and dresses if you walk in them with leaps and bounds and behave like a man in a skirt?

Don't come near me10

Many girls are so afraid of appearing approachable that they aggressively demonstrate inaccessibility.

Dont touch me. Do not look at me. Do not come to me.

Guess for yourself that I liked you. I won't even look at you. And I won't smile at you. The muscles of my face do not flinch. I didn't find myself in the trash!

Stop! Where are you going! Why would you come to meet this disgustingly smiling and friendly brunette?

Here are the guys! How incomprehensible creatures!

Any relationship between the sexes is a game. Skillful and dangerous. To always leave the game as a winner, you need to delicately juggle the role of an accessible and inaccessible lady.

Smile at the man you like. Look at him. Let him know that you will not kill him if he comes up to meet you.

And in general, more often look around, and not at your feet. Cool men really don't lie on the road.

Femme fatale11

For inspiration, let's turn to cult films and iconic "femme fatale".

There is no need to repeat after the heroines. It is enough to catch this drive, feel the beat of sexual energy and set off to conquer the world.

K / f
K / f
  • Basic Instinct (1992)
  • Femme fatale (2002)
  • Malena (2000)

Look for examples in life. Surely there are girls in your environment who attract men like a powerful magnet. These girls don't always look like typical Instagram beauties. But such sexual energy emanates from them, such a life drive that it is simply impossible to resist!

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